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I havent been able to try either yet. I actually didn't even realize there was an ST until recently. I like that the ST is smaller and more gig ready. Music Pedal Vox ToneLab ST Owner's Manual Expression pedal settings HINT: View and Download Vox Valvetronix ToneLab SE owner's manual online. Vox Tonelab ST DEMO VOX Tonelab EX DAVID GILMOUR Sound on Sound Effect [Freeze PATCH].

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The compact ToneLab ST Modeling Effects Processor from VOX offers 33 different amp models with a versatile array of cabinets and effects to take your guitar playing to the next level”wherever you go. With a real 12AX7 tube and Valvetronix technology, ToneLab ST pedal delivers, pro-level, true-tube sound.
Designed for mobility, the compact ToneLab ST is made for guitarists on the go. The rugged metal body will stand up to life on the road, and the expression pedal carries on the fine tradition of VOX wah pedals.
The Valvetronix ToneLab ST is a shining example of VOX's unique, cutting-edge vacuum tube modeling know-how, delivering a broad range of powerful sounds. From large amp stacks to mini-combo amps and multi-effect pedals, the ToneLab ST boasts a diverse lineup, and can be seen on stage, in the studio, and in the home. The Vox ToneLab ST maintains the sophisticated specifications of the Valvetronix series, while packaging them into a compact unit that allows anyone to easily experience true tube-powered sound. In addition to both amplifier and cabinet models, there is also a wide variety of expertly modeled effects. In a compact, easy-to-use format, ToneLab ST delivers classic vintage sounds, studio-quality and high-gain amps, even newer amp models created by VOX. Effect parameters can be quickly assigned to the expression pedal, ensuring a limitless range of performance power. Vetusta morla mapas rar. Sophisticated extras include an auto chromatic tuner, sound management software for your PC, and convenient USB audio interface operations. The Vox ToneLab ST is designed to deliver the ultimate in tonal dexterity to the musician in any situation, from stage to studio and everywhere in between.
True 12AX7 tube circuitry
The Valvetronix series was developed with painstaking attention to detail. The valve circuitry features a real 12AX7 vacuum tube, along with other components, to cleanly mimic the interaction that occurs in a tube amplifier in a way no digital circuit can. This distinguishes the ToneLab ST from other modeling units. This fundamental difference is the basis for the awesome sonic power available in the ToneLab ST.
Sophisticated top-to-bottom modeling technology
Through the years, a handful of guitar amps have provided the inspiration and created the driving force behind the greatest guitar performances in history. ToneLab ST is equipped with 33 spot-on amp simulations, including vintage amps, coveted boutique amps, the latest high-gain amps, and VOX-designed amp models. But the ToneLab ST goes even further, adding 11 classic cabinet configurations that can be mixed and matched with any amp model. That's 363 amp and cabinet combinations available instantly.
Multiple effects add a custom touch
A single ToneLab ST program contains amp, cabinet, pedal, and modulation effect settings”even noise reduction options”providing enormous freedom and versatility for creating your own sounds. There are 50 preset programs for immediate use, covering a broad range of styles and playing styles. The preset programs include 20 song programs, able to instantly reproduce the familiar sounds of those great guitar songs that everyone will recognize. This way, you can enjoy the versatile sounds of the ToneLab ST right away”before you even consider creating your own programs. But when you're ready, the ToneLab ST guitar pedal can hold fifty of your custom edited programs. Together with the preset programs, this gives you a total of 100 programs, available on demand.
One hundred programs, including 20 song presets
The amp, cabinet, and effect settings can be saved into 120 programs locations. There are also 40 preset programs that contain classic settings for each amp model.
Unlimited expressive pedal power
The ToneLab ST provides an expression pedal that lets you control various tone shaping effects and parameters as you play. In addition to volume and wah, you can use the pedal to control real-time effect parameters”amplifier gain, tremolo speed, flanger depth, etc”providing a dramatic leap in expressive potential. The 'Quick Assign' function lets you assign any effect parameter on the fly. By specifying the range of control, you can quickly create highly original performance settings.
Excellent audio integration with your computer
ToneLab ST is a complete ASIO-compatible USB audio interface. With a single USB connection, the ToneLab ST will conveniently interface with your computer Digital Audio Workstation or sequencing software. ToneLab ST delivers the signal to your computer digitally, with no degradation in sound, for flawless recordings. Librarian software (Windows/Mac) for managing ToneLab ST programs will be available as a free download and allows the easy exchange of data between users.
Versatile support functions
An auto-chromatic tuner featuring great visibility is built right in. Mute and bypass functions allow you to tune unnoticed while on stage. The ToneLab ST's powerful Amp/Line switch lets you instantly apply the appropriate compensation for a guitar amp, power amp or direct recording connection, so you can take full advantage of its full sonic potential in any situation. There's also an AUX IN jack so you can play along with the sound of your favorite band in nearly any format. Compact in size, the on-the-go ToneLab ST effects pedal is big on features and huge on tone.

Manufacturer's Warranty
One year parts and labor warranty.