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Coming soon to game consoles, 9/11 Fighters 2: Hyper FauxNewsing Edition. Eat your fucking heart out, Capcom.

Characters; Playable characters. Retrieved from 'Categories. The MUGEN ARCHIVE (Download Mugen Characters) MUGEN Archive Community. Look at 1 relevant links. 2(2) 2: 2: Blade of the Immortal.

  • May 09, 2016  The Mugen Fighters Guild - Blazblue: Central Fiction - Page 5. Did you seriously just say that? In BLAZBLUE of all things!?
  • Characters; Playable characters. Retrieved from 'Categories. The MUGEN ARCHIVE (Download Mugen Characters) MUGEN Archive Community. Look at 1 relevant links. 2(2) 2: 2: Blade of the Immortal.

M.U.G.E.N. is the gaming phenomenon in which Marvel fanboys, Hentai lovers, 12 year olds and exiled Shoryuken posters attempt to put gaming companies out of business by ripping off their characters and using them to make their own fighting games. In general, Mugen is like a retarded 'Who would win in a fight between Character X and Character Y' debate in video game form. Players can mash together any characters they can think of to build the ultimatest dream crossover that would make even Capcom bow down to their uncontested game-making greatness.

No wait it wouldn't, because they could respond by putting together another Street Fighter sequel made entirely of goat feces and recycled Powerbook parts and it would still play far better than any shitty Mugen compilation assembled by some animu-watching Gamestop clerk. Usually, Mugen creators are too preoccupied with fantasizing about their childhood heroes fighting together, or brainstorming ways of gaining popularity on message boards, to concern themselves with fixing their shitty characters. The result is a giant clusterfuck of broken and buggy gameplay that would cause any tourneyfag to die from a massive embolism.

  • 2Mein Mugen
  • 5The Mugen Community


Typical Mugen character
Typical Mugen character from a brony
Typical hate Mugen character (That's one of the Josh Geary parodies if you don't know)
The Mugentard's typical select screen. Fun Fact: Mugentards really are very common and this is just the 600th largest Mugen select screen in existence

First introduced in 1999 by Elecbyte, the game initially served as a pity consolation for wishful-thinking Americunt gamers who have no chance of ever landing a job in the gaming business because their hard-earned credentials would be laughed at hysterically by Shigeru Miyamoto and every other Japanese game developer. The prospect of being able to create custom fighting games at the comfort of your own home was an attractive commodity, and thus Mugen jumpstarted the amateur game development/programming industry.

Then one day, a random Mugen creator, while scribbling on his Disney coloring books, pondered what would happen if Mickey Mouse were to join forces with the likes of Ryu and came up with an idea for a new Mugen character. This unholy revelation led to the general conception that anything in Mugen was possible, and very quickly other people wanted in on the action as well. DBZ fanboys wanted to prove once and for all that Brolly is the strongest fighter in the universe, Hentai artists wanted to create nude renditions of the entire Street Fighter roster, Sonic fantards who want their recolors to fight along their girlfriend Amy (Or Boyfriend Sonic/Tails whatever), and arcade scrubs wanted to make overpowered Shotokans in retribution for getting bitch-slapped every time in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Suddenly, Mugen went from being a complete Street Fighter clone into a broken shitpile of Children's cartoon characters, comic book heroes, and many other zany entities shoved in.

Mein Mugen[edit]

<video type='youtube' width='200' height='200' desc='Typical Mugen vids you can find at YouTube' frame='true' position='right'/>


According to the official plot, some karate guy has a non existent girlfriend who gets kidnapped by a never officially created villain who's too suave to make an appearance. However if that doesn't cut the mustard for you, you can always come up with your own sophisticated storylines to accommodate your game, all of which give Mortal Kombat a run for its money. Fan-made stories include:

  • A mysterious ghost of all fighting invites any and all warriors to the world of Moogaan to kick the shit out of each other like in Marvel VS Capcom
  • The karate character from before gets his dick caught in a jar of pickles and unsuccessfully performs a series of karate moves in an attempt to remove it
  • Generic fighter X fights until the game crashes
  • The majority of weeaboo stories that can be seen on YouTube
  • Fanfic: the game: the movie: The MUGEN
    • Exhibit A
    • Exhibit B
    • Exhibit C


Party Hard variation of Mugen, which isn't too far off from actual Mugen gameplay
Is that a Darkstalkers char?
No It's a Kirby, Retard.

The objective of the game is to download as many characters you can find (while never touching them after one time) and fag up YouTube with roster videos like these containing either the Super Saiyan Evil Shin Orochi Omega Shotokan Akuma-like characters, or the rare 'normal' characters people will never give a shit about. If you manage to [placeholder joke about caring about video comments], you are teh winnar!

If you're an old-school gamer, however, and don't mind the occasional error message or constant cheap KOs, you can try the old-fashioned way and play the actual game itself. But you cannot play Arcade mode because the ending FUCKING SUCKS, nor can you play Versus mode because Mugen is too cheap to add online play so you have to get someone to play with you. And the only winning strategy in Mugen is to piss off your opponent using as many broken tactics and exploits possible until he ragequits the match in progress, making you the winner by forfeit.


