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Official KDE Tournament Policy – Version 1.4 1 Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KDE) Official TRADING CARD GAME Tournament Policy In Effect as of November 14th, 2013.

A. Players

To participate in a Sanctioned KDE tournament you need a Konami Player ID card with a COSSY barcode and number. If you do not have one, you may sign-up for one at the event. Do not lose your ID card, as it cannot be replaced. Players should make a photocopy of their 10-digit COSSY ID number or save the number in case all barcodes are lost. Please note that players at Sanctioned KDE tournaments will be referred to by their Konami Player ID number and their first name(s) and last name(s).

You must be in good standing and not on the suspended list to participate in Konami Sanctioned events. To remain in good standing, you must adhere to all player responsibilities outlined in this and other official documents. You must meet any age, nationality, and/or invitation requirements that apply to selected tournaments.

ExamplesDragon Duel
National Championship
World Championship Qualifiers

B. Ineligible Players

Any tournament official associated with or working an event cannot play in that specific event. This includes, but is not limited to, the Judge Staff, Scorekeeper, Registration Staff, and Tournament Organizer.

Individuals who have been suspended from Official Konami Tournaments may not play in Sanctioned events or Sneak Peeks. In addition, suspended individuals are prohibited from entering tournament venues.

A list of suspended players can be found here.

  1. Players must have a COSSY number and be in good standing in order to compete in a Sanctioned event.
  2. Suspended players are not considered to be in good standing, and may not register or compete in Sanctioned events.
  3. Suspended players may not be on the premises of a Sanctioned event or a Sneak Peek event.
  4. Suspended players are not automatically reinstated, they must request to be reinstated by e-mailing us-penalty@konami.com on or after the date they are listed as being eligible to do so. Even if their eligibility date has passed, they are still considered to be suspended until such a time as they request reinstatement, and then receive an e-mail from the KDE Penalty Committee informing them they are reinstated to Organized Play.

Individuals who are banned by the rules of the Tournament Organizer, venue, or by local law cannot participate in official events.

Employees of Konami Corporation and their immediate family members (children, parents, spouses, etc.) cannot play in Sanctioned Tier 2 events. There may be exceptions made to this rule, in the case of Bounty tournaments or other special events, which will be announced beforehand.

Employees of partner companies cannot play in Sanctioned Tier 2 events. These include, but are not limited to, VIZ Media, LLC. and 4K Media.

Employees of partner companies responsible for Organized Play (Devir, Amigo Spiel & Freizeit, etc.) cannot play in Sanctioned Tier 2 events taking place in the market they are responsible for. They may, however, participate in any event taking place outside of their market.

C. Head Judge

The Head Judge makes the final call for game play rulings or policy appeals. They require superior knowledge of rulings and tournament policy. No other individual, including the Tournament Organizer or a Konami employee can overturn a game play ruling or tournament policy decision made by the Head Judge.

The Head Judge is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the current and correct rulings and tournament policy, and should not create new ones.

The Head Judge must be physically present and available during the tournament, to deal with event issues and answer appeals promptly. The Head Judge must be adequately prepared to make sure that proper guidelines are followed.The Head Judge should clearly identify themselves to the players at the start of the tournament and make announcements to the players, informing them of tournament procedures, round start and end times, and any other information they may require.

The Head Judge should act as a mentor for the event’s judge staff, and should carefully consider individual judges’ strengths and weaknesses when building the staff list and assembling teams. Judges should also receive feedback and evaluation from the Head Judge, consisting of compliments on their strengths and suggestions on how to improve further.

The Head Judge is responsible for communicating accurate information throughout the tournament to both players and event staff.

Only the Head Judge may disqualify people from a Sanctioned event. The Tournament Organizer, Event Manager, or any other member of staff may not disqualify people from Sanctioned KDE events.

Only the KDE Penalty Committee may suspend players from Sanctioned events.

D. Floor Judge

Judges are expected to be courteous, professional, and on-task while staffing an event. While judging, judges should not engage in trading, long personal conversations, phone calls or other activities that would distract them from the tournament.

Judges may not wear their judge shirt when they are not judging an event.

