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Aired: GeminiTV
Time: 9:00PM Eastern USA
Day: Monday to Friday

Brief Synopsis:

The concept of the Daily serial 'CHAKRAVAKAM' is a high power emotional drama. A passionately told saga of love, sacrifice, hatred intrigue, violence & revenge. The Serial portrays how difficult it can be to maintain family ties in times of extreme stress, and how the most innocent of acts can be misunderstood by those we love.

A skilled confrontation of the question basic to family life. When our children and parents cannot live up to our expectations, can love survive ?

From one of the senior member aasha here are the updates from her:

Sravanthi felt very uncomfortable with her family. Because they would use to scold for everything.If anyboy comes behind her or if she is late from college also they used to scold her. She felt that nobody loves her in her family.Indra loved sravanthi but he hasn't told her. Sravanthi has engaged with her Aunty's (Father's sister) son.But he was a bad guy. He has already a keep who is very old than him. So his mother want him to be married. I missed those episodes but some how they both have fallen in love. But she hasn't told him about her engagement because she felt that he will go away from her. Indra has won in his college elections on MLA's son(Who died just now). So he dont like Indra and he want to harm Indra some how. Sravanthi's father has a keep(actually she is a good lady). She saw Indra and sravanthi in a park. She took a photo and showed this to Sravanthi's father and told that not to scold her and think if he is a good guy marry sravanthi to him only.So sravanthi's father will go to a detective and ask them to find about this guy. Meanwhile when Indra and best friend of him Jaya r going at night some police men came and told them to come to the police station(I don'tremember the reason) Indra will try to fight but jaya told him not to create a scene we can just go to police station. When they r going they will find that the police man r not taking to the police station.they will ask and they will fight with them. Then the inspector told to go away. When they r going the inspector will try to shoot them. but some how they saw and escaped from there. They went in to jungles. The inspector will shoot the other police men and tell the press that Indra and Jaya r terrorists and hey have shooted the police men.Sravanthi's father will c the news paper and tell his wife about this. They both will decide to marry sravanthi as soon as possible. Shravanthi will get shock. She won't agree with this and she will call some other Indra's friend and find out. She doesn't know abot her parents plan. She will some how talk with Indra with his friends help. Indra wil go to calcutta to his Aunty's(Father's sister) house. There he will be introduced to James(Mamayya). Wiliams(James best friend). Gayathri( maradalu ).Sravanthi's wedding preparations r going on. She is tensed and then she knew that her parents know about her. They will prepare for the wedding and they will make some drama that her grand mother is not feeling well and they will take her to village. Indra will tell about her lover to his family and his brother will go to her house and will find out that she is engaged and she is going to be married. All will think that she is bad. they wont tell about this to Indra. Sravanthi will take her sister's help and will get out of there and will go to Indra's house. But Indra's mother wont allow her. So she will go to her friends house but her parents will come and take her.she wont try to sucide because she has given promise that in any situations she will not die. Due to her helplessnes she married Bhargav(Aunty's Son). In Calcutta, Gayathri likes Indra She has become agood friend to Indra and Jaya. Williams son Rajesh loves gayathri but due to her love for Indra she wont accept.The proposal will be cancelled.Indra and jaya will find that Gayathri has a heart problem.James like to marry Indra and Gayathri but only Indra's athayya will know about Indra's love and support him. Indra tries to get of from these cases with the help of Williams.Sravanthi is married and on th 1st night she will tell Bhargav that she dont love him or she dont want to live with him and she loves Indra. Bhargav dont like to let sravanthi and her money go from him so he will act as he is very good and tell her that he will help her. but first they should find Indra then he will tell to their parents and make them agree. Until then they should act as Wife and Husband. Sravanthi will agree for this. Indra with the help of Williams will keep a camera in MLA house and will call him. Then he will make them speak the truth. He will produce these to All channels and will be released.Bhargav continue acting as he is trying to find Indra. Indra will start to come for sravanth then Gayathri will know