Thanks to Mugen, players can finally witness brilliant dream matchups such as this
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creating a Mugen character is like writing fanfiction but for a video game instead of for no reason at all. It takes countless weeks to finish a typical character which wouldn't matter anyways because they will be thoroughly pwn3d by the advent of Super Saiyan Osama Bin Laden or an invulnerable caricature of Tom Hanks or a bunch of people who have no spare time but making 'retard bashing' videos of your imperfect characters. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to making characters, just about anyone and anything imaginable (except good gameplay) can be created for Mugen. No exceptions. Most characters are just sprite/sound replacements for other shit characters. The types of characters you can create include, but are not limited to:

  • Perfect conversions of existing fighting game characters, essentially making you no better than ROM makers
  • Not-so perfect conversions of characters, with bugs and glitches galore (but at least you'll be the first one to make a Servbot for Mugen, RIGHT???)
  • Bastardized Evil edits of characters, with added 1000-hit hyper combos and one-hit-KO moves that will ensure an instant championship at fighting game tournaments
  • Totally original characters, usually manifests in the form of a recolor of Ryu or K' with lightning or fire added to make him look like the character you worked so hard to think up
  • MSPaint-drawn characters, because you're above ripping off copyrighted games unlike 99% of the community
  • Pr0n females (but no pr0n males which makes fags unhappy)
  • Characters with tentacle rape action to match up with said pr0n females
  • Platform games, shooters, and other innovative ideas, but honestly who even cares
  • Gaming characters such as MarioPikachu and Sonic, which makes you a really sad fantard
  • Characters from TV shows such as Family Guy and Futurama, which makes you even sadder than the aforementioned above
  • Characters from animu such as Naruto and Haruhi, which makes you even sadder than both the aforementioned above combined
  • IRL celebrities such as Tiger's Wood, Miley Cyrus and Wacko Jacko, with added Evil/Shin/Orochi/Omega/God powers.
  • Youtube Celeberties such as PewDiePie
  • Other celebrities such as Hitler, who don't need God powers to pwn characters
  • Characters with hitboxes smaller than an azn dick that are fucking impossible to hit
  • Overused 16-bit My Little Pony sprites that rip off Megaman and Sonic The Hedgehog for attacks (Yes, the Brony fanbase loves this kind of shit)
  • Awful MUGEN characters even though the person who has these characters in their roster hates them.
  • That random person who has a select icon that covers up the whole roster.
  • God Himself

There is a shitload of requirements to make people not hate your guts for an eternity such as having your character have perfect sprites (Mostly sprites), gameplay, and balance and if one of them even gets screwed up by the slightest, the Mugen community will hoard up on you and 'troll' you by making videos of 'decent' characters fighting against yours. Other stuff will happen such as people making a punching bag out of you, calling you a childhood killer or a retard.

Once you've decided on which character to make, it's time to move on to the exciting creation process! And it involves only one simple step: throwing your Mugen game into the Recycle Bin. Unless you can convince a handful of Mugen experts to put their KOF vs Kung Fu Panda ambitions aside and make the character for you, there's no point in reading through long geekspeak tutorials about the Photoshop editing and C++ programming needed to make a Mugen game yourself. Instead, you can achieve the same effect with better results and less TI-81 faggotry by playing with your action figures.


Previous VideoNext Video

  • This gallery should be renamed to Mugen Screenshots of Suggestive Themes..

  • ..because that's all what Mugen players spend their time taking pictures of

  • ED vs Lolcows 2: Hyper Banhammering Edition

  • Super Meme Fighter 2: Electric Boogaloo HD Remix Coming Soon To Your Local Arcade

  • Get Rekt N00b


Seth Killian's reaction when asked about Mugen
A Shoryuken poster's first impressions of the arcade release of Mugen
Typical Mugen player attempts to fit in with the SRK community

It's no secret that tourneyfags and other 'serious' gamers would rather get fucked in the ass with a rake than to touch Mugen with a 50-foot pole. For years, Mugenites have tried desperately to convince members of the Shoryuken forums to be accepting of their shitty game but to no avail. Self-appointed Mugen ambassador and Rare Akuma creator Alexlexus took it a step further by having a no-name gaming hub interview him about why Capcom can't compete with the greatness of Mugen. However when asked to showcase his fighting game skills to prove that Mugenites and FGC members can indeed live in harmony, Alexuslexus proceeded to spam Megaman's HP projectile repeatedly in MvC2 to the absolute shock of no one.

Internet celebrities have also commented on the game, including the webmaster of Fighters Generation who described Mugen as making 'Marvel vs Capcom 2 seem like a balanced game.' Even Capcom employee Seth Killian laughs in the faces of Mugen creators everywhere, when asked about his thoughts on their efforts he simply responded with, 'See also: Trying Too Hard.'

I can only understand a few of their lines but I wish to understand more. Uta no prince psp english patch. And I’m really curious on what Masato was afraid of that he screamed like a little girl (he kept saying “Kocchi ni kuru na!” – Don’t come near meeee!):)) Also, can you do Magical Princess Ichiko as well? Then I saw this page + the comments and um, if it isn’t much, can you translate Track 3 (焼ける肉、飛ぶ虫。そしてロック) of Unit Drama CD (Ranmaru, Masato and Ren). There are some lines which I can’t catch.

Despite being the obvious gaming fraud that Mugen is, some people have actually been gullible enough to mistake the game as a legitimate arcade/console release. Like the dumbasses from G4, who saw a Mugen video on YouTube for the first time and thought it was a trailer for an upcoming upgrade of Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Considering the legal ramifications surrounding the use of copyrighted characters, it would be a no-brainer for gaming companies such as Capcom and SNK to come down hard on every Mugen user in the world and sue them all for infringement. But Capcom executives are too busy nowadays making 360 Kid faces whenever Mugen is brought up to even take the time to engage in any kind of legal action. SNK, on the other hand, put their foot down on the usage of their characters and ordered the Mugen community to cease and desist. But before they could file lawsuits, the company went bankrupt and had gone out-of-business thus Mugen players were free to use their material in a hilarious twist of fate.

