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hi everyone,
i bought my summilux 50mm version 2 about a month ago. and im always very pleased with the results. but im wondering if there any differences between different types of summilux 50mm?
does the current asph version produce harsh oval bokeh as well?
apart from the sharpness & contrast, is there still any advantages over it's previous version?
thank you very much.

One range for 50mm Summicrons, another range for 35mm Summilux, etc. And one range for M2, another for M3. All like items within a given block may not have been made at the same time. I haven't seen a serial number list that breaks lenses down by type; only by the date on which the block of numbers was assigned. Serial numbers are a rough guide. Jan 17, 2011 - And another update on the serial numbers after 2004: 4 000 000-4. Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Aspherical Manual Focus Lens (11891). This was the favourite design of Mandler himself, based on the design of the second version Summilux-M 50mm. Leica 75mm F1.4 Summilux-M Serial Numbers Overview.

Hi bufan,
I'm new to the group--awaiting my newly acquired Summilux (type 3). This lens has had the same optical formula through its first three types. The big change between type 2 and 3, imo, is the closest focusing distance from 1m to .7m. Another notable change is improved coatings over the years.
Some brief info here:
But note that the closest focusing distance for type 3 is incorrect.
thx jjalonzo, that's a very useful website,
so, is type 3 the e46 pre asph version? and type 2 is the e43 version?
Correct. Many people don't realise there are two optically different E43 versions and the third version is the late E46 version. Actually only the E46 should be called 'pre-asph' as it shares the E46 form with the current asph lens. E43 lenses are 'just' Summilux 50mm/1.4.
type 1 - 1,645,300 - 1,844,000 E43
type 2 - 1,844,001- ? optics changed E43
type 3 - Same optics as Type 2, but built in hood and closer focus, also E46 (known as Pre ASPH)
ASPH - E46
maybe someone can inform of missing serial numbers..
Mine is 4010863 ??
A black enameled 'old style' focusing ring, collapsible lenshood, E46 thread, produced with a black enameled range of M6 bodies.
Is it ASPH or not ? (no engraving).
Hello, no, it's one of the last pre-asph models. I have the same.
First version is optically identical to the Summitar 50mm f1.5 ( which has same optical formula as the Xenon 50mm f1.5 ) but with different cosmetics.
Second version has new optical formula and different lens coating.
Third version has same optical formula as second version but with improved coating ( maybe cannot confirm ) and different cosmetics.