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On this page, you can find the list of file extensions associated with the ProfExam Player application.

Free Download ProfExam Player 5.0.1704.509 - A lightweight software solution that allows you to test your knowledge on a subject by taking exams whi.

There are currently 1 filename extension(s) associated with the ProfExam Player application in our database.

  1. With ProfExam Player, you can practice through tests and exams created with ProfExam Creator earlier (files with the *.exam extension). Simple exam simulator. With ProfExam Player, you can practice through tests and exams created with ProfExam Creator earlier (files with the *.exam extension).
  2. Dec 24, 2017  ProfExam Simulator stores all your sessions along with the answers and the results. Want to see how you answered the questions earlier? Just open the required session, and it will be restored in full.

ProfExam Player is capable of opening the file types listed below. Conversion between the file types listed below is also possible with the help of ProfExam Player. You can find more information about it in the application's manual.

Associated file types

ProfExam Exam Data

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System requirements

You can find the system requirements for the ProfExam Player application on the application's website and the application's manual. If you're not sure that your system meets these requirements, then consult the help of a professional!

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Supported operating systems

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

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