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A mismatch between an imported file and the settings for the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence in which you are working can cause playback problems. For example, widescreen video files can appear squeezed if you use them in a nonwidescreen sequence. And high-definition files can appear blurry if you use them in a standard-definition sequence. Knowing basic information about an imported file helps you choose appropriate sequence settings. Right-click a file in the Project panel and choose Properties.

The Properties window shows the file's frame size (as 'Image Size'), frame rate, and pixel aspect ratio. To create a sequence and choose sequence settings, do one of the following: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

Use these additional methods, as applicable, to correct playback problems unresolved by Solutions 1 and 2: • If an imported video file does not fill the frame or appears zoomed-in, then select the clip on the Timeline. Choose Clip >Video Options >Scale To Frame Size. • If an imported video file appears squeezed too narrow or stretched too wide, then it's possible that Adobe Premiere Pro is misinterpreting the file's pixel aspect ratio. You can assign the correct pixel aspect ratio by using the Interpret Footage command. For instructions, see (Premiere Pro CS4) or for later Premiere Pro versions.

• If an imported video file plays too fast or too slow, it's possible that Adobe Premiere Pro isn't interpreting the file's frame rate correctly. This issue also manifests as playback that is stuttered after you render previews. You can assign the correct frame rate by using the Interpret Footage command. For instructions, see (Premiere Pro CS4), or see for later Premiere Pro versions. Battle Chess Game Of Kings Full Version. Note: Playback inevitably seems stuttered if the video was recorded at a low frame rate (approximately 15 frames per second or less). Accenture associate software engineer pinoyexchange. • If an imported interlaced video file plays with jagged edges or thin horizontal lines ('combing') on moving objects, it's possible that Adobe Premiere Pro isn't interpreting the file's field order correctly. An incorrect field order can also cause the clip to flicker.

You can assign the correct field order by using the Interpret Footage command. For instructions, see (Premiere Pro CS4), or see for later Premiere Pro versions. Additional tools for correcting field-order problems are available in the Field Options dialog. For instructions on using the Field Options dialog, see (Premiere Pro CS4).

Or, see for later Premiere Pro versions. Video-recording devices and video software applications encode files in a specific file format, such as AVI, QuickTime (MOV), and Windows Media (WMV).

For a list of the file formats that Adobe Premiere Pro supports, see (Premiere Pro CS4). Or, see for later Premiere Pro versions. Note: Not all formats are available on both Mac OS and Windows platforms.

See the related Help links above for specific information about which platforms are supported for each format. Some video file formats—including AVI and MOV—are container file formats. The data inside these container files is encoded according to a particular codec. Codecs are algorithms for compressing video and audio data.

Many different codecs exist. For example, an AVI file can be encoded with the following types of codecs, among others: • The DV codec (camcorders that record to miniDV tapes use this codec) • A commercial codec (such as DivX) • A Motion JPEG codec (some still-image cameras that have 'movie' modes use this codec) It's likely that Adobe Premiere Pro can't decode video files that were encoded with a poorly designed codec or a codec that is not installed on your computer. Knowing the format and, when applicable, the codec of the files you are working with helps you use the solutions below. To gather this information, do one or more of the following: • Open the file in Apple QuickTime Player and choose Window >Show Movie Inspector. • If the file is from a camcorder, camera, or other video-recording device, then see the device's documentation, or locate the device's specifications on the manufacturer's website. • Open the file in a third-party application that analyzes media files, such as MediaInfo or GSpot 2.70.

Some video files are encoded with codecs (DivX, Xvid, 3ivx, and so on) that are not installed by default with Windows or Apple QuickTime. You can download and install additional codecs on your computer.

For example, to play DivX-encoded AVI files, you could download and install the DivX codec. Installing a required codec usually enables you to use media-player applications, such as Windows Media Player, to play files that were created with that codec. It'slikley that the required codec also enables correct playback of those files in Adobe Premiere Pro. However, installing a codec doesn't necessarily resolve problems in Adobe Premiere Pro that occur when you try to import or play files that were created with that codec. The technical requirements for editing video files are more stringent than the requirements for playing video files. Sometimes it's necessary to transcode problematic files.

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(See ) Codecs are available from codec publishers' websites. Caution: Only download codecs from established, verifiable software publishers. Avoid downloading 'codec pack' software. Installing a new codec can cause some video or audio files to become unreadable. Back up all your files before you begin. If you experience problems importing or playing files that are all the same format but are from different sources, then the problem could be a poorly designed codec.