The Mugen Community[edit]

Photomontage of the Mugen community, showing you that it is indeed serious business

As if Mugen wasn't retarded enough, its fanbase is even more of a disgrace that makes the GameFAQs Message Boards look like /v/ in comparison. Surprisingly enough, Mugen players do take some time off of their busy schedules from having mindless ecstasy for shit crossovers like Capcom vs SNK, Street Fighter vs Tekken, and Tasunokamichinokunichiwagawa vs Capcom. Sadly this time off never leads to anything more productive than that, as they would rather waste it all on arguing endlessly over code theft and constructive criticism, encrypting their Mugen characters out of paranoia, and anything else that is equally idiotic. Add to the fact that the majority of regulars consider themselves to be intellectuals, and it makes the entire community seem unbelievably laughable. Then again considering it's Mugen, these are the same idiots that would be happily willing to ride in one of those hilariously-designed Pimp My Ride mobiles in public. Every day, some kid in their basement would constantly upload 50+ MUGEN videos a day making 2 random characters fight other 2 random characters for no reason and mostly the winners don't make sense if they actually had a fight out of MUGEN or one of the character's AIs are so cheap that their opponents get their balls kicked without them having a chance to even throw a punch.


The only positive aspect about the Mugen community is that anyone wishing to document the drama surrounding it will have a gold mine on their hands. Since the Mugen community has some strange obsession with trying to compete with deviantART for Most Number of Long and Pointless Retard Slap Fights, you can bet that there will be a multitude of Mugen drama that will keep you coming back for more. Here is a rough list of all the bitchfests you can expect to stumble upon when entering a typical Mugen forum.

How Mugen creators protect their creations
Typical Mugen community member
  • Creators bitching at other creators for lifting material such as sprites and sounds from their characters and using it with their own characters (first person to point out the irony is this statement wins three Mugen communities)
  • Creators bitching whenever their stuff gets uploaded to warehouses and Rapidshit, because now people can go elsewhere to get their characters and not have to go through pages of the creator's Geoshities site talking about himself
  • Creators handing out his private characters to thirty of his VIP buddies, only to have them come up in an eSnips search three days later
  • Closed-source vs. Open-source debates, with one side thinking they have the power to control their creations on the Internet and the other thinking they have the power to save the Mugen community from unbridled insanity
  • Posters complaining about getting character requests in their inbox and posting five-page topics about it on Mugen forums because it's really, really worth it
  • Posters bitching at you for being a leecher and not contributing anything to Mugen and the community
  • Creators cutting themselves over mean and hurtful criticism on their characters, despite the fact that they have as much coding/spriting skills as Mac users have computer skills
  • Feedbackers whining about infinites, .0000000000000001 timing/velocity inaccuracies, or wrong hit priorities as if Mugen players knew anything about fighting games to begin with
  • Posters bitching about creators making bad characters, not listening to feedback, and using their egotism as a weapon
  • Posters calling Mugen a game and having ten others jumping at him for not properly calling it a game ENGINE
  • Posters yelling at newbies to read the Mugen docs whenever they post a question in the Help forum
  • Posters being outraged whenever someone sells a Mugen game on eBay or compiles an illegal hack of the Mugen engine itself
  • Posters complaining about people not updating their Mugen versions (yes folks, this is as bad as it gets)
  • Crazed catgirl fanboys getting pissy because their subject of obsession, like a Darkstalkers' Felicia or a Samurai Shodown's Cham Cham, is being degraded and violated through variousmeans
  • Creators complaining about not getting any views/replies in their character release topics
  • Posters debating with each other ferociously over the true acronym for M.U.G.E.N.
  • Posters pestering Elecbyte about porting Mugen to game consoles, despite that nobody would ever pay a cent to touch its horrible gameplay
  • Creators complaining about their characters getting beat up in YouTube videos
  • Male posters with GOTIS pretending to have PMS whenever people provide evidence showing that the supposed female Mugen player does have in fact a small penis
  • Posters lynching another poster for mentioning Street Fighter Online (SFO), a slightly-more superior game to Mugen
  • Posters complaining about ED, so much that they would rather document up-to-date community drama on the TV Tropes Mugen article instead
  • Posters who have nothing to do in their life but constantly rip off some child's badly drawn spriteswapped MUGEN character.

Community Ethics[edit]

The only thing more sizable than a single Mugen creator's massive ego is the long list of do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts) thought up by pretend admins wanting to control and manipulate the handling of Mugen characters on the Internet. The Mugen community has a very strict policy when it comes to how Mugen characters should be treated and will do everything in their power to make sure that you, the regular Mugen user, aren't committing any crimes against creator respect. Wait, rules? Ethics? Aren't they already committing a bigger crime by stealing from gaming companies to begin with? Silly goose, you should know by now that there's no such thing as logic and intelligence in the Mugen community! Here is a complete list of these rules in which everyone must abide by in order to avoid being hassled by armchair Mugen contributors still clinging on to the 2003-era of Mugen. EDITOR'S NOTE: This list is not fabricated nor exaggerated in any way to make this list seem more ridiculous than it really is. This one's the real deal!