Judges should respect the authority of their Head Judge and team lead, and must address other members of the tournament staff with respect. Judges must interact with players in a polite manner, and do so without compromising their authority.

Judges are required to adhere to the specific responsibilities assigned to them both on the floor and as members of a specialized unit such as a Deck check or pairings team. In addition, they must be prepared to assist other judges in tasks as they are assigned.

Judges should constantly observe players, and maintain the tournament area by removing trash, pushing in chairs and straightening tables. Judges should actively walk the tournament floor and observe the matches, rather than waiting for a player to call for a judge.

Judges are required to step in if they observe any violation of the rules or gameplay. Judges do not need to wait for a player to call for assistance.

When a player calls for a judge, the judge should approach the table, listen to the question, and provide a decision. If either player wishes to appeal the decision, the judge should notify the Head Judge immediately.

Judges are expected to seek out and complete certification tests to match their level of skill to the best of their ability, and should stay current with new rulings and new cards as they are released. Judges are also responsible for knowing the policy and guidelines documents for the games they wish to judge, and must keep themselves informed and well-versed in new documents as they are made available. Judges should actively seek out additional training, and are encouraged to assist their fellow judges in doing the same.

Apart from answering judge calls, judges should refrain from conversing with players engaged in a match, to avoid creating the impression of favoritism. This especially applies to conversations held in a language the opponent doesn’t understand.

E. Tournament Organizer

A Tournament Organizer is the person responsible for arranging and running the tournament. Anyone seeking to organize a Sanctioned event should procure a venue that can safely accommodate the expected number of attendees. Venues should be safe, clean, and in compliance with all applicable building and fire codes.

A Tournament Organizer is also responsible for providing staffing for the event and reporting the event results to KDE.

Sanctioned events are run at Official Tournament Stores or at venues chosen by approved Tournament Organizers.

Certain criteria must be met in order to run Sanctioned events. Those interested in becoming a Tournament Organizer for a specific event can request more information by e-mailing us-opsupport@konami.com (North America), la-opsupport@konami.com (Latin America and the Caribbean) or yugioh@konami-europe.net (Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand).

F. Scorekeeper

The Scorekeeper is responsible for creating accurate pairings and additional tournament information throughout the event.

The Scorekeeper is responsible for understanding the Konami Tournament Software (KTS) and all procedures relevant to scorekeeping an event.

G. Spectators

Spectating at an event is a privilege, not a right, for tournament attendees. It is a spectator’s duty to remain neutral while observing game play, and to make sure their presence does not disrupt the event.

Spectators should not speak to or communicate with players who are currently engaged in a match, in any way. However, if a spectator notices any violation of game play rules or Tournament Policy, he or she must alert a tournament official immediately.

Spectators must be prepared to move if their presence blocks judge access, throughways, fire exits, or any other paths identified by tournament staff. Spectators will be asked to move if their presence is distracting to any of the players. If a judge or tournament official instructs a spectator to move, he or she must comply.

H. Media

Members of the media who wish to attend any Sanctioned event to create written, photographic, audio, or video content must contact the Tournament Organizer and KDE in advance of the event. Media representatives should be prepared to provide evidence of their association with a news outlet or reputable entity in the gaming industry at the beginning of the event or before the event begins.

Any member of the media approved to cover an event agrees to provide, as well as assume liability, for all of his or her own equipment and employees. Guests from the media must abide by the same rules set for spectators, and are expected to defer to tournament officials and KDE employees.

Members of the media are required to obtain their own written releases from players and/or spectators.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
PlayStation 4 cover of the game featuring FC Barcelona player Philippe Coutinho
Developer(s)PES Productions
Director(s)Yoshikatsu Ogihara
SeriesPro Evolution Soccer
EngineFox Engine
Unreal Engine 4(Android, iOS)
Havok (physics engine)(Android, iOS Chinese ver.)
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
ReleaseAndroid, iOS
  • NA: 13 December 2018
  • WW: 15 December 2018
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019[a] (abbreviated as PES 2019) is a footballsimulationvideo game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.[1] The game is the 18th installment in the PES series and was released on 28 August 2018, in North America and on 30 August 2018, in Japan, Europe, and Australia.[2]FC Barcelona winger Philippe Coutinho appears on the front cover of the standard edition,[3] whereas David Beckham appears on the front cover of the special edition. Scottish clubs Celtic and Rangers have been brought to the game along with their stadiums, bringing the world-famous Old Firm rivalry to the gaming world in detail.[4][5]