It could also be because multiple codecs are installed for the same video format. These situations can cause codec conflicts. To resolve codec conflicts, disable or remove third-party codecs. To remove some third-party codecs—particularly 'codec pack' downloads—use the Add or Remove Programs item in the Control Panel (Windows XP) or the Programs and Features item in the Control Panel (Windows Vista). Not all codecs can be removed via the Control Panel. For instructions on how to disable or remove other installed codecs, see these documents: • •. Use other software to transcode (convert) video files that cause problems when you try to import or play them in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Then import the transcoded files. You can transcode a file within the same format (for example, transcode a 3ivx-encoded AVI file into a DV-encoded AVI file). Or, you can use a different format (for example, transcode an MPEG-2 file into an AVI file). To preserve image quality when you transcode a video file, choose an uncompressed or low-compression output option in your transcoding software.

See the following list of some of the Windows applications that can transcode video files. Other transcoding applications are available and could be better suited to your workflow. Disclaimer: Adobe doesn't support third-party software and provides this information as a courtesy only. For assistance using third-party software, contact the software publisher or see the software's documentation. • AVI files: VirtualDub; Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.

• QuickTime (MOV) and MPEG-4 files: Apple QuickTime Player for Windows with QuickTime Pro. • MPEG-2 and VOB files: MPEG Streamclip; Apple QuickTime Player for Windows with QuickTime Pro and MPEG-2 Playback Component. For additional assistance with methods of transcoding video files, use the. VOB ('video object') files--which are used on DVDs--are variants of MPEG-2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (with all updates applied, choose Help >Updates) and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and later support import of DVD-compliant VOB files. If you have trouble importing a native VOB file, it's possible that there's an issue with the way the VOB was created. (For example, there could be problems with DVD ripping software.) It could be necessary to transcode the VOB files (see ) and then import the transcoded files.

Many digital still-image cameras have 'movie' modes that create video files (commonly AVI or QuickTime files). However, these video files generally do not compare favorably to the video that digital camcorders record. Many still-image cameras use proprietary compression codecs that do not conform to professional video editing standards. If you are working with video files from a still-image camera, then see the camera's documentation. Or contact its manufacturer for details about the video files that its creates. If you cannot import or play files from a still-image camera, then it's probably necessary to install a codec (see ). Many digital still cameras encode video with a Motion JPEG ('MJPEG') codec.

Motion JPEG codecs are available from several publishers. Note: Motion JPEG uses a relatively low level of compression. Therefore, you can experience slower than usual performance or warning messages about low memory if you work with large Motion JPEG video files in Adobe Premiere Pro. Transcode Motion JPEG files (see ) to resolve these problems. If you cannot import or play files from a still-image camera that does not use a special codec for video, then transcode the files (see ). Import the transcoded files. Ultra-compact tapeless camcorders—including Aiptek, Flip Video, Sanyo Xacti models, and the Kodak Zi6—record video in various formats.

Some ultra-compact tapeless camcorders also use special codecs to encode video. If you are working with video files from an ultra-compact tapeless camcorder, then see the camcorder's documentation.

Or contact its manufacturer for details about the video files that its creates. If you cannot import or play files from an ultra-compact tapeless camcorder, then it could be necessary to install a codec (see ). For example, some Flip Video camcorders encode video with a 3ivx codec. If the camcorder does not use a special codec, then transcode the files by using software that was bundled with the camcorder (if any). Or use other software (see ) to transcode the video.

Then import the transcoded files. If you can import files from an ultra-compact tapeless camcorder, then work in a sequence with the appropriate frame size, frame rate, and field settings. (See.) If you are using files from a tapeless camcorder that records progressive video (such as 720p), then work in a progressive (no fields) sequence. If you're using files from a tapeless camcorder that records interlaced video, the files are likely to have a field order of upper fields first.

Many people record video materials with their AVCHD cameras. When they try to import the AVCHD files into video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro for post-production, they may get the problem that the Adobe Premiere Pro,for example CS3,does not support AVCHD files. As is known that Premier Pro CS3 or lower versions do not accept.mts files, CS4 can accept but only on some computers. CS5 or higher versionswork fine but require a 64 bit computer. So, if you do not want to pay much for updating or changing your computer, a good choice is to convert AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Pro which supports formats such as MOV, WMV, etc., To perform the conversion, iOrgsoft (or ) is the ideal tool. IOrgsoft AVCHD Converter Mac, or simply call it AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Pro Converter, has preset MOV formats for Adobe Premiere Pro with only very little quality loss and fast conversion speed.

