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A $100 deposit per person is required for the 5-day course and $50 per person for the 2 day course. Deposits are refundable if notice of cancellation is received at least 14 days prior to reservation period, less a $10 handling charge. Deposit will not be refunded if cancellation is received less than 14 days prior to reservation period. Deposit may be transferred to another session if notice of change is received at least 7 days prior to original date of enrollment. Transfer of deposit to another session Is contingent upon availability of space in that session.

Have you ever wondered how to increase you TOEIC listening test score? How to improve your SMK listening skill? Listening English test for SMK (vocational school) is very similar to TOEIC (test of English as international communication).

The test of listening English of TOEIC, or for SMK, is divided into four parts. Each part has different direction hot to do with the test. Understanding well on the direction for each part is absolutely necessity to get the highest score in the listening test.

The first part of the test is about how well we understand the picture or photograph and choose the best expression to show what the picture or photograph is. Mostly the test of picture is about the daily activity, location of the thing in the picture, and description of thing and person.

The second part of the test is about question and response. How well we understand about the best response from certain expression. Most students think this second test is the hardest as it does not write the questioned expression and its answered choice.

The third part of the test in listening TOEIC and SMK is short conversation. We will hear some very short conversations between 2 persons and we will be asked about the main idea of the conversation or the detail information in the conversation

The last part of the listening test is monologue or short talk. We will hear some monologue about certain topics. The topics are commonly about advertisements, announcement, instruction of doing thing, or short biography of certain famous person. In the end of the part we will be asked about the main idea, detail information, implied information or text reference from the monologue.

free download materials for TOEIC and SMK listening test

The 4 parts of the listening English test for TOEIC or SMK examination needs a lot of exercise to master them. This is why we show you the best TOEIC and SMK listening test materials to download free. If you are interested to have the transcript, audio files, and the questions you can download hereand here.

After download the material of listening exercise, you can practice more and more. Practice is just the cheapest way to increase your listening English skill. Happy learning English!