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This is a guest post from Aaron Jacobs, one of the masterminds behind the essential SUMLauncher! I’m Aaron Jacobs, the programmer for SUMLauncher, which is a tool designed to make management of an Overgrowth preorder as easy as possible. A few days ago we put out an update to. SUMlauncher v. The rules are in the text file that comes with the download. Check it out with some.


Too afraid to download mods..

I used to have overgrowth on my old pc and I would download many mods from the sum launcher. One day I downloaded a mod from the OG forums and installed it to my game. I launched the game and it did not work.

I uninstalled the mod and went back to the game. About a week later and a new alpha got released. I jumped on my computer and opened up the sum launcher only to find that there is no update.

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Fixed issues occuring when switching to normal Summon Darkness as Catastrophe while [Mod] Summon Darkness was still in play. Fixed Herrscher's [Mod] Reflexion skill effect remaining when changing to regular Reflexion 38. Elsword kr new pvp maps. Fixed being unable to convert energy from Yama Raja's [Enhanced] Infernal Circle 35. Fixed the Nasod Core not firing when using Nova Imperator's [Mod] Bursting Blade 34.

I reinstalled the game and the sum launcher but still nothing. Somehow the mod broke my sum launcher. I now have a new pc and I wanna download some cool mods but I don't want to mess up my sum launcher. What can I do to make sure it does not brake if I want to install some mods?

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