Community ethics fag/Creator permission Rule 34
  1. Do not host or upload characters anywhere, that includes your Angelfire webspace, e-mail, Rapidshare, and
  2. Do not modify characters and do not copy coding/sprite material without the creator's permission, even if they are no longer active in the scene or even alive.
  3. Do not request characters, and do not inquire about characters you see on select screens posted by people who demand that you not request said characters.
  4. Do not distribute characters given to you privately by your friends and do not reveal 'secret' links to characters hosted on public webpages, this is what is considered to be 'leaking of private material'.
  5. Do not create patches for characters, including AI patches, palette packs, and DOS/Linux/WinMugen/old-Mugen-version compatibility patches.
  6. Do not unpack moleboxed Mugen games and take characters from within, this is what is considered to be 'warez'.
  7. Do not release open-source sprite packs, and do not reveal the methods of ripping from certain games.
  8. Do not report character releases on news sites and message boards.
  9. Do not post screenshots and YouTube videos of characters.
  10. Do not ask for and download old versions of characters.
  11. Repeat rules 1-10, only replace the offended creator with the offended spokesperson of the creator.
  12. Do not release or edit characters unless you are a member of a Mugen 'team', and do not post release threads anywhere other than at the aforementioned team's forum.
  13. Do not disregard feedback in character release threads, do not post release threads if you do not desire feedback, do not wait more than 0 seconds from the initial posting of said feedback to apply bug fixes and balance fixes, and do not use your egotism as a weapon.
  14. Do not create customized or original-styled characters, everything must be accurate and play exactly like the game source with no hint of originality whatsoever.
  15. Do not guess on velocities, timings, and collision boxes, and do not neglect extracting accurate said data using advanced game-hacking tools.
  16. Do not attempt to create a character unless you have accumulated a minimum of 10 years experience in playing every fighting game and mastering every character in existence.
  17. Do not create characters from KOF XIII and BlazBlue nor characters with 'godly-looking' sprites and no 'tournament-friendly' gameplay, like SeanAltly's characters, unless you are a certified Mugen converter, have followed all of the above rules, or are an IRC Mugen regular that complains everyday about stupid people in the Mugen community yet continually find ways to get mocked severely on this very page.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the killing of Mugen, multiple statements from creators of quitting, knee-jerk closings of creator sites and databases, 10-minute rant videos on YouTube, 700-page shitstorm threads, and a vast quantity of ShoShingo-homage posts from newfags such as Kung Fu Man, Byakko, Orochi Gill, Hoshi, TMasta, and MachinaWeapon.

Don't steal from our Mugens, okay guys? *goes back to ripping Street Fighter sprites*About missing Pics
  • The sacred 'Rules of the Mugen Community'. Unsurprisingly, forums with this post stickied average a collective total of less than 5 visitors per day.

  • Mugen community members edit-warring on the TOW Mugen article trying to include the 'Rules of the Mugen Community'

  • What happens when you upload Mugen chars to Rapidshit: every Mugen creator flouncing off and closing down their sites in protest against warehousing

  • The Mugen community, in an effort to spread their idiotic ideals, teaches people about community ethics in an instructional video on YouTube. Dead. Fucking. Serious.

  • A typical aftermath of a leaked private character on YouTube

  • Legal expert Kung Fu Man on why you shouldn't rip off his Darkstalkers Mugen characters

  • CheapAlert (better known as YTMND celebrity Leileilol) gets banned for uploading Mugen characters to her site without permission, showing you that not even Internet celebrities are safe from the Mugen community's pitchfork wrath

  • Elite Mugen creator XCB quits after one of his characters is requested in the Request forum, prompting community ethics fags to try and enforce 'creator respect'

  • A typical whitenoise grandstand from a community ethics fag in response to a stolen Mugen character

  • Community ethics fags getting angry because someone didn't ask a dead Mugen creator for permission to edit his character

  • The Mugen community is so serious about its rules that they'll launch virus attacks against people for, wait for it, announcing Mugen releases without permission

  • The Mugen community freaks out over the postings of Molebox-unpacking tutorials, because we can't have people ripping off from their Street Fighter Alpha/Darkstalkers full-game ripoffs

  • Proof that the Do not release sprite packs/reveal ripping methods rule isn't fake

  • Mugen Guild pulls a Whalevinyl and do away with the community rules, much to the agony of a handful of moralfags

  • If Mugen community members want to ban people for unethical practices, they should probably ban themselves since they have no problems doing the same things themselves

  • Typical Mugen character feedback. It's a shame normal people don't grasp everyday common knowledge such as corner air hit stuns, infinite priorities, invulnerability startups, and other terminology only obsessive Street Fighter fanboys care about.

  • How To Write Constructive and Informative Mugen Feedbacks: A Guide from Fighting Game Non-Expert Orochi Gill. Also thanks for the shout-out to the ED article, Orochi Pill!

  • Who cares about real life problems when Street Fighter characters can't compete with Darkwing Duck in a fair, '''balanced''' fight

  • OMEG Don't you know Ryu is supposed to have fireballs and not grab moves? QCF commands instead of charge commands? Don't you have any respect for Capcom at all?!?!?!

  • So when's the next Guild change taking place to rid people from the insanely idiotic 'Feedback Era'? Apparently very soon.

  • Stealing Mugen chars is major serious business on the Internet..

  • It doesn't matter if you're on the Elecbyte forums..

  • ..the SRK forums..

