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User Manual ECHOWELL ECHO-204 - This User Manual - also called owner's manual or operating instructions. Echo F2 configuration manual setup instructions. Posted on October 3, 2010 by zinger. Calibration 1. Setting Km/H or Mile/H A) Press the button on bottom of computer for 6 seconds to start setup. B) Hold the button until the flickering digit is changed to the digit “2” of the C2155 to recognize either Km/H or Mile/H as desired. Setting the wheel circumference C mm A) The default is.

Using the database

The large table on this page has links to user instructions for most cyclecomputer and GPS models.

This list includes GPS units including wristwatches which do not map routes, but have bicycling-specific features (cadence-sensor pairing, swim/cycle/run selection for triathlon use).

We have worked hard to make this list complete, but information on some older models is unavailable; also, new models appear from time to time. Only the major manufacturers tend to place owner's manuals online.

Avengers age of ultron watch online. Many bicycle computers are rebranded. Look for similarities in appearance and function when trying instructions for a computer not on our list. A Web search on the make and model, plus 'manual' or 'instructions' sometimes turns up information posted by an owner. Old versions of manufacturers' Web sites preserved on the Internet Archive may list older models. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page. If you can provide information, or correct an error, please do.

Here is one style of cycle computer which is sold under so many brand names that we quit trying to list them all. They are rebranded Sunding.

A through F, and GPS, in the right-hand column of the table below link to an article giving the dimension which the computer uses to measure distance:

  • A: Wheel circumference in inches
  • B: Wheel circumference in inches x 30/11, which is 2.727..
  • C: Wheel circumference in centimeters
  • D: Wheel radius in mm (measure circumference and divide by 3.14).
  • E: Wheel circumference in mm/1.609344 (There are 1.609344 kilometers in a mile).
  • F: Wheel circumference in mm
  • GPS: Uses GPS satellite data.

The database..

Make, and link to mfr's info page, if availableModel, with link to instructions and owner's manual, if availableCalibration:
Miles / Km (if different)
ActC‑3, C‑0.5C
AdventAC500E / 10 (Miles) /
C (Km)
AlatechCyclaid 10 (CB300), Cycling Recorder CB200, CB100F
AldiSee Bikemate
AsaklittManuals may be found here.F
(Sold by Performance and Nashbar)
4LW, 8FC, 10FC, Delta HR, Delta R, Delta V, Delta Wireless, IOF
AssizeAS408, AS506, AS520, AS800, AS814, AS888, AS900, AS1000, AS2000, AS4000, AS5000F, or ?
Atech (click on 'support', requires login)KA‑4, 8, 10, KSS-21-SJ-EL, MCX235F
Avenir Warning: As of 9/2017, several malware sites claim to have instructions for the AV‑209. Do not open a PDF which claims to be AV209 instructions. AV-1F/10
AC-3, probably AV209F
Avocet I (John Allen) still have two Avocet 20 computers over 35 years old and working perfectly. Early Avocet computers take the prize for reliability.15, 25F
20, 30, 31B (Miles) /
F x 0.108 (Km)
35, 40, 45, 45tt, 50A (Miles) /
F (Km)
(a Performance brand)
5.0 , 5.0W, 8.0, 8.0W, A08CF
A08, A10WA
BatavusManual available here. Also see TrelockF
BBBManuals available hereF
BellF12, F20, Wireless Speedometer, Dashboard and Console models -- Select Accessories > ComputersF
Bigo515-A, 22-function wireless backlight, resembles FuradoNo info
Bike BrainProtocolC
BikeBrainPalm/Handspring Appno info
iPhone AppGPS, probably also F
BikehutManuals available here. 11, 13 Function installation, 16 Function installationF
BikemateBrio 7, 22967, 90164, E83005, T52342, 471891-1, MCP 30102F
BlackburnAtom 3, 4, 5, 6F
Neuro; Delphi 2.0, 3.0;
Delphi 4.0, 5.0, 6.0
F, or preprogrammed size
Blusmart (U.K.)One kind appears to be a Sunding SD-546C and another is similar to a FuradoF
Boardman (U.K.)Altimeter, Cadence, 22-function wirelessF
Bontrager (a Trek brand)
Manuals are available in several languages at this URL. This page also links to manuals for wireless sensors.
GoTime,Node 1 and Node 2, Node 1.1 and 2.1, Trip 1 and Trip 4W, Trip 2, 2L, 3 and 5W, Trip 100 and Trip 200, Trip 300, RIDEtimeF, or preprogrammed size
BoschPurion, Intuvia (note different model years), Nyon, Nyon (multiple languages)GPS
Bovake (U.K.)Small model is a Sunding SD-563C; Panoramic model is similar to a Sunding SD-558CF
Bryton -- Available in Europe and elsewhere but as of 2016 not in the USA. Manuals in several languages and quick-start guides on this page.