All these features will save you all worries about the compatibility.


Series Directed by

Alexandru Fotea.. (unknown episodes)
Iura Luncasu.. (unknown episodes)
Sebastian Voinea.. (unknown episodes)

Series Writing Credits

Simona Macovei.. (unknown episodes)
Sorina Ungureanu.. (unknown episodes)

Series Cast

Andreea Ibacka .. Irina Dumbrava (2007) unknown episodes
Denis Stefan .. Medalion Codrut Fieraru (2007) unknown episodes
Nicoleta Luciu .. Roza Potcovaru (2007) unknown episodes
Doinita Oancea .. Minodora Potcovaru (2007) unknown episodes
Vlad Zamfirescu .. Luca (2007) unknown episodes
Gheorghe Dinica .. Aurica Fieraru (2007) unknown episodes
Florina Cercel .. Spania Fieraru (2007) unknown episodes
Lucian Viziru .. Giuvaeru Fieraru - Giani (2007) unknown episodes
Ioana Ginghina .. Zambila (2007) unknown episodes
Raluca Tataru .. Argentina (2007) unknown episodes
Iuliana Luciu .. Lamaia (2007) unknown episodes
Marin Moraru .. Cristofor (2007) unknown episodes
Mihai Calin .. Relu - Aurelian (2007) unknown episodes
Szabolcs Cseh .. Shoni (2007) unknown episodes
Loredana Groza .. Rodia (2007) unknown episodes
Octavian Strunila .. Stiven Kileru (2007) unknown episodes
Catalin Ciurdar .. Elvis van Damme (2007) unknown episodes
Gheorghe Visu .. State Potcovaru (2007) unknown episodes
Cabral Ibacka .. Thierry (2007) unknown episodes
Carmen Tanase .. Flacara Potcovaru (2007) unknown episodes
Eugen Cristea .. Napoleon Venus Bibescu (2007) unknown episodes
Virginia Rogin .. Vrajitoarea (2007) unknown episodes
Florin Zamfirescu .. Gigi Dumbrava (2007) unknown episodes
Ioana Hauer .. Flori 'Pisi' (2007) unknown episodes
Eugenia Serban .. Renata (2007) unknown episodes
Alin Panc .. Mircea (2007) unknown episodes
Lili Sanboeuf .. Miruna (2007) unknown episodes
Bianca Neagu .. Crina (2007) unknown episodes
Adina Galupa .. Felicia 'Fefe' (2007) unknown episodes
Liana Dragu .. Corina (2007) unknown episodes
Maria Panait .. Ionela Mihai (2007) unknown episodes
Natasa Raab .. Hernina Dumbrava (2007) unknown episodes
Adelaida Zamfira .. Andreea (2007) unknown episodes
Oliviu Cristian .. Sebi (2007) unknown episodes
Tamara Popescu .. Tanta (2007) unknown episodes
Constantin Cicort .. Marin (2007) unknown episodes
Alexandru Camen .. Roberto (2007) unknown episodes
Selena .. Linda (2007) unknown episodes
Cosmina Larisa Dobrota .. Maricica (2007) unknown episodes
Dorel Visan .. Senatorul (2007) unknown episodes
Vladimir Gaitan .. Dr. Rasist - Profesorul Toma ep.1 (2007) unknown episodes
Amir Ali .. Rosevelt (2007) unknown episodes

Series Produced by

Alexandru Cseh.. executive producer (unknown episodes)
Ruxandra Ion.. producer (unknown episodes)
Bianca Popescu.. creative producer (unknown episodes)

Series Music by

Florin Sever.. (unknown episodes)

Series Cinematography by

Florin Apostol.. (unknown episodes)
Bebe Cojocaru.. (unknown episodes)

Series Film Editing by

Mihai Mitici.. (unknown episodes)

Series Casting By

Mihai Ghior.. (unknown episodes)

Series Production Design by

Oana Radu.. (unknown episodes)

Series Set Decoration by

Elena Cozlovschi.. (unknown episodes)

Series Costume Design by

Radu Mada.. (unknown episodes)