  • ..the Rotten Tomatoes forum..

  • ..a Naruto forum..

  • ..or a Sailor Moon forum!

The Big Dogs of Mugen[edit]

The RandomSelect gang, in all their wonderful glory. Quick! Turn away from this pic now or else you'll think lowly of Godly Mugen forum poster ShoShingo!
The life and times of a RandomSelect member

If you want to pinpoint the primary reason why the Mugen community is the colossal joke that it is today, look no further than the unfunny, whitenoise protestfags that is known as RandomSelect. Most people will know them as the elitist group of Internet crusaders hellbent on abolishing warehousing, code thievery, and unbalanced Mugen characters everywhere, causing much grief on numerous Internet forums. In actuality, they are really nothing more than a handful of bumbling glory trolls looking to become the next fan-favorite idiot-bashing Mugen group by leeching off the legacy of a defunct Mugen trolling organization once known as MRev. Some of the most common antics from the master trolls themselves include:

  • Assembling an army of Internet detectives and raiding forums yelling at n00bs about stolen Mugen characters, community ethics, feedback-listening, or whining whenever someone doesn't play Mugen competitively
  • Flaunting screenshots and videos of their private characters that nobody will ever have, a troll which most certainly never backfires
  • Writing angry Mugen character reviews and critiques showing you that like in ED IRC, you'll need to don your thickest skin before stepping foot into the ruthless Mugen communihahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Constantly interrogating posters about proving their points or how they're dodging the issue to reaffirm their unrivaled Internet argument skills, then afterwards cowering away in their private IRC channel whenever they're being called out on the forums for their stupidity
  • Ranting about the ego trips, attention-seeking, and USIs of others, all while plugging their shitty forums to boost their nonexistent activity, advertising their annual Mugen awards that nobody cares about, begging the MFG forums for Contributor status, mass-voting for themselves in every popularity contest, namedropping ancient Mugen personalities they've had no prior history with, and pretending to be an Elecbyte employee
  • Throwing a hissy fit whenever forum admins prevent them from using their user name, because God forbid people can't recognize a real Mugen superstar when they see one!
  • Posting phrases such as cupcake, comedy gold, and Ahaha, all while having the post histories of former MRev members open on another browser
  • Replying with hilariously wacky troll responses such as this (oh, those rascally Mugen kids and their randomy randomness!)
  • Playing the Not Everyone is Going to Be Nice on the Internet card whenever they're being confronted about their antics, then conveniently bringing up the Be Nice, No Flaming/Trolling rule and begging for topics to be locked whenever they're the ones being mocked and ridiculed
  • Blaming the revelations of their hypocrisy and stupidity on an ex-MRev idol's mood swings
  • Making the occasional flounce post whenever faced with adversity and claiming to retire from the Mugen community forever, only to miraculously return months later when they feel people are anxiously begging for their return despite that nobody cares

My my, what a scary bunch of Capcom-pirating badasses we got here right guys?! Sadly, because the Mugen community is made up of simpletons who get easily impressed by any zero-trick pony trying to imitate Seanbaby, RandomSelect garners a large cuddle crew of fanboys and sympathizers alike who blindly mark out every time a member copypastes from an MRev member's post history to whine about a Mugen character. As a result, more than half of the entire Mugen community consists of delusional basketcase dramamongers that think they can A) regulate every user as to how they can use computer files on the Internet, and B) convince the tourneyfags at SRK to take seriously a game that features Evil Ronald McDonald as a playable character. UPDATE: RandomSelect has flounced off once again(lol nvm, already back from his flounce), but you can still find most of its members hanging out at its equally-lame affiliate site, Trinity Mugen.

RUFF RUFF we're a pretty big deal in the Mugen community, you guysAbout missing Pics
  • Kung Fu Man, RandomSelect's batshit moralfag webmaster and self-proclaimed Elecbyte developer

  • Byakko, RandomSelect's right-hand man who will kick your ass IRL if you don't read his fucking post, idiot

  • Jesuszilla, aspie-admin of TrinityMugen, furfag-in-denial, and civil rights activist for MRev fanboys against prejudice personists like you, you bigot

  • RandomSelect's Holy Grail of MRev fandom: a forum post by legendary MRev member ShoShingo

  • Orochi Gill, RandomSelect fanboy, poser tourneyfag, and self-proclaimed Greatest Poster to Never Become MFG Moderator

Heh heh, I'll just delete these flounces so I can deny ever posting them, you guysAbout missing Pics
  • An iconic flamewar from 2002 between MRev and legendary Mugen public enemy GohanSSM2. RandomSelect posters will look to this topic for inspiration and attempt to emulate this event on Mugen forums three times daily.

  • Kung Fu Man edit-warring on the TOW Mugen article trying to include the 'Rules of the Mugen Community'

  • Kung Fu Man tries to rally every Mugen creator into closing down their sites in protest against warehousing, a flounce that would last only a few days to no one's surprise

  • Kung Fu Man shows everyone what a great role model he is..

  • condoning virus attacks over Mugen ethics being violated.

  • RandomSelect announces its departure from Mugen due to a 'lack of interest'. Much like the many of Kung Fu Man's flounces, this did not last very long.

  • Another flounce by Kung Fu Man, ragequitting MFG forever. He makes his triumphant return to the forum a whopping 2 days later amidst ramblings on IRC about being 'forgotten' by the community.

  • Yet another from the PBF of the Mugen community himself. You know you're sad when you have to make a flounce post during an April Fool's prank.