Amis S430, Amis S630, Cardio 30, Cardio 35, Cardio 40, 60, Rider 20, Rider 20+,Rider 21, Rider 30, Rider 35, Rider 40, Rider 50, Rider 60, Rider 100, Rider 200, 201, Rider 210 Quick Start, Rider 310, Rider 330, Rider 530

GPS and optionally F
B-Twin100, 120F or preprogrammed size
300 Recto, 300 Verso, DC4 S, 500F
GPS SatcountGPS
GPS Satcount+GPS and optionally automatic?
CannondaleIQ100,IQ108,IQ114,IQ118,IQ118 Wireless,IQ200,IQ300,IQ400F
CatEye older models
(Android instructions and apps for some computers on Cateye's US support page. Many also in other languages on Cateye's international page.
Cateye wins the prize for support of older models :-)
Altimeter, Altimeter MTB parts,Cordless CC-CL100, Cordless CC-CL200N, Cordless 2 New CC-CL200N, Dual, Enduro 2, Mate, Micro, Mity, Mity II, Mity 3, Mity 8,Tomo CC-ST300, Vectra, Velo 1, Velo 2 CC-VL200, Velo 5 CC‑VL500, Velo 8 CC-VL800C
Astrale, Astrale 8, ATC,CC-TR100, Cordless 7 CC-FR7CL, Double Wireless CC-CD300DW, Double Wireless CC-HR200DW, Heart Rate Monitor CC-HB100, Kosmos,
OS 1.0, 1.1 setup, OS 1.0 manual, OS 1.1 manual, Solar II, Strada CC-RD100N
SolarE (Miles) /
F (Km)
CatEye models as of 2015 (Android instructions and apps for some computers on Cateye's US support page. Many also in other languages on Cateye's international page.)Enduro CC-ED400, Enduro 8 CC-ED300, Urban Wireless CC-VT220W, Vectra Wireless,Velo 5 CC-VL510 /Velo 8 CC-VL810, Velo 7 CC-VL520/Velo 9 CC-VL820, Velo 7/Velo 9 with programmable odometerC
Adventure, Commuter CC-COM10W, Fit, Micro Wireless CC-MC100W,
Micro Wireless CC-MC200W, Padrone CC-PA100W, Padrone+ CA-PA110W,
Strada Cadence CC-RD200,
Strada Digital Wireless CC-RD410DW,
Strada Digital Wireless CC-RD420DW,
Strada Digital Wireless CC-RD430DW,
Strada Double Wireless CC-RD400DW,
Strada Slim Wireless CC-RD310W,
Strada Wireless CC-RD300W,
Strada Wireless CC-RD310-W-U,
V2c CC-TR200DW, V3 CC-TR300TW, V3N CC-TR210TW, V3N CC-TR310TW
CC-PA500B/CC-RD500B [Padrone Smart / Strada Smart], Strada Smart user's guide, Stealth 50 CC-GL50, Stealth Evo+ (Stealth 51 CC-GL51)F and GPS
Stealth 10 CC-GL10, Stealth Evo (Stealth 11 CC-GL11)GPS
CatEye new models as of 2016-2018 (Android instructions and apps for some computers on Cateye's US support page. Many also in other languages on Cateye's international page).Velo Wireless CC-VT200W, Velo Wireless+ CC-VT210W, Velo Urban Wireless CC-220W, Velo Wireless CC-230W, Velo Wireless+ CC-VT235W, Urban Wireless CC-VT240W, Urban Wireless+ CC-VT245WC
Power Unit PW-TR100, Quick CC-RS100WF
Padrone Digital CC-PA400B, Padrone Smart+ CC-SC100BGPS from smartphone app or optionally F
CatEye Multi-sport computers (have their own page)MSC-GC100 (INOU), GPS
MSC-CY300 (Q3a), MSC-CY200 (Q3), MSC-3DX, MSC-2DXF
Ciclosport. Links are to pages with manuals in several languages. For Mio GPS models, see Mio. CM-37C
II, IIa, older models except CM-37, as reported by SheldonD
Current Ciclomaster models, archived pages (include some older models), CM 9.3A (+), HAC 4 models, F
Navic 20, Ciclo-Navic 50GPS
ConradManuals may be found here.F
Contec -- Manuals may be found here.401C
600m, 800, C-500, C-800, C-1200, C-900, C-1200WF
CordoManuals may be found here.F
CrivitManuals may be found here.F
These bear a very strong resemblance to Filzer products
4L, 4LW, dB300, dB400, dB500F
DecathlonManuals may be found here.F
DiamondbackAC-3 (see Avenir)C
Docoolertwo-button is a Sunding SD-536BF
E3F8, FX10, F11CF