Series Makeup Department

Claudia Argesan.. key makeup artist (unknown episodes)
Marius Costea.. hair stylist (unknown episodes)
Florea Despina.. hair stylist (unknown episodes)
Corina Hera.. key makeup artist (unknown episodes)
Luminita Mihai.. hair stylist (unknown episodes)
Adriana Tarbac.. assistant makeup artist (unknown episodes)

Series Production Management

Deobald Mihai.. mobile unit manager (unknown episodes)

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Adi Cojocaru.. second assistant director (unknown episodes)
Constantin Donici.. second assistant director (unknown episodes)
Laurentiu Maronese.. first assistant director (unknown episodes)
Roxana Nita.. second assistant director (unknown episodes)
Silvian Voinea.. first assistant director (unknown episodes)

Series Art Department

Mihai Ciolcan.. props (unknown episodes)
Badea Constantin.. props (unknown episodes)
Stanescu Gabi.. props (unknown episodes)
Mihalache Gheorghita.. property master (unknown episodes)
Alexandru Ionita.. props (unknown episodes)
Bogdan Pasculescu.. props buyer (unknown episodes)
Liviu Stefan Petre.. props (unknown episodes)

Series Sound Department

Serbanescu Iulian.. boom operator (19 episodes)
Nicolae Comarzan.. boom operator (unknown episodes)
Viorel Dobre.. sound editor (unknown episodes)
Ciucu Dragos.. sound assistant (unknown episodes)
Marius Emil Stanescu.. sound mixer (unknown episodes)
Liviu Lupsa.. boom operator (unknown episodes)
Finati Robertin.. sound assistant (unknown episodes)
Apostol Valentin.. sound technician (unknown episodes)

Series Stunts

Vorga Alexandru.. stunts (1 episode, 2007)
Szabolcs Cseh.. stunt coordinator (1 episode, 2007)

Series Camera and Electrical Department

Adrian Ion.. key grip (1 episode, 2007)
Liviu Popa.. gaffer (1 episode, 2007)
Marius Alexandru.. grip (unknown episodes)
Stefan Anghel.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Alexandru Cornel.. assistant camera (unknown episodes)
Liviu Darascu.. electrician (unknown episodes)
Andrei Dutu.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Anghelescu Gabriel.. assistant camera (unknown episodes)
Florea Gabriel.. gaffer (unknown episodes)
Paul Ghidolu.. electrician (unknown episodes)
Bogdan Glomnicu.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Adi Ion.. key grip (unknown episodes)
Cristodor Dorian Ivan.. assistant camera / grip (unknown episodes)
Costel Florin Nutu.. gaffer (unknown episodes)
Cristi Popa.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Romeo Racman.. lighting technician (unknown episodes)
Catalin Soare.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Alexandru Bogdan Stefan.. grip (unknown episodes)
Oliviu Loredan Tianu.. lighting technician (unknown episodes)
Radu Trandafir.. camera operator (unknown episodes)
Ionut Tufan.. assistant camera (unknown episodes)
Alexandru Visan.. lighting technician (unknown episodes)

Series Casting Department

Silvia Olindaru.. casting coordinator (unknown episodes)

Series Costume and Wardrobe Department

Teodora Mardare.. costumer (unknown episodes)
Mihaela Onega.. wardrobe supervisor (unknown episodes)
Mona-Cristina Parvan.. costume assistant (unknown episodes)
Alexandra Voloaca.. costume assistant (unknown episodes)

Series Editorial Department

Lazeanu Adrian.. editor (unknown episodes)
Rodica Diaconescu.. assistant editor (unknown episodes)
Oana Negureanu.. editor (unknown episodes)

Series Location Management

Calin Popescu.. location manager (unknown episodes)

Series Transportation Department

Sandu Nistor.. driver (unknown episodes)
Cristian Popa.. driver (unknown episodes)
Gabriel Radu.. driver (unknown episodes)
Vali Sontea.. driver (unknown episodes)

Series Other crew

Titica Cristina.. production secretary (unknown episodes)
Arpad Cseh.. production assistant (unknown episodes)
Ion Ion.. edit director (unknown episodes)
Irina Matei.. script supervisor (unknown episodes)
Roxana Nita.. script supervisor (unknown episodes)
Elena Radu.. script supervisor (unknown episodes)
Alexandru Rosoga.. production assistant (unknown episodes)
Raluca Sandu.. script supervisor (unknown episodes)
Felicia Toma.. production coordinator (unknown episodes)