about his love but she wont tell her love to Indra.Indra will come to meet Sravanthi. He will c her and will go behind her and will c her married.then she was talking with Bhargav and laughing on something. He will think that she has cheated and forget him and married.He cannot stay there and will go back to Calcutta.Bhargav will take Sravanthi to a lawyer and make him tell that if they want divorce quickly then someone should act as mad. Sravanthi will agree and start to act as mad.But Bhargav will give her some bad medicines to make her bad and tell her that these r just Vitamin Medicines. Then all will think that really she is mad. One day he will play a drama and make Sravanthi believe that Indra was died. He will tell that Detective has found his dead body. Sravanthi will cry a lot and because of the medicines she is becoming even more ill. One day Sravanthi's sister come to c her and will cry a lot for Sravanthi. So sravanthi will tell all the things that Indra has died and Bhargav and she is acting for Divorce.But her sister will suspect Bhargav. She will go to Indra's house and find out that Indra is alive and is in Calcutta. She will find out that the medicines are to make a person mad. She will tell all this to Sravanthi. Sravanthi want to meet Indra. Bhargav will torture her like a mental patient. No body will believe her that she is not mental. They will all these things to their mother then she will find out the real figure in Bhargav.But Bhargav will make Sravanthi's father believe that he is good and Sravanthi is bad. Because of these sravanthi's parents will be divided. Sravanthi's mom will support Sravanthi and will divide from her husband. Then she will know about her mom and her love to her.Actually before sravanthi's birth some bad happened to her home. So her Father's mother tell her mothr pushpa to abort the child. But pushpa won't listen and has given birth to Sravanthi and she will give her to her mother(Sravanthi's grand ma) till 4-5 yrs.Pushpa will know about his husbands keep but she will keep quite for her children.So she don't like her daughter's life like hers. So she would use to scold her on some things which Sravanthi felt insecure. So sravanthi will know all this and felt bad for her behaviour towards her mom.Her mom will support her and filed a divorce case. Sravanthi will come to Calcutta to meet Indra.In calcutta, Gayathri will not agree for operation because she dont want to live because Indra don't love her. Gayathri's mom will ask Indra to act like loving Gayathri till the operation.He will agree and take her for the operation. Gayathri will think that Indra loves her. Doctors will tell them that they should not tell any such things that will shock gayathri. They decide to act for some more time.Sravanthi will find Indra and come to talk to him.But he wont listen to her. After wards he felt bad and will go to Sravanthi to ask why she has cheated him then he will know all the things and feel sorry for Sravanthi. He will tell all this to Gayathri's mom.She will promise them that she will help them but she will request them not to tell gayathri for some time.Indra will go with Sravanthi and make Bhargav give divorce to Sravanthi. Sravanthi's mom and Gayathris mom will make their marriage secretly.Indra brings Sravanthi to Calcutta and start a new life secretly. after some time..Sravanti is pregnent. Bhargav want to take revenge so he will find adress and send a photo copy of Indra and Sravanthi's marriage to Williams and James. Gayathri will also know the truth. She just badly want Indra. So her father will tell that they will kill Sravanti. But gayathri will ask Williams without telling her father to not to kill but create as she is died because she is a pregnent woman. Williams will tell Iqbal(very close to willliams from childhood like a child) to kidnap. They will kidnap Sravanthi and create as she is died.All will think she is died including Indra. Iqbal is guarding Sravanti. Bhargav feels guilty that he is the cause of sravanti's death because he is the person who told this to Wiliams. He will tell to Sravanti's father but he won't tell because he dont want to fight with those bad people.Indra's father suspect that this is not accident and it is a murder. After some time Indra will know that Willliams and James has killed Sravanthi.But while going he had an accident and will loose the memory power. No body wants to tell him about sravanti and want him to marry gayathri and lead a happylife. Indra father suspect Gayathri and want to get memory back to Indra and will try a lot.Iqbal will be changed by Sravanthi's goodness and her effetion.He will take care of Sravanthi. Sravanthi's pains will start doctor will come and tell that they should admit in the hospital but Williams wont agree, Iqbal will help her without telling to Willson.Ragesh(Son of Willson) will quarrel with willson regarding the