Ending A Windows Installer Transaction Event Id 1042

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Windows 08 r2, 3.6.3 Windows Event Log. Windows - agent installation restarts machine automatically #598. Ending a Windows Installer transaction: D.

Hi All,

I have been struggling with this for the past two days. Office 2016 Pro+ recently turned all its ribbon buttons into little orange circles. I couldn't find anything online so I figured I'll reinstall. Quick repair failed, and the Online Repair just lands me in the never ending 'Couldn't Install Office' cycle. Nevertheless, my Office installation became corrupt.

I am running W7 64-bit, 20gb of free disk space (SSD), connected over Wireless, latest windows updates installed, running as Admin, running in clean boot - so only system services are loaded'

When I try to re-install the installation gets to around 78-80% and then I get the 'We couldn't install Office', 'If another program is installing, please wait for it to finish and then click Retry.' I don't know how many times I've hit Retry :(. Sometimes I notice that in the system tray the progress still advances even though the error message is displayed but stops eventually at 75-90%. When i click Cancel Installation I get 'Something went wrong. Error Code: 30102-11 (1603)'. When I reboot, I see 'Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 - en-us' listed in 'Programs and Features.' The uninstall says it was successful, when I do quick repair I get 'Error Code: 30015-13 (255)'

What the installation is halted and error is displayed the following processes are running:



setup32.exe *32

setup32.exe *32


multiple svchosts.exe






I tried using the easy fix tool which didn't seem to resolve my issue


Ran System File Checker, rebooted several times.

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Disabled AV, Print Spooler, and Cisco VPN services.

Tried the manual removal process:


Going through event logs the closest thing to an error I see is an informational message 'Event ID: 11708' is 'Office 16 Click-to-Run Licensing Component -- Installation operation failed'

Im at my wits end. I even tried installing Office 2013, which failed as well. Not sure what is broken at this point or how to fix it. Sorry for the long winded email, just trying to be thorough.

Recently I re-installed my Windows 7 Home 32 bit.At a moment I realized that almost no installer is working. For example this installer from Microsoft web site: http://content.systemrequirementslab.com/global/bin/intel_srldetect_4.5.13.0.msiWhen I start it is shows its interface for about 0.5 seconds then it disappear. No error messages. Nothing.

Same behavior for dotNetFx35setup.exe (but for this, there are no messages in Event Viewer).

How do I fix this?


I get these messages in EVENT VIEWER:

  1. Beginning a Windows Installer transaction: G:KITDRIVERIToshibaQosmio X505 Q860ChipsetIntel driver update utility.msi. ClientProcess Id: 3224.

  2. Starting session 0 - ‎2013‎-‎07‎-‎12T18:09:53.945993900Z.

  3. Ending a Windows Installer transaction: G:KITDRIVERIToshibaQosmio X505 Q860ChipsetIntel driver update utility.msi. ClientProcess Id: 3224.

  4. Product: System Requirements Lab for Intel -- Configuration completed successfully.

  5. Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: System Requirements Lab for Intel. Product Version: ProductLanguage: 1033. Manufacturer: Husdawg, LLC. Reconfiguration successor error status: 0.

  6. Ending session 0 started ‎2013‎-‎07‎-‎12T18:09:53.945993900Z.

I downloaded MS installer from MS web site (Windows6.0 installer-KB942288-v2-x86). It is not working also. It says: 'Windows Update Standalone Installer-The update is not applicable to your computer.' But this is the 32 bit installer for Win 7 and I DO have win 7 32 bits.


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