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Java Application Showcase

Description: Great book to learn data structure and algorithm in Java programming language. Filled with a lot of samples but non-trivial examples of implementing different data structures e.g. Stack, queue, linked list in Java.

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  1. I have covered each Java Programming Concept with hundreds of example programs. So, it would be very easy to learn Java with this EBook. Any Question.
  2. History of Java Programming Language: Java का विकास Sun Microsystems के एक Developer James Gosling ने किया था। उन्हें इसका विकास करने.

What is Java? Java is the most widely used object-oriented programming language. Java applications run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris, and many other operating systems.

Start your programming career by learning Java SE (Java Standard Edition) and teach yourself to develop professional applications for desktop PCs, such as utilities and games.

To get started, download and install the Java Development Kit (JDK), and the latest NetBeans IDE today! The Java Development Kit (JDK) contains all the tools you need to compile code and run your newly written applications. The NetBeans IDE (integrated development environment) is an optional software utility that makes all these tools more easily accessible.

Online Classes and Tutorials

Beginner-level Java

  • Robocode — A game designed to help people learn to program in Java, and enjoy the experience.
  • New to Java? No programming experience? — These free classes get beginners started with Java development.
  • Java Programming - With Passion! — Learn the basic concepts how to write, compile, and run Java programs (fee-based).

Intermediate Java

  • The Java Tutorial — The must-read Java SE guide containing hundreds of working samples plus explanations.
  • Java Developer Tutorials and Training — Index of free online materials for all Java technologies available at Oracle Technology Network.
  • Java Passion — Enhance your skills in all Java technologies (fee-based).

Professional Java Training and Certifications

What are Oracle's Training classes like?

Read this Java training report from a participant.

Books and Forums


EnglishGerman (Deutsch)
  • Introduction to Programming Using Java
    available online and as free PDF
  • Think Like a Computer Scientist: Java
    available as free PDF
  • Thinking in Java
    available as printed book and ebook
  • Java ist auch eine Insel
    available online, as free ebook, and in print
  • Handbuch der Java-Programmierung
    available as free ebook, and in print
  • Programmieren in Java: Einführung
    available online and as free PDF
Full list of NetBeans-related books

International Forums

Share tips with fellow Java developers online in your mother tongue.

  • OTN Discussion Forums (in English)
  • NetBeans Lists and Forums (English and other languages)
  • Java.developpez.com (in French / en français)
  • Javahispano.org (in Spanish / en castellano)
  • Andrei Dmitriev's Java SE Course (in Russian / по-русски)
  • Java and NetBeans Forum (in German / auf deutsch)

Teaching Java in Schools with the NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans in Education Community brings together people dealing with teaching Java, Computer Science or just interested in new ways of using the internet in the classroom.

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Daemon tools pro activation. Contact us for NetBeans Platform Development classes!

If you hear of a good source that helps you learn Java, let us know and we add it to the list.

Java Technologies Orientation

  • Java Standard Edition — Get started with Java technology by learning how to develop desktop applications and browser applets with Java SE.
  • JavaFX Script — In order to learn how to create visually expressive graphical applications, proceed with learning JavaFX.
  • Java Micro Edition — In order to develop applications for mobile phones and smart cards, proceed with learning Java ME.
  • Java Enterprise Edition — In order to develop enterprise and web applications such as online-shops, proceed with learning Java EE.