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  • Sinopsis: Toshihiko 'Toshi' Tanaka bergabung dengan klub sepak bola yang sama dengan idolanya, Yoshiharu Kubo bermain untuk di SMA Kakegawa. Ketika Toshi dimainkan di SMP dengan dua temannya Kenji Shiraishi dan Kazuhiro Hiramatsu, mereka dikenal sebagai trio emas Kakenishi.
  • Feb 12, 2018 - Anime Subtitle Indonesia & Anime OST. Aoki Densetsu Shoot! Episode 01-37 MP4 Subtitle Indonesia. Diposting oleh tamboenman pada.

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Alternative Titles

English: Blue Legend Shoot!


Status: Finished Airing
Premiered:Fall 1993
Producers: None found, add some
Studios:Toei Animation
Genres:Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen, Sports
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


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Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Legendary Blue Shot!) or also known as just 'Shoot!', is the story of Toshihiko Tanaka, Kenji Shiraishi, and Kazuhiro Hiramatsu. Three high school freshmen who have become best friends during their junior high years while playing soccer together. There they were known as the Kakenishi golden trio for their role in making Kakenishi Junior High's soccer team into a force to be reckoned with. After junior high, all of them decided to go to the same high school, Kakegawa High, a school only founded a year before, because of their star soccer player, Yoshiharu Kubo, whom they had idolized.
This young man led Kakegawa High Soccer Club to the best 8 of their prefecture in their first ever appearance with a freshmen only team almost single-handedly. He refuses offers from a number of foreign professional soccer clubs so he can stay at Kake-High to lead them to the All-Japan High School Championship. As the three of them start playing soccer for Kake-High, they experience hardships, romance, and losses on their road to becoming the best Japanese high school soccer team—a team of legends.
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Sequel:Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Movie)

Characters & Voice Actors

Yoshiharu, Kubo
Furukawa, Toshio
Tanaka, Toshihiko
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Hiramatsu, Kazuhiro
Kikuchi, Masami
Shiraishi, Kenji
Canna, Nobutoshi
Endo, Kazumi
Hidaka, Noriko
Atsushi, Kamiya
Morikawa, Toshiyuki
Nitta, Shinichi
Numata, Yusuke
Yutaka, Sasaki
Chiba, Isshin
Mahori, Keigo
Seki, Tomokazu
Simon, Micky


Nishio, Daisuke
Kakudou, Hiroyuki
Episode Director, Storyboard
Kaizawa, Yukio
Episode Director, Storyboard
Akimoto, Yasushi
Theme Song Lyrics

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#01 'Sunao de Itai' by WENDY (eps 1-46, 58)
#02 'Watashi Datte' by Noriko Hidaka (eps 47-57)

