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This is my first post here and it had to be a request I am trying to unlock the hidden settings in the advanced tab of AMI Aptio bios. In my case, I could access the advanced tab in the bios. But except for a few options such as virtualization, etc, I don't see any other advanced options. I tried following instructions in some of the forum posts and so far, this is what I could achieve.
-Saved the bios file using AMIBIOS Aptio firmware update Utility
-Used MMTool (ver 4.5) to extract setup module
-Extracted setup module using Universal IFR tool
After taking a look at the IFR file, I checked the offset where the advanced tab began. There, I could see some settings such as clock speed, AHCI, etc in unscrambled format. Since I am not good at hex editing, I am not able to do anything with the values. Could someone help me with unlocking those settings?
Machine : Asus X550JX (
Bios : AMI Aptio X550JX.204
Bios version : 204
I have attached the .rom file along with the extracted setup and the IFR files. Kindly take a look. Thanks

(ASUS Laptops) Workaround for GPU throttling. For X550LN/LNV its line 72 in MMTOOL for VGA BIOS. Use MMTOOL 4.5 for X550LN/V and 5.0 I believe for X555.