In this year's edition, Konami has promised to increase the number of licenses, which include more fully licensed leagues and stadiums and a variety of new legends to play with. Until now, the official championships announced directly by Konami are 12 leagues which include the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Danish Superligaen, the Portuguese Primeira Liga, the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, the Swiss Raiffeisen Super League, the Scottish Premiership, the Dutch Eredivisie, the Argentine Primera División. However, Konami announced that it did not renew its deal with UEFA for the Champions League, Europa League, and the UEFA Super Cup which they had for 10 years; the licence is being used in EA SportsFIFA 19.[6][7]

  • 2Development
  • 3Club partnerships
  • 4Teams
  • 5Stadiums
  • 6Reception


PES 2019 is a sports game that simulates football. PES 2019's Magic Moments feature is set to be the forefront of its gameplay.[8] Konami announced that the International Champions Cup before the season begins has been added, and they also announced an improved negotiation system and budget management.[9] They also added re-sell and clean sheet options to introduce strategy in club management. 11 new skill traits have been introduced, including edge turn, no look pass, control loop, dipping shot, and rising shot. They have also announced that player individuality has been expanded, where skills and strengths are more prominent in impact and motion during gameplay.[10] Full body touch introduced last year has also been enhanced.


Other features include a number of graphical boosts and 4K HDR support across all compatible platforms.[11] Enlighten software has been used to rework lighting, both natural and stadium based.[12] Stands and pitches will closely mirror their real life counterparts depending on the time of day.

Kit unveiling[edit]

For the first time in history, a Pro Evolution Soccer game was used in a kit unveiling. Liverpool unveiled their new 3rd kit for the 2018–2019 football season by using in-game footage from PES 2019 via a post on social media. Liverpool claim they are the 'first club to use video game graphics to launch a new jersey'. [13]

UEFA licence[edit]

The Konami–UEFA partnership ended after ten years.[14][15] The announcement was made in a press release posted on the UEFA website stating that 'the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kyiv would mark the end of a very successful and fruitful 10-year partnership between Konami and the UEFA.'

The marketing director of UEFA Events SA Guy-Laurent Epstein said, 'Konami has been a strong licensing partner for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, with our competition brand being heavily featured within the video game and as part of the popular Konami-organised UEFA Champions League e-sports tournaments. UEFA would like to thank Konami for its tremendous commitment and support to UEFA club competitions for the last decade, and we look forward to continue to work with Konami in the sphere of UEFA national team football,' whereas senior director of brand & business development for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. Jonas Lygaard said, 'The UEFA Champions League licence has given us a platform to create unique experiences and provide football fans from all over the world with an opportunity to enjoy this competition first-hand. This year, however, we will shift our focus to other areas. We will continue to explore alternative ways UEFA and Konami can continue to work together, as our relationship remains strong.'[16][17]

Club partnerships[edit]

Konami have signed a number of partnerships with clubs to faithfully re-create the clubs including kits, fully scanned players, and stadiums.

Continuing agreements[edit]

Previously announced partnerships between Konami and Liverpool,[18]Barcelona,[18]Inter Milan,[18]A.C. Milan, and Arsenal[18] for PES 2018 have all been retained for the 2019 edition of the game.