Echo, Echowell


Manuals for some models are listed. Others may be downloaded after selecting the model starting with this page. Many are also listed here. -- and here. J7, Zone 7

EnkeeoPreciso 1.0, ,Wired, Wireless, Wireless 2.4G Velo 1.0, Voyage 1.0. Similar to Sunding but exact identification not possible.No info
BKV-1537, BKV1205, Wired-backlit (click on model)F
Equus295, Impreza C9, 810 C30 AceC
EvoSeveral models for e-bikesF
ElinkerWirelessno info
FilmerAll models (In German. Some are rebranded Sunding) Some manuals, downloadableF
Filzer Manuals are here. Video instructions for some models.F
FuradoProbably rebranded SundingF
Fuxon9FW, 12FWF
FWE6 Function, 10 Function instructionsSet up guideF
GarminChoose Sports & Fitness, category and model number here. Manuals are available in several languages.
Speed sensors (when available and installed) of some models are automatically set by GPS; others, manually.
GPS and sometimes optionally F
GiantNeos ANT+, all others except GPS models in next row. Look under Gear > Bike GearF
NeosTrack, NeosGPSGPS
Halford's (UK)9-function wired, 9-function wireless, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 function -- Look under 'Bikes & Accessories - Models Autumn 2009 onwards' and 'Bikes & Accessories - Models pre-2009'F
HemaA trademark of Kayoba. Manual may be found here.F
iGPSManual may be found hereF (with optional sensor) and GPS
iSportC016(in German) C
JSG (UK)This is a Sunding SD-576CF
JulaA trademark of Kayoba. Manual may be found here.F
Kany515-A, 22-function wireless backlight, resembles FuradoNo info
KathmanduPAC02381 WiredF
KayobaManuals may be found here.F
kalenjiONMove 220 GPS WatchGPS
KellysManuals may be found here.F
KnogManuals may be found here.F
LezyneAll available manualsGPS or F
LixadaTwo-button is a Sunding SD-531. Side buttons: no info. Three-button wireless touchscreen: no infoF
Louis Garneau
Some inatruction sheets appear similar or identical to Raleigh
Instructions:Eos 11, 11WL, 13WL; 20WL, iFlex, Lexis 20DC, Lexis 25DC, Rouleur 11, Rouleur 13wl, Rouleur 18wl, Rouleur 20wl
Installation:Eos 11, Eos 13WL, Eos 20WL, Lexis 20DC, Lexis 25DC, Wired, Wireless
MagellanSee Mio
MaguraVelotronic 5, 7F
Velotronic EasyD x 1.24274 (miles) /
D x 2 (Km)
eLECT Coach (also a controller for electrical adjustment of suspension etc.)GPS from smartphone, probably F with sensor.
MavicManuals may be found here.F
Memory Mapsupport page250, 270GPS
MIO (Magellan)
Includes preloaded maps.
Main user-manual page
Cyclo 100/105/105 HC (also in German)F
Cyclo 200 Series, Cyclo 305 HR+C (also in German), Cyclo 400, 600 seriesGPS
Cyclo 300/315R/315 HR+C, (also German) Cyclo 105 HC (also German)F or GPS
Cyclo 500/505 (Wheel sensor apparently automatically set.)GPS
