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NOW even more incredible

with 500-watt amp

Sometimes the amateurs can
teach the pros a lesson.
After I fell in love with high-end
loudspeakers several years ago, I
often told friends who were shop-
ping for speakers to go check
them out. I was blown away by the
precise, almost holographic sonic
imaging some of these speakers
could produce, and thought my
friends would be, too.

But three of them came out of

the store with a speaker I’d never
heard of—the
BP-10. They
chose the
BP-10 because
it had better
bass and
bigger sound
than the brands
I’d recommend-
ed. I called
president Sandy
Gross to bum
a pair and find
out what the
ruckus was all

my head in just the right spot
lasts for about five minutes at
best. That’s why I love bipolars,
and why I think you will, too.

Definitive has always concentrat-

ed on making affordable products,
but decided it was time to create a
real high-end speaker. To do so,
they pulled the usual trick of
switching to better drivers (each
face of the speaker has two 6 1/2-
inch woofer/midranges and a
1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter),
but they also added a feature that
makes this system a hands-down
best buy—each speaker has a
15-inch powered subwoofer built
in! The BP-2000 actually incorpo-
rates three cabinets internally: one

for the side-fir-
ing sub, and
one each for
the front and
back driver

sets. And all
these compo-
fit into a sur-

prisingly slim
cabinet that
will actually
look nice in

your living

So how do

you connect a
speaker that

This bipolar


shoots both

ways, but

both lead to


sound and a

Hot Ticket.

A. The BPX bipolar

speaker adds a rare,

but pleasant dose of

bass to the surround


B. Each BP-2000 has

drivers on the front

and back, which

produce a larger

area of good sound.

C. The C/L/R 2000

takes care of the

center channel, mak-

ing movie dialog

extremely clear.

“a hands-down
best buy”

about, and after a couple of hours
of listening, I was converted. I’ve
been recommending Definitive
Technology’s bipolar speakers to
friends, relatives, and readers for
years now, and no one’s ever
been disappointed.

Bipolar speakers have drivers

on both the front and back.
Because you get the direct-radiated
sound from the front drivers and a
heapin’ helpin’ of reflected sound
from the rear drivers, you get good
sound over a larger area of the
room. Thus, you don’t have to sit
with your head in the sweet spot,
at exactly the same distance from
the front left and right speakers,
to get great sound.

For home theater—where you

often have loved (or at least liked)
ones sitting around watching a
movie with you—bipolars make a
lot of sense. They can’t create the
precise, pinpoint imaging you get
when you sit in the sweet spot of
the best direct-radiating speakers,
but my patience for sitting with

astounding sound”

By Brent Butterworth




Definitive Technology

BP-2000 Speaker System

“Absolutely kills most

more-expensive speakers!”