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Creating a Repository Using Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool,, BI.

After completing a client-only installation of the Oracle BI (OBIEE) tools on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer, people frequently report getting a “Configuration Error” dialog box every time they launch the Administration Tool.

This is what the dialog box looks like:

Hitting OK just closes the tool. There are no log files. You appear to be stuck.

Here is how you can resolve the problem:

Go to the


Look for the bi_init.bat file. This is the file that is executed when you run the Administration Tool.

Make a copy (just in case!)

Open the bi_init.bat file Properties, go to the Security tab, and hit Edit. You want to give yourself Modify permissions to the file and hit OK.

Edit the bi_init.bat file.

Look for the line that begins “set ORACLE_INSTANCE=

The issue is that the Administration Tool is looking for the directory

Even though by default ORACLE_INSTANCE is set to

and there is a

directory created by default, the tool still complains. If you create the directory anyplace else, it’s fine. So we’ll do that.

Comment-out the set ORACLE_INSTANCE line by changing it to:

That will by default change the ORACLE_INSTANCE value to

and the system already has the full path you need except for the very last directory!

Go to

and create a “repository” directory there. You may need to change your Folder Options (under the Organize menu) to “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” to see the AppData directory under your user-specific directory.

That will eliminate the “Configuration Error” dialog, and the Administration Tool will run without a complaint. In fact, the tool will open the directory

by default when you try to open an .rpd file.