Nas Y Damian Marley Distant Relatives Zippyshare

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Nas Y Damian Marley Distant Relatives Zippyshare Rating: 4,8/5 3987 reviews

Stream Distant Relatives Mixtape by NAS & DAMIAN MARLEY.

My anticipation before this album came out in 2010 knew no bounds!!! I've never gotten tired of listening to the songs on this album since and the fact that I now have a physical copy of it is so beyond wonderful!! 2010 was such a pivotal year in my life, so many life changing things happened that year and this is the soundtrack to my life for that year. Though I'm Jamaican, I'm not much of a fan of the Marleys, though Damian is alright. I am However a huge Nas fan, and having spent most of my life in NYC the Queensbridge sound of early Nas will send over me a sweep of nostalgia for the inner city early hip hop days. What I truly love about Distant Relatives is how Damian has come to balance Nas' more materialistic world view, one of my major complaints about hip hop's idolatry: Money, Women and Cars. I am also a big fan of K'naan so i'm happy to hear him on this great album. I could have done without L'l Wayne though and loath him to the point where I have to skip the track he's on.