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gallery-dl is a command-line program to download image-galleries and-collections from several image hosting sites (see Supported Sites).It is a cross-platform tool with many configuration optionsand powerful filenaming capabilities.


  • Python 3.4+


  • FFmpeg: Pixiv Ugoira to WebM conversion
  • youtube-dl: Video downloads



The stable releases of gallery-dl are distributed on PyPI and can beeasily installed or upgraded using pip:

Installing the latest dev-version directly from GitHub can be done withpip as well:

Be sure the Python interpreter used for pip is version 3.4 or higher.You might have to use pip3 or python3 -m pipdepending on your system's defaults.

From Source

Get the code by either

  • Downloading a stable or dev archive and unpacking it
  • Or via git clone

Navigate into the respective directory and run the file.

Standalone Executable

Download a standalone executable file,put it into your PATH,and run it inside a command prompt (like cmd.exe).

These executables include a Python 3.7 interpreterand all required Python packages.


Linux users that are using a distro that is supported by Snapd can install gallery-dl from the Snap Store:


To use gallery-dl simply call it with the URLs you wish to download imagesfrom:

See also gallery-dl --help.


Download images; in this case from danbooru via tag search for 'bonocho':

Get the direct URL of an image from a site that requires authentication:

Search a remote resource for URLs and download images from them:
(URLs for which no extractor can be found will be silently ignored)


Configuration files for gallery-dl use a JSON-based file format.

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For a (more or less) complete example with options set to their default values,see gallery-dl.conf.
For a configuration file example with more involved settings and options,see gallery-dl-example.conf.
A list of all available configuration options and theirdescriptions can be found in configuration.rst.

gallery-dl searches for configuration files in the following places:

  • /etc/gallery-dl.conf
  • ${HOME}/.config/gallery-dl/config.json
  • ${HOME}/.gallery-dl.conf
  • %USERPROFILE%gallery-dlconfig.json
  • %USERPROFILE%gallery-dl.conf

Nas new york state of mind instrumental. (%USERPROFILE% usually refers to the user's home directory,i.e. C:Users<username>)

Values in later configuration files will override previous ones.


Username & Password

Some extractors require you to provide valid login-credentials in the form ofa username & password pair.This is necessary for pixiv, nijie and seigaand optional (but strongly recommended) for exhentai, luscious,sankaku, idolcomplex, tsumino and wallhaven.

You can set the necessary information in your configuration file(cf. gallery-dl.conf)

or you can provide them directly via the-u/--username and -p/--password or via the-o/--option command-line options


gallery-dl supports user authentication via OAuth fordeviantart, flickr, reddit, smugmug and tumblr.This is entirely optional, but grants gallery-dl the abilityto issue requests on your account's behalf and enables it to access resourceswhich would otherwise be unavailable to a public user.

To link your account to gallery-dl, start by invoking it withoauth:<site-name> as an argument. For example:

You will be sent to the site's authorization page and asked to grant readaccess to gallery-dl. Authorize it and you will be shown one or more'tokens', which should be added to your configuration file.