Borussia Dortmund agreement[edit]

On 1 June 2018, Konami announced on their website that top German club Borussia Dortmund will not be officially licensed for PES 2019.[19] This is despite the club appearing in some of the promotional assets of PES 19.[20] Konami said 'the licence agreement was to the use of Borussia Dortmund's logos, players, stadium, and other features in the Konami products until June 2020. However, this agreement was prematurely terminated by Borussia Dortmund'.[21]

FC Schalke 04[edit]

On 4 June 2018, Konami announced a new partnership with FC Schalke 04[22][23] just days after Dortmund terminated their agreement.[24] As part of their establishment with S04 as a PES partner club, Konami produced a highly detailed recreation of the club's Veltins Arena with the use of state-of-the art 3D scanning technology with extremely high fidelity, detailed kits, player likenesses,[25] and a real-world shirt and ground sponsorship.[26] Alexander Jobst, Schalke's marketing director, stated how Schalke was happy to have on board a world-famous game manufacturer like Konami. It shows the leading role that FC Schalke 04 has in E-Sports internationally. 'Konami is like no other company and allows our fans to play with the true S04 in game', he said. Brand and Business Development at Konami, Jonas Lygaard said, 'FC Schalke 04 is one of the most famous and successful clubs in Europe and is working hard in the domain of E-Sports. That suits Konami.'[25]

AS Monaco[edit]

On 19 July 2018, Konami announced a new partnership with AS Monaco.[27] As part of the partnership agreement, AS Monaco captain Radamel Falcao became an official local ambassador of the game and will appear on the French edition of the game alongside global cover star Philippe Coutinho. Along with kits and players, AS Monaco's stadium, Stade Louis II, will be made available after release via DLC. 'This is a wide-ranging agreement with AS Monaco, which will see this illustrious club working closely with KONAMI across a number of avenues,' commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director Brand and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. 'In addition to working closely with the club to ensure they are perfectly recreated within the game, we are delighted that a player of Radamel Falcao's calibre has agreed to become our local Ambassador. We look forward to a long and productive partnership that will show the scale and ambition Konami has for the PES series.'

Juli Ferre, AS Monaco Commercial and Marketing Director said, 'The growth of E-Sports and the reputation of the PES series make this partnership with Konami very exciting; we look forward to seeing AS Monaco players recreated within the new game and our Captain Radamel Falcao featured on the PES 2019 cover.'

Celtic and Rangers[edit]

On 30 July 2018, Konami announced a new partnership with Celtic,[28] before announcing a partnership with Glasgow rivals Rangers the day after.[29] As part of both partnership agreements, a special, limited club edition of the game will be available, and the clubs' stadiums, Celtic Park and Ibrox, will be made available in the game after release via DLC.

Gordon Kaye, Head of Business Development at Celtic, said of the partnership, 'We are delighted to be partnering with Konami at such an exciting time for the PES series. The gameplay and player detail in PES 2019 is simply stunning and we have no doubt Celtic fans will be excited at the prospect of seeing the double treble champions emulated in such a realistic way.' Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director Brand & Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., said, 'Celtic is a hugely successful club, and we are delighted to be working closely with them. Our job now is to ensure Celtic's presence is perfectly recreated within PES 2019, and we look forward to seeing the fans’ reactions when all the work being put into this is complete and we reveal everything – more updates coming soon – watch this space!'

Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson said, 'We are delighted to have entered into this new partnership with Konami and are excited to see the club and the players perfectly represented within PES 2019.' Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director Brand & Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., commented, 'With this partnership with Rangers we add another massive club to the growing PES roster. Scottish football enjoys some of the loudest and most ardent fans of any league, and we look forward to this passion manifesting as Rangers makes its debut in PES 2019.'


In total, 355 clubs are present in the game; out of these, 293 are licensed.[18] This marks an increase of twenty-two additional club sides compared with PES 2018. A total of 79 more clubs are licensed.[30] Seventeen leagues are playable in the game, fourteen licensed, along with the AFC Champions League.[18] There are ten additional licensed leagues and four more leagues overall when compared with the previous edition of the game.[30]

Official partners[edit]

Nineteen clubs are official partners of Konami.[18] In most cases, the partnerships enable Konami to include the stadiums of the partnered clubs and also to have player scans of all first team players in the game from these sides. Twelve clubs are continuing their partnership deals from previous seasons: Milan, Alianza Lima, Barcelona, Colo-Colo, Corinthians, Flamengo, Independiente, Inter, Liverpool, Palmeiras, River Plate, and Sporting Cristal.[18]

Five new clubs have announced partnership deals since the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, with PES 2019 being the first game of the partnership deal. These clubs are Celtic, Monaco, Rangers, São Paulo and Schalke 04.[18] Sao Paulo were licensed in PES 2018, without a partnership deal, whereas Monaco and Schalke 04 were licensed in the previous game as part of their league's licence deal.[30] Celtic were last featured as a licensed club in PES 2014; Rangers, in PES 2012.

