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Jan 29, 2015 - Non-Conforming Golf Drivers - The Controversy First let me say that our all of our custom golf clubs and golf drivers are USGA legal. I personally. So, would you play a Non-Conforming Golf Driver? Get me the good stuff.

  • May 14, 2018 - One of the biggest names in golf club manufacturing, Callaway caters to recreational golfers with a variety of non-conforming drivers from its Big.
  • Golf Drivers. 1-48 of 48 Results. Sort by: Best Selling Price Low - High Price High - Low Customer Rating New Arrivals. Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver Men's RH 12.5 Degree Regular Flex.
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    • By pganapathy · Posted

      A golf addict but unfortunately not able to play as much as I want. I tend to get very upset with myself when I hit a bad shot. Will play with anybody though I don't enjoy playing with grouchy people. Love to talk to my playing partners when walking. As a golfer am pretty decent when playing regularly. Can par any hole, though putting is the weakest part of my game. Am not really one of those grinders/plodders under normal circumstances. In regular play am more than willing to try the hero option. In tournaments, I tend to play a little more conservatively. Have won a couple when I was playing regularly. Now once a week at best means my tournament game is not up to scratch
    • By Zeph · Posted

      What a cheesy and silly last episode. Thought I was watching LOTR for a while there. The last two seasons had too much classic fantasy and too little Game of Thrones. It was about dragons, undead, fighting, action scenes, heroes making it out despite overwhelmingly bad odds. And it was way too fast. I was hoping GoT would end in a somewhat unpredictable way, but this became just another good vs evil story where the good won and everybody is happy in the end. The only twist was one of the main characters turned into a villain in the end. GRRM's bittersweet ending must've been in reference to Dany, but it was too sweet, and that's how almost every movie of this kind ends. I would have loved it if Dany ended up becoming the queen, a Stark or two dying and the show ending with the prospect of Dany and her armies continue to 'liberate' Westeros. Bran/3ER as king? What the hell..
    • By Sidehatch · Posted

      I did a gamblers six pack on who would win, made the bets on Wednesday. I threw a few extra bucks on BK because he’s been playing well but is also one of the longest drivers, and this was touted as an incredibly long course. BK and DJ were my safe bets at 11-1 and 10-1, long shots were Spieth (63-1!!!), Finau 40–1, Bryson 44-1, Fleetwood 26-1. When I saw Spieth at 63-1, I had to double check if a) he’s healthy and b) if he was still actually playing. That was clearly a mistake by the bookies. He had played well coming into this one and while he didn’t look happy, he has the tools and the drive to put it all together. He could win either Open and be a 40-1 play. Honestly, golf betting needs trifectas. quinellas, superfectas, etc. Sweating a $5 trifecta that pays four figures would be a lot of fun lol
    • By pganapathy · Posted

      Guys, I wasn't able to watch or even follow the PGA championship unfortunately after Friday. I see Brooks shot -7, -5, level and +4. I am just wondering whether the course was that difficult over the weekend or he just played a brilliant first two rounds to win. Because I see DJ for example has been under par all four rounds
    • By pganapathy · Posted

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      If you are missing both ways, is it because you are shaping shots deliberately and just overdoing it, or is it something else. For example, I either hit a straight shot or a fade as a rule. Most of my shots left/draw are unintentional Lessons only have value if you practice the things you learn. But, a good teacher can make a huge difference to your game
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I want a non-conforming driver to play with on those fun rounds with the boys. I just want one that you can swing for the fences and get some extra distance out of it. Any recommendations? So far all I've looked at are the Bang-O-Matic drivers and the TPF M80.
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    The absolute longest, best looking, and best feeling driver I have ever hit is the Taylor Made XR-03. They only made this club for the non US market but you can find them pretty easily on Ebay. I truly wish they would have made this club for the US market because it is unbelievable. The shape is a grown up 300 Tour Holy Grail driver and the feel is BETTER than the 300 Tour. The clubhead size is 400cc I believe.
    Trust me, this is the club to get.
  • Gxgolfer Site Founder & Co-OwnerSF Bay Area, CARules Official, AdministratorPosts: 26,640admin
    What is your current SS? If you don't have the swing speed, Hi-Cor isn't going to do much for you.

    I want a non-conforming driver to play with on those fun rounds with the boys. I just want one that you can swing for the fences and get some extra distance out of it. Any recommendations? So far all I've looked at are the Bang-O-Matic drivers and the TPF M80.
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    Here's mine..hit some bombs with this club. It sounds like an explosion when you hit it. Picked it up from Chris at this past spring and been hitting it the whole season. /smile.png' alt=':beach:' />
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    Forgot the shaft ..Diamana S 83 Blue Flowerband.
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    I'm currently hitting a Ben Hogan CS-3 and an Adams golf Redline RPM. My swing speed is anywhere from 92-96mph. I just want something fun that you can tee up a ball and swing as hard as you can at for entertainment value.
  • MrParr1NoidBag For Sale ;)In the bunker.ClubWRXPosts: 7,212✭✭
    You should try and find one of the old component heads of 650 cc. I guess it's been 2 years since I've seen any of these head for sale from the various component sellers. No doubt, these heads were longer than any out there, especially for the guy with a swing speed under 105 mph.
    If I'm not mistaken, it's been said many times, the swing speed under 105 mph with the OEM's non-conforming models doesn't help those with slower swing speeds..the larger outdated and illegal over 470 cc model heads do help those with slower swing speeds, the bigger the better. /drinks.gif' alt=':beach:' />
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    If you're going to go illegal .. why not (more than) double the size limit?
    I want to put one of these on a 50' shaft and see what happens. 1000cc of pure not-USGA-approved mayhem:
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    If you're going to go illegal .. why not (more than) double the size limit?
    I want to put one of these on a 50' shaft and see what happens. 1000cc of pure not-USGA-approved mayhem:

    Sounds like a recipe for a caved in face /wink.png' alt=':beach:' />
    Oh, and non conforming drivers? Can't beat a Mk3 or Mk4 Srixon XX10 with a good shaft. Something along the lines of a graffaloy blue or a V2..cannon. Nice noise too.
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    i have a callaway erc hot and that thing just shoots rockets! the face is the hottest thing i have ever hit!!
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    Here you go. It's not legal but it should be the longest out there.
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    I bought the TPF M80 Superspeed and IT IS AWESOME. I'd tried TaylorMade Burner, and Ping G5. This outdrives them both by 35 yards. It is non-conforming, but is is simply amazing. Dead straight, too. Tiger would hit it 500 yards.
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    Reviving an old thread to let potential buyers beware..
    I purchased a TPF M80 from here http://www.tpfgolf.c..lf-drivers.html for my 86 year old dad, about 1-1/2 year ago, his swing speed is probably around 65-70 but still enjoys getting out 1-2 times a week. So he sends me a picture of his driver from yesterday, the whole face is cracked! I contact TPF golf and ask if this normal..the face caving in by an 86 year old golfer and their response was ' this normally doesn't happen but since you're past the 1 year warranty period..sorry'.
    Kind of a poor response from the company, in my opinion. So if any one of you members looking to get one of these (for their parents, grandparents, etc.) I would think twice.
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