  • The Mugen community responds to the ED Mugen article, and Kung Fu Man suffers a mental breakdown in the process.

  • In a historic feat, Kung Fu Man becomes the first ever to make a complete ass of himself while attempting to get the entire Guild forum to rally behind him against long-time Mugen public enemy Silent Storm

    Melodyne editor free download crack

  • Wanna see how badly RandomSelect trolls its victims? Watch as Kung Fu Man pwns the Mugen Guild staff with his unrivaled name-calling skills and cunning wit.

  • And you know you've been really pwn3d when KFM adds the final blow in the form of a sadface emoticon.

  • And don't bother pointing out his logical fallacies, he's so good he doesn't need to explain himself whenever he's contradicting himself!

  • Kung Fu Man's infamous claim of working for Elecbyte.

  • Another one of Kung Fu Man's comical attempts at grabbing that coveted MRev brass ring. Too bad it earned him a permaban instead, a ban which to this day he's still begging the MFG staff to lift.

  • Mr. Anti-Ego still hasn't figured out that nobody cares about him or his dead forum.

  • Separated at birth?????

  • The infamous IRL sissy fight between Byakko and Mugen public enemy Vyx, as told by the master of the TL;DR split-quote post himself.

  • KFM-whiteknight Jesuszilla showing how little he cares about the ED Mugen article.

  • Unprovoked random outbursts against ED editors? Nah, they couldn't care less about ED one bit!

  • Wonder what would happen if your dumb ass is foolish enough to cross a RandomSelect poster? You get this!

  • Jesusfurry showing everyone what a worthy Legato B successor he is. Keep an eye on this one to breakout into MRev stardom, guys!

  • A collection of Orochi Gill's most atrocious and unfunny MRev-homage posts.

  • More greatest hits from MFG g-mod non-hopeful Orochi Gill.

  • An entire page worth of Orochi Gill reports on Mugen Guild. Mind you that there are 20 more pages of these, because what would we do without Orochi Notadmin's valuable contributions to the community!

  • One of Orochi Gill's many failed attempts at becoming an MRever. You will see this exact same result in a RandomSelect-initiated flamewar about 100% of the time.

  • Orochi Gill once again with his l33t MRev detective skills in a feeble attempt to vindicate his childhood hero Kung Fu Elecbyte Employee.

  • Compilation of every instance in which Orochi Gill gets chewed out by his Mugen community idols. When you suck up to every popular member on the forums and you still can't gain their approval, maybe it's time to find another posting gimmick, boi!

  • With MFG admin status well out-of-reach, it seems like Orochi Notanadmin is gonna spend the rest of his posting career sassing the admins for not making him g-mod. Keep reaching for those stars, you crazy lil' sycophant!

  • Orochi Gill trying to teach the MFG admins something about comedy by using tired old Dane Cook burns. Oh that poor, poor sycophant. He just tries so hard!

  • People sure do mark out like crazy whenever RandomSelect starts MRev-style shitstorms on other forums. Just look at the approval from the Elecbyte admins themselves!

  • In a nutshell, the legacy of MRev went from this..

  • this..

  • this, all thanks to the trolling geniuses at RandomSelect!

  • I wouldn't be making all these reports all the time if you'd just make me admin already!

  • Orochi Gill also has a deep hatred for backseat moderators, yet..

  • Shut the fuck up Orochi Pill

  • No admins for Orochi Pill

  • Ken Jennings didn't get the memo

  • The cold hard truth

  • Orochi Gill couldn't cut the mustard

  • Orochi Pill gets another shot at Mugen Guild notoriety

  • Orochi Gill comes up with an ingenious and failproof plan to take down ED

  • Mugen Guild selects its newest moderator, Part II

  • It just feels good

  • A typical pwnage post from a typical RandomSelect member. Truly inspirational.


  • It's about time they did

  • Kung Fu Bix Nood


  • Kung Fu Men.

  • Kung Fu Man loves his ShoShingo post

  • Looks like Kung Fu Man's having an identity crisis

  • Kung Fu Man proving his worth..err, being on the case

  • Better than fried chicken


  • New banner for Randomselect

  • Kung Fu Man version of the subliminal Guild banner

  • Artist's rendition of fake-female Mugen creator and Kung Fu Man's cyber partner Jessica Smoke

  • #mrev circa 2005

  • The beginning of the end to MRev's awesomeness

  • Kung Fu Man earning a quick buck at the local comedy club

  • Kung Fu Man would like to see the look on your faces when you find out that he is a part of Elecbyte

  • Strike right to the point

  • Kung Fu Man is finally handed the reigns of Mugen Sex

  • The MRev legend has spoken

  • ED has obtained a copy of Kung Fu Man's MRev entrance exam. This would explain alot of things.

  • RandomSelect in a nutshell


do you have permission from silent storm for the concept?

do you have permission from XCB for the code usage?
do you have permission from Toni for the patch update?

—Typical post from a Mugen community ethics fag


Did you also realise what warehousing is?
Read that before you start upping stuff on Mediafire you piece of ****. You don't have ALL of the authors consent to upload their stuff in massive charpacks, you pric. Have you no respect for the work of others???!?!

—Another typical post by a community ethics fag

Someone, somewhere will be killed by a mugger. There are laws against that, but it will still happen. So should we therefore remove the law?

—Kung Fu Man attempting to formulate logic by comparing murder to stealing Mugen characters on the Internet

Common M.U.G.E.N Community Terminology


The author of a specific creation.