bad behaviour with Sravanti and go out from the house. Sravanti will give birth to girl child.Igbal will leave the child in 'front of Sravanthi's mothers house for sravanthi. Her mother will take care of the child without knowing about the child. Iqbal will tell wilson that the child is died. Sravanthi's mother will know about the murder of Sravanthi in his husbands diary and want to take revenge on them. She will file a case. Williams will know this and create a case on them of drugs. Sravanthi's father will die of heart attack in the jail. After sometime Iqbal will leave sravanthi from there and take promise not to harm wilson either go to Indra and spoil gayathri's life. Sravanthi will leave from there. Indra and Gayathri's marriage preparations r over and on the marriage day Indra will tie 2 knots of the 3 and get back his memory and stop the marriage.Sravanthi will feel happy about knowing that Indra's marriage is stopped.Indra will know that James and Williams have killed Sravanthi. He want to kill them but his father stop him and tell him to win over them with his mind. Indra will agree. Indra will come to Sravanthi's mom and will tell that he will take revenge on them.So Sravanthi's mother will take the complaint back. Gayathri will start gaining sympathy with her action from Indra and her mother.Williams will know that sravanthi and the child hasn't died but Iqbal has released them. He will beat him and will keep him in the room ant tell Salim to take care of him.Sravanti will release iqbal from there and take with her.Iqbal and Sravanthi will reach a safe place. Iqbal will call sravanthi's mother and tell that he is the father of child and return to him. While pushpa is coming Wilson people will kidnap that child.So sravanthi and Iqbal will think that they should be like this until they get the child.They will go to Rama Prabha's house for work . Gayathri think that Sravanthi has died and starts feelimg that Sravanthi has become ghost. She fears so much.Willson has been attracted to the child and he loves the child. He kept a woman to look after her. Iqbal will find out this from the servants Mother inlaw who has worked under williams and saw iqbal when he was child. But she played a double game and told williams about this.Indra starts to come to the place where the grandchild of the person will try to talk to iqbal but has told Sravanthi about this. Sravanthi start to go there to save iqbal.iqbal will know about williams plan from his friend who is with williams and go back and find that Sravanthi went there. Sravanthi strucked with an accident and after some time she will wake up and go to that place. Both are on other sides and thinking that the other must be harmed. They both will find out the truth and be happy. Iqbal friend also will fail to get the child back. Meghamala(Ramaprabha's grand child) has faalen in love with iqbal. He has beaten one guy who is teasing Meghamala. That guy want to take revenge on iqbal and will go to Wilson man to take help. He will go and find iqbal there and tell that guy that he is his friend. Wiliams man will tell iqbal that he will help him in anything.When Sravanthi go out with Ramaprabha wearing Bhurka, Indra will c her eyes and think of sravanthi. Sravanthi will get out from there Indra will find Meghamala and ask about Sravanti. He will go to c her and didn't find that it is Sravanti and will tell her that her wife eyes also will be like that. Knowing this gayathri will go into depression and she will take sleeping pills to sleep but it has become over dose and all will think that she has tried to die because of the depression of marriage and Indra will agree to marry. Indra's father will try to stop but he will tell that Gayathri is innocent and he dont want to make her suffer.Indra will marry Gayathri and join willson as Personal lawyer.But after marriage also Gayathri's depression hasn't changed. Whenever she is with Indra she is feeling like ssravanthi is coming there as a ghost. She will go to her fatheer alone. Indra will find the police man who helped wilson and to create the death of sravanthi and know that sravanthi was not died.He will get doubt may be the eyes which he saw was sravanthi only.Meanwhile Saleem(The other guy who will be with williams.He is jeleous of Iqbal because Williams like Iqbal more than him.)knows about Iqbal and will try to kill Iqbal and Sravanti. In that fighting Iqbal and sravanthi both got injured and joined in the hospital.Indra comes there and found out that there is some accident before. He saw the ring which he presented to Sravanthi on her birthday. He then got to know that Sravanthi hasn't died.Ramaprabha has called her son for the help.(The person who created Indra as terrorist) He will come and help. Both r saved. Indra came to the hospital and he saw sravanthi there, they both hugged.

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