MongooseCompact Cycle Computer
(same as Vetta compact),
Function 12
Also see directory of manuals
BN-T8 Tempo, BN-T11C Tempo Cadence, BN-TEMPC Tempo Double Wireless, BME-TEMP3W Triple Wireless, BN-TEMPW Tempo Wireless, BN-TWC Tempo Wireless, C210, NA-VLA Dual, NA-20C, NA-CC page 1, NA-CC page 2, NB-WC Wireless, NR-WC Wireless, NR-WC2 WirelessF
NuoYaNuoYa005No info
O-SynceManuals may be found here.F
OneManual may be found here.F
Outad (U.K.)16 Function (probably same as Raleigh)No info
Outdoormaster(U.K.)WirelessNo info
ParamountSee Schwinn
Axiom is a Performance brand, and Performance also sells Ascent.
CM-300, CM-500C
PioneerSGX-C500, SGX-C900 (Scroll down), SGX-CA600 (Scroll to bottom of page for videos)GPS
Planet BikeAero Wireless, Protégé 5, Protégé 8 and 9, Protégé 9 WirelessF
Manuals, video tutorials and FAQ are on the home page, also in other languages. Sensors connect wirelessly, and there are different kinds, see sensor compatibility chart.
CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, CS500, CS500+, CS500 TDF, CS600F
CS600X, M450, RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5, RS800CX, S625X/S725X, V650, V800F or GPS
FT60, FT80, M400, M460, RS300X, M600, V650, Also here for new modelsGPS
Scio, Scio Alti, Scio Alti ANT+, Scio ANT+Scio 3.3, 3.5, 4.1F or presets
Digi 5ive, Digi 5ive Wired, Wireless, SX4,Digi x5, x8, x10F
Profex401-TP409 manual may be found hereF
PropheteManuals may be found here.F
Raleigh -- for Mio GPS units see Mio.
Warning: as of 9/21/2017, a Russian site is describing malware files as Raleigh cyclecomputer instructions. This site opens a PDF, which then asks you to download another file.
AS 816Wheel Diameter (inches)
(May be RSP and same as some Louis Garneau) 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 16 Function, Pro 7F
RSP 8,RSP 16, RSP 22No info!
Rhode GearEdgeInstructions
QuantumNo info!
RiseproWirelessNo info
Sachs HuretRoad Monitor 1, 2E (Miles) /
F (Km)
Schwinn (and Paramount Series)Speed ThingA (Round to 1')
Series 10E (Miles) /
F (Km)
Series 8, PLS 200, PC9, Function 12, 15-Function, 17 Function, 20-Function, Cadence ProF
117P, 217P, Echelon Console, Echelon Console service manual, Echelon Console installation guide, MPower Console v2None: workout machine
Security PlusManuals may be found here.F
SerfasSI 10, SI 15 SI 20, SI 30, SI 40, SI 45 (Instructions are linked on page for each model)F
ShanrenRaptor IIGPS
ShimanoFlight Deck 6500, Flight Deck SC-6501/SC-6502/M500
CI-deck (Browse linked pages)Wheel size presets

Whew. So many models.

Instructions in additional languages, and video instructions for some models, are on the Sigma Web site; search on model name here. Sigma changes filenames for manuals, so look on the table of contents page if a link has broken.