One who downloads but contributes nothing to the community. People who pester creators or other members over information, requests or private releases also fall into this catagory.

—An actual edit made on the TOW Mugen article by a Mugen community member
Seriously, you can't make this kind of shit up

Seriously, either get yourself a brain and look up 'respect', 'community', 'ethic', 'common sense' and 'logic' in your favourite dictionnary or you'll get mauled down in most communities that have some kind of common sense.

Taking things seriously ? Well yes. You have a problem with that ? Any country would jail someone who doesn't respect its rules.

—RandomSelect right-hand man Byakko laying down the law, warning everyone that they'll be jailed IRL for uploading Mugen characters on the Internet

Does this make us hypocrites for using other people's sprites then claiming you can't use our stuff? Does it make us hypocrites for ignoring Elecbyte's license agreement and continuing to use mugen? Perhaps. Regardless the law is still in our favor in this debate, and any cease and desist from a company that would in turn make certain content in mugen 'blacklisted' would also make usage of such illegal for you, the user.

—The Mugen community's argumentative skills at its finest: admitting to being hypocrites but still insisting that they are in the right. The future of MRev right here, folks!

Well while you were busy compiling rips of these games, I was busy playing the real thing. And i'm just going to say that a game is more than just the characters/stages/music/presentation. Just because you can fit your rips into MUGEN's engine doesn't mean you've recreated a game. It just means you wasted an assload of time.

—A Shoryuken poster's thoughts on Mugen

Unfortunately, most people on it are fanboy scrubs who're out to fulfill their fantasies or are unable to play to win and would rather try to prove that they can do a better version of their favorite character rather than learn to win with them.

—Another brutal reality check delivered by SRK

No, I'm not a fighting game professional.

—Mugen character critic extraordinaire Orochi Gill, on why you should never take anyone from the Mugen community seriously ever again

Here is a Ryu somebody made. The sprites are just like this Ken somebody else made this one time only the head is different and his gi is colored differently. I think there's a chance they might be stolen! OMG negative million points for review! And he has a move that's not in any of the games! That's so dumb! Another negative million points for review!

—A typical angry Mugen character critique as paraphrased by Higher Voltage admin Gavok

This, people, is why the two communities generally fucking hate each other. Each side sees a topic in the other community bashing the other, they feel threatened and a need to 'CORRECT THEM, RIGHT ALL THE WRONGS, SHOW [MUGEN/COMPETITIVE PLAY ISN'T TOTALLY STUPID] [NOT EVERY CREATOR/COMPETITIVE PLAYER IS A TOTAL ELITIST DOUCHE] and what do they do in the process? They only manage to do the exact opposite.

—Mugen fantard Jesuszilla's desperate and futile plea to SRK for acceptance

fighting game community is about well playing a ready made character/game

mugen is about creating a character/game, or curiosity to try unknown character playability
its like comparing a professional racer with a test driver
one focused in how to beat others, the other focused on how to make betterment of products

—A Mugentard's analogy of why Mugen is superior to real games. If there is a God, he will send packs of rabid wolves to kill and rape the assburger that said this.


—Yes, this term does get thrown around often on Mugen forums of all places. Funny, but true.

Here's a flaw with your logic there cupcake: she didn't 'release it for mugen'. It has next to nothing to do with mugen or the mugen community. It can't be modified, can't have parts used in other games, and so forth. For all intents and purposes it's a beta of a game that maybe, just maybe, she didn't want to be tossed into the shitstorm of this community so some dumb shit could ask 'how do I break it apart' or even better call her 'plain fucking stupid' because they weren't invited to the party.

Real. Fucking. Audacity.


This is fucking stupid.

No, really, it is. Basically one shit can go on and ravage other works freely, justify it countless ways, and there's nothing that can be done but to keep railing on him until he relents. Isn't that something special.
Guild's staff won't do anything but snicker at all of this. And yes, you better believe many of them are. The people that decided for this change in the way this corner of the community had little stake if it failed, a few even outright admit that much. Valodim and DreamSlayer have made nothing, Sepp never cared about his work in the first place, and so forth. The rest of the staff is either here for the power and/or 'prestige' the title should bring, or just doesn't give a shit and tries to keep things afloat.
In other words we the individual don't matter. It's all about the open sources, about their vision. And what do we patronize them with? We give them our wip threads, and our posts, and tell them we'll accept their bullshit here, just because they're too damn big to ignore. We swallow it because it has people, but in effect we're the underlying grease that keeps their engine going. And if more of us had guts we'd say to hell with a place that did nothing but shit in our faces while we compliment them on the smell.
This is never going to change. This guy is going to fall back on the rules that give him a privilege, no, a right to do this to people. We as creators have had our Icarus moment. And I've had enough.

—A typical Kung Fu Man flounce post ragequitting Mugen Guild forever
NOTE: Post history shows normal posting resumed 48 hours later

Yamazaki Hashimoto the fictional character is copyright myself, RandomSelect and subsequently the I-XCell network, even if it uses KY sprites for the mugen incarnation (the final character is not what was included in the original demonstration game). As is and given recent events with Eternaga and Blaque and a conflict of interests, I wish to reserve my legal right as sole distributor of renditions and merchandise of this character until a time in the future as I do see fit.

Bet you didn't know you could do that did you?

—Kung Fu Man pretending to be a legal expert

Ash: It isn't that easy to win. diz: so what's the deal with hosting the version of winmugen Sion and I hacked?

