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In images and adverts for Office for iPad, I've noticed that the default unit of measurement for Word is in inches. This is great, because I use imperial units for my documents. However, when I installed Office for iPad, I noticed straight away that the measurement units are set in centimeters.

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If you like to change the measurement and all display units from inches to cm in Microsoft Word 2016/2013 or earlier versions, you are at the right place. By default display measurement unit of MS Office products聽including Word 2019/2016/2013 and Office 365 is set to show in Inches. In case you want to change inches to cm(Centimeter) in Word 2010/2013/2016/2019 to show all measurements in cm, this small guide would be helpful.

For example, if I have measurements for a label in cm, and I need to create that exact size label聽in MS Word which is set to show in Inches, definitely I will have a tough time. 聽I need to convert them to inches outside聽the Word and do the proper settings. Width, height, margins and even paper size will be shown in Inches in MS Word by default. To make the creation easy, it’s better to change the display option to cm. If you are familiar with cm at your geographical location, it is better to change the default settings as described below.

Here is the example of how MS word shows the paper size in inches by default.

Convert Inches to cm in Word 2013/2016 and Office 365

Basically, all MS Office versions are having the same settings to change the measurement units from inches to the centimeter. You can find that under the Options of your MS Office version as shown below.

1) Click on File and go to Options.

2) Click on Advanced and go to Display options as shown below.

Change the measurements Unit size from Inches to Centimeters (cm). More options also available here. Press OK at end of the box.

3) After the above change, all measurements units will be shown in cm in your MS Word product including Office 365 installable. Anytime you can go to same settings and change back to Inches or other units.

Here is how the same paper size measurement changed to cm in MS Word 2016.

Hope this simple guide would be useful to change the measurement size from inches to cm or other scales in MS Office 2010,2013, 2016 and Office 365 versions.

Maybe Useful:

If you’re accustomed to using picas, points, centimeters, or millimeters while editing documents then this tutorial is for you. By default Word 2010 will display the ruler’s unit of measurement in inches, if you wish to change it to another unit of measurement that is more convenient for you, follow the instructions below.

If the Word 2010 ruler is not visible, then use the How to Display the Ruler in Word 2010 guide to enable it. If you have any comments or questions, please post them below.

Note: I used Word 2010 for this tutorial.

Screenshot of Word ruler displaying units of measurement in Inches.

Change Units of Measurement in Word 2010

1. Click on File to open the Backstage.

2. Click on Options.

3. When the Word Options window opens, click on Advanced on the left pane.

Studio 11 warren ohio. 4. Scroll down the list until you find the Display heading.

5. Click on the drop-down and select the unit of measurement you wish to use.

Units of Measurement Available

  • Inches
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters
  • Points
  • Picas

6. Once the unit of measurement is selected, click OK to save the changes.

Screenshot of Word ruler displaying units of measurement in Centimeters.