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Model names are given in numerical rather than alphabetical order here, as model names for different computers can be similar. If in doubt, check the picture of the computer on the Sigma site.

If an early Sigma computer has no setting for miles, use the setting for kilometers/1.609344 and the reading will be in miles.

BC 300Presets
Baseline 300 1997,Baseline 300 1999,BC 301,BC 400 2000,BC 401,Tacho 1995E / 10 (Miles) /
C (Km)
BC 400 1997,Baseline 500 1997,Baseline 500 1999,BC 500;BC 600 1997,BC 600 2000;Baseline 700 1997,Baseline 700 1999,Sport 700 1995,BC 700 Standard,BC 800 Standard,BC 800 1997,BC 800 2000;BC 800 USA 2003,BC 900,BC 1100 1995,BC 1200 1995,BC 1200 1997,BC 1200 2000;BC 1200 2003;BC 1400;BC 1600 2000,BC 1600 2003,TargaE (Miles) /
F (Km)
BC 5.12; BC 5.16; BC 7.16; BC 7.16 ATS; BC 8.12;BC 8.12 ATS; BC 9.16; BC 9.16 ATS; BC 12.12;BC 12.12 STS;BC 14.12 Alti; BC 14.16; BC 14.16 STS; BC 16.12;BC 16.12 STS;BC 16.12 STS + CAD; BC 16.16; BC 16.16 STS; BC 23.16 STS; BC 500 Standard,BC 506;BC 509;BC 600 Standard,BC 900,BC 906;BC 1009;BC 1009 STS,BC 1106;BC 1106 DTS;BC 1606L;BC 1606L DTS;BC 1609;BC 1609 STS;BC 1609 STS + CAD;BC 1706 HR;BC 1909 HR;BC 2006 MHR;BC 2209 MHR;BC 2209 Targa;MySpeedy;Pure 1, Pure 1 ATS;ROX 5.0;ROX 6.0;ROX 7.0;ROX 8.0;ROX 8.1;ROX 9.0;ROX 9.1F
ROX 10.0 GPS,ROX GPS 11.0; ROX 12.0 SportF (with optional sensor) and GPS
SoleusManual may be found hereGPS
Most manuals are available in several languages. Manuals could not be found for one or two of the newest models, except on rogue sites which throw warnings in antivirus software. If necessary, e-mail Specialized customer service.
SB2003 (old, as reported by Sheldon)Wheel diameter (inches)
Speed Zone Comp (Old, as reported by Sheldon. newer model is different.)Tire size menu
Speed Zone, SB2006 Plus (old, as reported by Sheldon)C
Speed Zone (Filter on 'Computer') -- Comp, Double Wireless, Elite Wireless, Expert, Pro, Sport, Team, Turbo -- models from 2000 through 2015.F or
tire size menu
SRMPowercontrol 8GPS
StagesCycling DashGPS
See comment at top of page.
Warning: As of 9/2017, Avast antivirus identifies several owner's manuals on the Sunding site as malware. Manuals here are clean and on our own site or others.
SD-536A, SD-560AC
SD-201A, SD-201C, SD-531,SD-536B, SD-538, SD-546A, SD-546AE, SD-546C, SD-548A, SD-548B, SD-548C, SD-558A, SD-558C,SD-563, SD-563A, SD-563B, SD-563C, SD-565, SD-565A, SD-568, SD-568A, SD-568AE, SD-570 white, SD-570 black, SD-570A, SD-571, SD-573C, SD-576A, SD-576C, SD-577CF
SuuntoAmbit3 VerticalGPS
Tchibo261-481 F
TeasiOne3 eXtend Navigation SystemGPS
TekboxThis is labeled SD-318 but appears to be a Sunding SD-546CF
TimexCycle Trainer 2.0F and optionally GPS
TomountThis appears to be a Sunding SD-558AF
TopcomManuals may be found here.F
-- No longer selling cyclecomputers: manuals are archived. Additional languages available here and here.
Comp 130; Comp 140; Comp 150; PanoComputer, Panoram EX; Panoram V8; Panoram V9; Panoram V10; Panoram V10C; Panoram V10x; Panoram V12; Panoram V12 Widescreen; Panoram V12 Widescreen, wireless; Panoram V12 Mini; Panoram V16 Dual Wireless; Panoram V17F
TrekRadar, Radar Alt, Incite 6i and 8i, Incite 9i and 11i. Incite ACH and ACH Digital, Incite Alpine and ACH Digital, Incite Link and Link TeamF or tire size menu
Sensor 1997, Sensor 1998, Sensor 2, Sonic, Sonic 2, Time ManualF
TrelockManuals may be found here.F
UnionManuals may be found here.F
Scroll down under each model number here for multiple languages. Some earlier manuals are available only in German.
M Zero, MC 2.0 WL, MC 2.0 WR, M3WL, M3WR, M4WL, M4WR, M6, X1, X1DW, X2, X2DW, X3DWA (Miles) /
F (Km) or presets
A4, A4+, A8, A8+, C1 ‑ C4, C1DS - C4DS, C05, C05+, C08, C10, C10WL, C15, C15+, MC1.0, MC1.0+, M1WL, M1.1WL, M1WR, M1.1WR, M2WL, M2WR, M2.1WL, M2.1WR, M3.1WR, M3.1WL, M4.1WR, M4.1WL, M5WL, M5WR, M6.1WL, HC 12.6, Z1, Z2, Z2 PC Link, Z3, Z3 PC LinkA (Miles) /
F (Km)
GP7F (with optional sensor) and GPS
VelomannManuals may be found here. In German, here.F
This brand is no longer made, but we have manuals!
The name was bought up by a Chinese company and there were some new models, illustrated only in Chinese; Web site is no longer active.
Cycle Computer (Original)E (Miles) /
F (Km)
C-20A (Miles) /
F (Km)