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58 of 58 episodes seen
matt1517(All reviews)
37 people found this review helpful
Alright so I'm the first to write a review and this is my first review so I hope it isn't that bad but this anime was pretty great. I thought the story was great and so anyone who wants a soccer anime will love it. There was even some romance thrown into it which was really nice. I have to admit kazumi kinda pissed me off in the beginning but in the end I became a fan of hers. But overall great anime its old so bare with the art because the story is great.
58 of 58 episodes seen
Yondy375(All reviews)
12 people found this review helpful
I felt the need to review this since I saw only one other had the courage or made brain enough to. By stretches of sports anime goes it's in the same class and sometimes possibly personal preference almost better than 'Slam Dunk'.
Which if you didn't know is probably the greatest sports anime ever. That aside, if you're into friendship, teamwork, dramatic love for both a person and sports this is one roller coaster ride you wouldn't want to sit back and watch other people ride.
Onto the actual review: Story possibly 9 gonna say 8 though some parts are very cliche and predictable, but that's what makes it normal, but it has it's moments where it absolutely shines and just tugs on your heartstrings.
Sound: 10 I love every single song from the anime *spoiler* the best being the Kazumi Endo Ending, my god it still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
Character: 10 Toshi who is the main character not only as a futbol/soccer player does he level up, but as a man and person but he helps everyone around him to grow aswell.
read more
21 of 58 episodes seen
8igfan(All reviews)
4 people found this review helpful
So, I typically don't review anime that I haven't finished or ones that I dropped because there is a chance that I missed something that happened later or that the anime just wasn't for me, but something about this anime really irked me to the point where I stopped watching it months ago, and when I thought about trying to continue watching recently, I couldn't. For starters, I'll try to avoid spoilers, but I have to spoiler one small part to explain why this anime was bothersome.
The art, and sound are typical of anime of this generation, neither being spectacular nor terrible in my opinion. I'm someone who isn't bothered by old anime, and rather enjoy watching them so I'm pretty bias there, but for the purposes of this review, I'd say they were fair at best. The characters overall are fine too. They all have their archetypes that they stick to, and they fit their mold well. They aren't anything out of this world good, but they do a good enough job of driving the story forward in a pretty reasonable direction. I don't think I had a problem with any characters. Kazumi joking around was fun to watch, and how everyone meshed together by utilizing their advantages during a game.
Before I go further, spoilers are up ahead. You have been warned!
Now, the story starts out typical with the team forming, and old friends reuniting in their bid to advance far and become champions. You get the characters practicing together, helping each other out, all the camaraderie that comes with it as well as just episodes where they are relaxing. All usual for the course, and of course, you have Kubo who personally made me drop this anime. He's a talented player who's going to be great, and we are led to believe that he will aside from little indications that say otherwise. That would've been all fine and dandy, but what happened when they faced Kakekita in the semifinals was a bit too much.
As the story goes, Kubo ended up burning himself out passing 11 players and scoring a fantastic goal that helped the team. He was a good team member who was a beacon of hope and admiration, but this idea of him dying on the field after he's been avoiding treatment for leukemia to play soccer was just too unrealistic and hard to swallow. No one seems to have known if I recall properly, and he's been ignoring the advice from his doctors if I again recall properly. In essence, he sacrificed his whole life for the purpose of scoring a single goal to help the team won, but then they lost badly in the finals.
You may say that's passion, sure, but there's a limit to that and this was far from it. Anyways, he died, everyone's sad, and for sure, it's quite a sad time. But this was a bit too much for me to swallow considering that he should've realized the value of living to continue playing and helping advance the sport. He could've still been there to provide advice and support for the team during tough times, but he made his decision. I didn't watch much past this point because the anime felt like it started going downhill story wise, and this death was a bit much.
Now, did I enjoy the anime otherwise? Sure, I didn't mind much else, so if you're someone who's able to overlook this, you'll probably enjoy this anime too. If you're someone who just wouldn't be able to, it's best you just move along and forget about this anime.
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Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
蒼き伝説 シュート!
GenreSports (association football)
Written byTsukasa Ooshima
Published byKodansha
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run19902003
Anime television series
Directed byDaisuke Nishio
Produced byShinji Shimizu
Yoshio Takami
Written byJunki Takegami
Music byYusuke Honma
StudioToei Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run November 7, 1993 December 25, 1994
Anime film
Directed byDaisuke Nishio
Produced byShinji Shimizu
Yoshio Takami
Written byJunki Takegami
Music byYusuke Honma
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedDecember 4, 1994
Runtime25 minutes
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Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (蒼き伝説 シュート!, lit. 'Blue Legend Shoot!') is a Japaneseanime produced by Toei Animation between November 7, 1993 and December 25, 1994 on the Fuji TV television network; there were fifty-eight episodes. The story revolves around a boy named Toshihiko Tanaka, who has just started at Kakegawa High School in order to play association football with his idol, Yoshiharu Kubo. Toshi's friends are not interested in playing football again this year until he convinces them to join the team. Soon, the team is entered into the All-Japan High School Championship.

The series is based on the manga Shoot! by Tsukasa Ōshima, which won the 1994 Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen.[1]

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Toshihiko 'Toshi' Tanaka joined the same soccer club that his idol, Yoshiharu Kubo plays for at Kakegawa High School. When Toshi played in junior high with two of his friends Kenji Shiraishi and Kazuhiro Hiramatsu, they were known as the Kakenishi golden trio. Now in high school, his friends do not want or cannot play soccer anymore. Hiramatsu is forced to study by his father so that he would become a respectable adult. However, Hiramatsu loves soccer and wants to play so he confronted his father and says that he wants to play soccer with his friends and that he would never understand his love for soccer. It turns out that his father played soccer during his youth and, remembering how much he loved it, decides to let Hiramatsu play soccer but under the condition that he will keep his grades up as well. Shiraishi on the other hand quit soccer because he lost his temper and got into a fight that ended up disqualifying their team. In the end, he joins the Kakegawa High School soccer club because he loves soccer and playing in the golden trio.

Tragedy struck Kake-High soccer club when they lost their captain and ace striker Yoshiharu Kubo. During the semifinal match against Kakekita, they were down with 2–1 with less than ten minutes left. Kubo was on defense helping Kenji defend the goal against Hirose's Knuckle Shoot, when he decided to make an effort to tie the game. Kubo took the ball from his own side of the pitch, passed every Kakekita player, and scored the tying goal. After the goal, Kubo collapsed and died after the game. Toshi scored the last and winning goal for Kake-High with the end result 2–3.

