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We’d like to highlight a handful of apps today that work with widget apps Zooper Widget and Zooper Widget Pro. If you’ve ever installed them then you know just how flexible and fun they can be. Minimal, classy, extremely customizable, and battery friendly 'Do It Yourself' widget with almost limitless possibilities! If you like the software and want to support.

A zooper package to match your style.
Please read before install
For the correct work of the widgets you must have these app installed:
* Zooper Widget Pro (https://goo.gl/JjBAwC)
Available on PlayStore.
Welcome to the fox zooper.
This zooper package initially contains 27 widgets, to bring a new look to your home screen.
New widgets will be added over time.
Some wallpapers were also added.
Here I wish first to thank Sean Miller, who was willing to make real this project, I also want to thank my friends Nick Nice, Abdul Azim by amazing wallpapers also want to thank Naman Rastogi and Rick Masters by incredible icon sets.
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