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Devart announces the update of comparison tools for Microsoft SQL Server. The new versions are available for install on Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview.
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server, v. 4.0
What's new:
* Custom mapping for tables. Now a user can see automatic table mapping or map tables manually. Custom column mapping and key mapping are also available.
* Zooming font size in Text Comparer. In Text Comparer, SQL Document, Data Viewer and Editor windows.
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable, easy-to-use tool to compare and synchronize schemas of Microsoft SQL Server databases. It quickly analyzes database structure differences and propagates the changes to a required SQL Server.
dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server, v. 3.9
What's new:
* Data Comparison options. Show white spaces, Ignore computed columns, Ignore difference in end of string.
* User Interface. New skins and support of multiple monitors.
dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a tool to compare and sync data of SQL Server databases. Analyze data differences in a well-designed user interface and synchronize comparison results in a convenient wizard.
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server, v3.9
What's new:
* Query execution pane. A user can track the application actions while executing a query.
* Displaying the objects number. In Database Explorer, object folders display a number of items contained in it.
* Query Profiler. Diagram printing options for a Query Profiler Plan Diagram.
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is a tool for quick creation of queries to SQL Server databases and extended data management. The main component of Query Builder is a visual diagram where a user can 'draw' a query.
About Devart
Devart is a recognized vendor of database connectivity solutions for Microsoft .NET and Embarcadero Delphi development platforms as well as database development and management software.
Company's solutions support such databases as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, SQLite, etc.
Along with database oriented software Devart offers productivity tools for Visual Studio which help developers to be empowered, stay focused, and deliver their best all the time.
For additional information about Devart, visit
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Tools / Servers

User Defined Library for InterBase / Firebird / Yaffil for Windows and Unix. Written on C++.

Tools / Servers

This project is for to make all in one server for education and home use, or for all activities cooperating with agreements of ExtJS library and other used open source software code inside server.Builded on c# .net platform windows xp/vista/2003.

Development / Front Ends

A very rich Swing based JDBC Front End with connectivity with all JDBC enabled databases. Having features as code generation for database in Java (working on C#), database synchronization, database Copy/Move, etc.

Development / Data Formats

This is a VSE - Visual Scene Editor. VSE is a tool for creating xml-based descriptions of 3D scenes for 3D computer games. It is written on C/C++, using MFC, STL and IrrLicht ( ).

Tools / Build Tools

ICEclipse is an opensource plugin under licence EPL ( This plugin will help developer of projects (Java, C++, C#, etc ..) using distributed objects via the ICE middle-ware (

Tools / Compilers

Telesto is a general purpose programming language designed for ease of both reading and writing. Based on C++, Java, and Pascal! The compiler is currently in the planning stages; parts of the language are still being designed. Come help us out!

Tools / Code Generators

ResxWrap is utility makes working with textual .NET resources easier and robust. It generates documented wrapper classes on C# for common language runtime .resx resources files.

Development / User Interfaces

[incr Tcl] is the most widely used O-O system for Tcl. The name is a play on C++, and [incr Tcl] provides a similar object model, including multiple inheritence and public and private classes and variables. Repos now and itk

Tools / Compilers

tarcasm is an student project in Tunku Abdul Rahman Collage.
We aim to research on optimization at assembly source level. Research will be based 8051 microcontroller developing an cross assembler on C++ platform.

Development / Frameworks

Cubix WebSQL Framework is a ASP.NET C#,javascript classes framework, designed to rapid develop web systems, based on C# and T-SQL programming language. Build powerful web applications with ease using SQL Queries / Stored Procedures.

CGI/PERL / Software Repository

A Delphi-like editor for writing PERL scripts and Web sites with PERL and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server. Main features: / - Delphi(C++ Builder)-like interface: main window with a Tag palette (the analog of the..

PHP / Software and Servers

A Delphi-like editor for writing Web sites with PHP and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server. Main features: / - Delphi(C++ Builder)-like interface: main window with a Tag palette (the analog of the Component palette) on the..

Tavrida WebSite Editor 3.0 - Stanislav Tavridovich

A Delphi-like editor for writing Web sites with PHP, PERL and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server. Main features: / - Delphi(C++ Builder)-like interface: main window with a Tag palette (the analog of the Component palette)..

Delphi / Tools

Today automated testing plays a vital role in many software development projects. Automated testing has long been thought critical for large software development organizations, but is often considered to be too expensive and difficult to implement..

Delphi / Tools

TwineCompiler is an exceptionally fast multi-threading C++ Builder compiler wrapper. TwineCompiler takes your Borland C++ Builder projects and compiles them using multiple threads. This means that it compiles 2 or more files at the same time,..

Visual Basic & VB.NET / .Net

Developing a communication product in .NET? Lacking developers with deep knowledge of communication and security? Add SFTP and SSH support to.NET projects in a matter of minutes! No past SSH, SFTP or security experience required!

PureComponents .NET WinForms Suite.. - Sales PureComponents

PureComponents .NET WinForms Suite is a set of 80 user interface controls for Visual Studio developers. You can find there DataGrid, ListBox, TreeView, Calendar, Ribbon, Outlook Navigator, EditBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, and so on. Predefined..

ASP.NET / Tips and Tutorials / Development Tools

PDF Vision .Net allows to export/convert any HTML, URL to PDF; JPG to PDF, TIFF to PDF, images to PDF using C# and VB.Net, ASP.Net
Advantages of PDF Vision .Net
We can guarantee quaility of HTML to PDF conversion
Adobe zii para mac 10.6. We can..

Tools / Build Tools

This GUI has been thought to be a templete for new projects that required signal manipulation.
GUI manipulate files. Those files must be created by the digital signal processor, and should contain the signals of the more relevant points..

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

This module displays a PF Icon on Joomla! backend Control Panel next to the Joomla Quickicons like 'Global Configuration' or 'Article Manager'. PF Quickicon is a short link to your Project Fork component in Joomla Backend.

A cooperative program established between Cape Verde University (UCV) and. The aim of this work was to contribute to patients' safety and respect of code of ethics and. The study covered 116 cases from this sample, which met three inclusion. Of a 'facilitator model' liaison program in an academic medical library. Perpustakaan digital. Terry L.4 Fah p Efek kedermawanan pebisnis dan CSR Program CSR. Sumatera Selatan Sisingamangaraja XII Tuanku Imam Bonjol Tanduk. Projects On C Languagr Codes and Scripts Downloads Free. This is a program that communicates with Authorize. PHP - Geeks is an active website designed as.

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