Afterwards, the team can't get over Kubo's death and lose to Fujita East before they get to the Nationals. Soon after, Mahori, a Brazilian-Japanese student appears. He decides to join their team after making a bit of mayhem. The whole team decides to follow Kubo's example and play fun soccer, vowing to get to the Nationals in his name.

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Toshihiko Tanaka
The Main character of Aoki Densetsu Shoot! He's a freshman on the soccer team. At the very beginning when he joined the soccer club of Kakegawa High he's only assigned to do the laundry by Co-Captain Kamiya. But later on, as the team started to recognize how great he was during middle-school, they let him join the training.
Kubo recognized that Toshi has different footings than other members. He's anxious when see Toshi was not balanced in stepping. After examining his legs, Kubo found out that Toshi's true strength lies in his left leg, not right leg. This caused Kubo to put him at separated training apart from their teammates. At first Toshi was disgraced and protested against him. But after rigorous shooting training when Kubo tested his left leg and ordered him to shoot using his left leg, Toshi discovered that he has immense weapon striker left leg that even caused Kubo to be amazed. His left leg shoots very hard. Later he was called 'The miracle left,' he became the new no. 10 and ace striker of the soccer team. He has a crush on Kazumi, but they always end up arguing, and he can't seem to bring himself to tell her so directly.
  • voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa
Kazuhiro Hiramatsu
He's one of Toshi's best friends, since they were young. He stopped playing soccer to study more because of his father's will. But after Kazumi and Toshi talked to him playing soccer again, he tried to convince his father that he can play soccer AND study for his tests. In the end he's allowed to play soccer again after being told from his mother that his father also played soccer when he was young. He was remarked as the genius player through the anime. He is famous of his 'Heel/Double Heel Shoot,' which causes illusion that looks like the ball disappears. In the later end of series, when the anxious opponents have discovered the secrets of Double Heel Shoot and found a way to counter it, Kazuhiro lifted all his strength, creating a miraculous 'Triple Heel Shoot' and tricked the awaiting opponents once again, making him an unstoppable player all the time with his Heel Shoots. He also has a crush on Kazumi, and is a love-rival of Toshi's.
  • voiced by Masami Kikuchi
Shiraishi Kenji
Kenji stopped playing soccer. He got his team disqualified from a tournament, because of a gang-fight. But like Kazuhiro he has been convinced to join the soccer team. His skills as a goal keeper are outstanding as he has a great sense of the direction the ball is following. He is hot-tempered and pick up fights easily, an example of this were the fights he had with Mahori when Mahori first joined the team. He is popular of his 'Moon Salto Save.' He found this move later in the series. With this move he defended the goal from Willy Reinhart's Wolf Shoot, making Kakegawa impenetrable. In fact, throughout the series he blocks many dangerous attacks using it, including his friend Toshi's Golden Shoot in their spare training.
  • voiced by Nobutoshi Canna
Kazumi Endo
The Manager of the soccer club. She's always there to cheer them up and stop the fan girls to get near 'her' team. She has always liked Toshi more than just a childhood friend, but he 'appears' to have no interest in her. Will this stop her from liking him? Near the end of the series, Kazumi quits from being the soccer manager to start a career in the idol show biz because she wants to shine as bright as Toshi does. This is also around the time that Toshi starts to reveal more of his deep feelings for her.
  • voiced by Noriko Hidaka
  • Position: Team Manager
Atsushi Kamiya
The Vice-Captain of the soccer team. He's always a bit rude, especially when someone badmouths Kubo, but he is still a kind-hearted person. He used to play selfishly back in middle school and his team didn't accept him, but as Kubo joined them, they became a strong formation together. After Kubo died, he became Captain and assigned Toshi the No. 10 uniform. It was also Kubo's will that Toshi succeeded him. Kamiya seems conceited some times but he is nothing like this.
As captain he has the air of a leader. He thinks fast, creating strategies which can help the team and he is the one to motivate and help his teammates. He cares deeply for the team and has a great sense of responsibility. When Mahori appeared, the club separated into two factions: those who agreed with Mahori that the team had to change its style, like Kazuhiro, Nitta and Akahori, and those who insisted on following Kubo's play, like Tanaka, Kenji, Yuutaka and Shigeki (who was the leader of this team).
