Gta_sa.exe 1.0us Compact (5189632)

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Gta_sa.exe 1.0us Compact (5189632) Rating: 4,3/5 5768 reviews

Unable to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Online

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There is an error with the game I am currently playing. I am an avid fan of Rockstar games especially with their Grand Theft Auto franchise.

1.0us (14383616 bytes) 1.0us compact (5189632)' Thanks for the help. Yeah you gotta install an another version of gta_sa.exe.

I downloaded a 3rd party support for me to be able to finish the missions in there and this happens to be the error that was produced. Anybody who have encountered this message before?

I badly need help due to if this is not fixed I will not be able to continue my saved games. Thanks in advance for your help.

[SA] Stream Memory Fix. Error!

Sorry, but this version of gta_sa is not supported.

Supported versions:

– 1.0us (14383616 bytes)
– 1.0us compact (5189632 bytes) Chakravakam serial story.
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