C‑5, C‑06, C‑10, C‑15, C‑16, C‑25, C‑100, Compact Cycle Computer, C‑200 (Wireless), C300, C350, C500 (Wireless), HR1000, Pathfinder II, RT Classic, RT33, RT55, RT55 HD, RT77, RT88, RT233, RT255, RT255L, RT277, RT288, RT288L, R550HDL, R880L, Solar Flare, Solar Flare Cadence, V30, V50, V80, V100, V100A, V100HR, V100 WL2X, V100 WL2X HR, VHR25, VHR50, VL110, VL110A

Wahoo Fitnessall modelsGPS via smartphone, optional speed sensor
West BikingWired, Wireless (video in Russian)F
Woolworths (UK)See Halford's (UK)
XLCBV‑W17, BV‑C07/CY‑307BW, BV‑W12/CY‑312B, CBV‑W28/CY‑528H, BV‑W33/CY‑533F
BV‑C01, BV‑W01, BV‑W02, BV‑W03-- Manuals in SpanishF
XossManual may be found hereF (with optional sensor) and GPS
XplovaE5, E7, G3, G5, X3, X5EvoF (with optional sensor) and GPS
Yooan (UK)Solar-powered; resembles FuradoF


We would like to thank those who helped with updates and error-spotting, including Miha Ambroz, Badarka *at*, DaveM10 *at*, Richard Drdul, Peter Epstein, John Everett, William Fallon, Rich Kim, Steve Marshall, Doug Milliken, Richard Nelson, Dave Poleshuck, Liam Relihan, Cliff Schlueter, Rich Shapiro, Emil Sit, Steven Sheffield, Adam Spiers, Rick Teichler, Jack Tingle, Kris Vlæminck, and Desmond Walsh.


Cyclecomputers and GPS, table of contents

Riding with RidewithGPS

Database of cyclecomputer and GPS instruction manuals

Installing cyclecomputers

Calibrating cyclecomputer wheel sensors

Printer-friendly cyclecomputer calibration chart

Troubleshooting cyclecomputers

Errors due to incorrect wheel magnet orientation

Accuracy limitations of cyclecomputers and GPS

Discrepancies due to the internal math of cyclecomputers

Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others


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