Paul Potts diz: winmugen's been through so many copyright violations and hacks that i thought it turned no-man's land
Ash: It isn't that easy to win. diz: Could I just respectfully ask that WM Plus not be hosted then?
Ash: It isn't that easy to win. diz: I get the copyright argument and everything, just if Guild's going to throw me out I'd rather they not take my work too.
Ash: It isn't that easy to win. diz: That's a reasonable request, no?

—Mr. Community Ethics himself doing what he does best

And if you whine and go 'oh you came back lol'..seriously fuck off. I opted to release some nice things because I wanted to play around with mugen a little more. You want to go scurrying like a roach to ED or wherever and whine about it, feel free to.


it's pretty clear kfm doesn't put a single ounce of thought into anything he types. he just says whatever he thinks sounds good (and since he is mentally deficient it never sounds good to anyone but him and people with similar retardation problems), and that's why he's constantly contradicting himself or putting his foot in his mouth. i mean, kfm ripping on people for 'over-reacting' to something??? seriously???

also, i want to go on record and state that if he really wants noteriety (as it is so painfully obvious the case), then he should spend all the time he spends on forums screaming about other people's characters and watching over the wikipedia article to make sure that nothing goes against Kung Fu Ethics and focus on actually making something good for MUGEN.

—At least one MRev associate isn't completely fooled

Summarization of every Mugen creator and their level-headed state of minds

(10:05 PM) Vans: You know what's funny?
(10:05 PM) Vans: We, the people that do things right get fucked in the ass.
(10:05 PM) Vans: Who makes the characters?
(10:05 PM) Vans: We do.
(10:05 PM) Vans: Not the world.
(10:06 PM) Vans: Not the neighbor.
(10:06 PM) Vans: Not Will Smith.
(10:06 PM) Vans: Not them.
(10:06 PM) Vans: Us.
(10:06 PM) Vans: It's our shit.
(10:06 PM) Vans: We made it.
(10:06 PM) Vans: We have a right to decide what to do with it.
(10:06 PM) Vans: Enough with that BUT THIS IS A FIGHTING GAME ENGINE bullshit.
(10:07 PM) Vans: Fuck you, these rules are fucking used in normal LIFE.
(10:07 PM) Vans: I can't steal a thesis and fucking say it's mine.
(10:07 PM) Vans: It's a stone luigi, i didn't make it.
(10:08 PM) Vans: And you know what?
(10:08 PM) Vans: There's only two damn rules.
(10:08 PM) Vans: Two fucking rules.
(10:08 PM) Vans: 1. Don't steal.
(10:08 PM) Vans: 2. Don't host.
(10:08 PM) Vans: There.
(10:08 PM) Vans: That's all.
(10:08 PM) Vans: That's basically all the goddamned rules.
(10:09 PM) Vans: If everyone followed the rules, everything would be in order.
(10:09 PM) Vans: But there's always a retard that fucks up and ruins the fun for everyone.
(10:09 PM) Vans: I mean.
(10:10 PM) Vans: Look at my shit.
(10:10 PM) Vans: Everything that's not mine i ASKED permission for.
(10:10 PM) Vans: But now, it doesn't fucking matter anymore.
(10:10 PM) Vans: Because everything is 'Open Source'.
(10:11 PM) Vans: The people that SPIT on us are now having the right to do whatever they fuck they WANT?
(10:11 PM) Vans: What kind of fucked up logic is that?

Mugen Abandoned and Roted Sites[edit]

  • Elecbyte Home Page - The official site of the makers of Mugen. Download the game here.
  • Mugen Fighters Guild - Central hub for Mugen characters, collaborations, discussion, help, and drama.
  • Mugen Infantry - Database site where shitposting Melty Blood fantards and Xat users complaining about the power abuse carried out by shitposting moderators is commonplace.
  • RandomSelect - What an original name! One of the only two forums that still use leechers, warehouses, stolen, and idiots in their daily vocabulary.
  • Infinity Mugen Team - A 'family-friendly' forum overrun by MvC-loving toddlers who create characters that reflect the coding skills comparable to that of, you guessed it, a toddler.
  • Club SyN X-treme - A gangsta-group of stage makers so full of USI they'll try to consume your entire disk space with their 100GB eye-gouging stages and seizure-inducing screenpacks.
  • Trinity Mugen - Best described as being an unfunny hybrid of both RandomSelect and The AIDS that is killing ED due to the fact that they all post old, dead memes and act like giddy, starstruck schoolgirls whenever a former MRev member stumbles upon their IRC channel.
  • Mugen Genesis - The YouTube division of the Mugen community. Also a sanctuary for those with no character-making skills, but still want to have some sense of self-worth in the community.
  • MUGEN CHARACTERS - DOWNLOAD MUGEN RARE CHARACTERS & CHAR - One of the so-called dreaded Mugen 'warehouses', hosts a massive collection of Mugen characters Ebaums-style. Despised largely by the majority of the Mugen community despite being the only useful Mugen site in existence.
  • Mugen Free For All - If the Mugen Guild was too much for you, head on to this small town where everything is the same, even the members!
  • Mugen Archive - Yet again one of those mugen 'warehouses' that's more concerned with gaining money through the oh so impenetrable method of advertisement known as Adfly. Much like randomselect, it still uses it's vocabulary to cringeworthy results and claims to be the king shit of the mugen scene even though most of the people who reside on the fucking website are bots!

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