Kamiya arranged a practice match between the two teams with him as a referee. Through this match the second team found their past motive and way of playing. They tied the match in the last minute making an all-out attack; even Kenji let the post in order to score. After that everyone understood their mistake and decided to fight together till the end. Kamiya himself entered the match, seeing his teammates playing with their old style, unable to resist, taking everyone by surprise. Kamiya proved that he was thinking one step ahead of his teammates, especially after he took the place of the captain.
Kamiya makes an excellent playmaker. With his sharp pass, he can easily confuse the opponent. As his skills were improving, he became one of the best play makers of the nation. Moreover, later his abilities were recognized and he was considered as good as Kubo, especially in the leading of his team.
  • voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
Yoshiharu Kubo
Genius Kubo was an extremely skillful and talented soccer player. His opponent saw him as the biggest rival and threat; his teammates followed the light and hope shone from his football. He lived in Germany for years before going back to Japan. Although he was invited by a lot of big football school, he chose to build his own team and went to Kakegawa. Kubo's talent was extraordinary that led the newly formed team to the quarterfinal in the national tournament. Also, Kubo did the coaching job of the team too, he made the tactic and worked on the training of the team. The player had affected many people with his talent. Facing Kakekita in the province semifinal, Kubo wrote a legend by getting through all 11 opponents and put the ball in the net. Yet he used too much energy and died due to leukemia. He died in episode 19. The members of the team carry on his will of 'fun-soccer' during the rest of the series. Kubo had superior skills than other players, and he alone can execute one special shoot that later is done by combining Toshi and Kazuhiro together.
  • voiced by Toshio Furukawa
Keigo Mahori
Keigo appeared for the first time on episode 21. He lived in Brazil for six years, and he got back to Japan just after Kubo died. Learning his skill from Brazil, the Samba technique excites the audience. He fills in Kubo's spot splendidly using his polished skills.Originally annoyed by his teammates because of his attitudes, it was him who pointed out that Kakegawas had to free themselves from Kubo's shadow.
  • voiced by Tomokazu Seki
Yutaka Sasaki
Sasaki wasn't considered a very good player. Sasaki his self entered the team to be with his best friend Nitta, as he was more into music and indeed a member of a band. However through the anime Sasaki shows very good skills, he was chosen for the main squad from the beginning while Nitta entered a lot later.But knowing the secret practices Nitta has after school, he is willing to accompany his friends instead of guitar practice. His stamina and Speed, which are fast as Kazuhiro's are remarkable and he seemed to get too close with the team later. When Kubo died in a conversation he mentioned that Kubo was the one who made him take the decision to enter too.
  • voiced by Isshin Chiba
Shinichi Nitta
He's a close friend of Sasaki. His role in story is minor. But surprisingly, he's often the savior in the heat of the game. His ability is creating offside-trap that often helped the team in dire situations when dangerous opponent strikers are attacking. His innocent face combined with great offside timing proves true alongside Kakegawa team. Although he's good at defending, he sometimes made mistakes by soloing the dribble pushing the opponents alone. This causes more advanced opponents to easily retake the ball from him and counterattack Kakegawa.
  • voiced by Yuusuke Numata
Shigeki Otsuka
Otsuka is big and strong player. His tackle and shooting are all about power. And he plays a very important role to the team. He is a good friend with Akahori and they went to the same junior high. He is a very impetuous and impulsive person. When the team was recruiting, he didn't want to join because he disliked the way Kamiya played. Kamiya then apologized and both Otsuka and Akahori joined the team at the end.
Tsuyoshi Akahori
Akahori is very tall, standing 1.92 m. He is very tough in the defensive end. He took over the whole defensive responsibility on his own shoulders before Kenji came over as the goalie. Now, he is still the strongest and smartest defender in the team. Off the field, he is very kind and easy going. He can also play basketball well. In junior high, he used to play goalkeeper.
  • voiced by Shinichirou Ohta


Opening theme
'Keep Going until Reaching your Dream'~ (Yell ~Anata no Yume ga Kanau Made~)' by WENDY
Ending themes
  1. 'Sunao de Itai' by WENDY (1–46, 58)
  2. 'Watashi Datte' by Noriko Hidaka (47–57)

Video game[edit]

Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (蒼き伝説シュート!Legend KI shot!)[2] is a Japan-exclusive soccer video game. It was released for the Super Famicom on December 16, 1994 and for the Game Boy on April 7, 1995.[3][4] The game was developed by Affect and published for the Super Famicom by KSS and for the Game Boy by Banpresto. The game has an exhibition mode, an anime-style story mode, and a variety of options. Once the game begins, the action progresses in a side view. On release, Famicom Tsūshin scored the Game Boy version of the game an 18 out of 40.[5]


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