Celtic and Rangers (both Scottish Premiership); Colo-Colo (Chilean Primera División); Corinthians, Flamengo, Palmeiras, São Paulo, and Vasco da Gama (all Campeonato Brasileiro Série A); Independiente and River Plate (both Argentine Primera División); and Monaco (Ligue 1) would have been licensed by their league's licensing deal without any partnership deal; however, the partnership deal ensures that their players will have face scans and that their stadiums will appear in the game – unlike other clubs in their leagues.


Fifteen leagues are fully licensed in the game. All the teams of these leagues appearing feature real players, kits, and logos.[18] The licences for the Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, French Ligue 1 & Ligue 2, and the Dutch Eredivisie are retained. Ten new league licences have been obtained: the Colombian Categoría Primera A, the Argentine Primera División, the Belgian First Division A, the Chilean Primera División, the Danish Superliga, the Portuguese Primeira Liga, the Russian Premier League, the Scottish Premiership, the Swiss Super League, and the Turkish Süper Lig.[18] The Russian Premier League deal is exclusive.[31]

The Argentine Primera División and the Chilean Primera División appeared in PES 2018 with licensed teams but unlicensed league names, featuring as the Argentine League and the Chilean League, respectively. Additionally, the Primeira Liga was featured as an unlicensed league, being referred to in-game as Portugal League, with fictional team names aside the Big Three – Benfica, Porto, and Sporting CP.[30]. On September 28, Konami announced that an exclusivity agreement was reached with Argentinean side Boca Juniors

Konami have retained the licence for the AFC Champions League, remaining in the game since its introduction in PES 2014.[18]

The English Premier League & EFL Championship, the Italian Serie A, and the Spanish La Liga will appear as unlicensed leagues in the game, as with previous editions.[18] These leagues will, however, feature real players. Serie A, referred to in-game as Italian League, will have all clubs licensed, except Juventus.[18] Fictional versions of the second divisions in Italy and Spain will not feature in the game, unlike in previous seasons.[18] A newly added league was announced on September 4. The league being Thailand's Thai League

Other licensed clubs[edit]

Twelve additional clubs are licensed in the game without being partnered with and without their league being licensed in the game. These are Brazilian club RB Brasil, Croatians Dinamo Zagreb, Czech side Slavia Prague, German side Bayer Leverkusen, the Greek quartet of AEK Athens, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK, Romanian side FCSB, Ukraine's big two of Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk and the Swedish team Malmö FF.[18]

Argentine club Guillermo Brown and German teams Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig will not appear in the game, despite appearing in PES 2018 as additionally licensed clubs.[18]

Official Club Partnerships[edit]

  • FC Barcelona[18]
  • Liverpool[18]
  • Arsenal[18]
  • Schalke 04[18]
  • A.C. Milan[18]
  • Inter[18]
  • Monaco[18]
  • Celtic[18]
  • Rangers[18]
  • Corinthians[18]
  • CR Flamengo[18]
  • SE Palmeiras[18]
  • São Paulo[18]
  • CR Vasco da Gama[18]
  • Club Atlético River Plate[18]
  • CA Independiente[18]
  • Boca Juniors[18]
  • Colo-Colo[18]
  • Club Alianza Lima[18]
  • Sporting Cristal[18]

Fully Licensed Leagues[edit]

  • Jupiler Pro League[18]
  • Superliga[18]
  • Ligue 1 Conforama[18]
  • Domino's Ligue 2[18]
  • Eredivisie[18]
  • Liga NOS[18]
  • Russian Premier League[18]
  • Ladbrokes Premiership[18]
  • Raiffeisen Super League[18]
  • Spor Toto Süper Lig[18]
  • Superliga Quilmes Clásica[18]
  • Campeonato Brasileiro[18]
  • Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank[18]
  • Liga Águila
  • Toyota Thai League (Data Pack 2.0)
  • Chinese Super League (Data Pack 2.0)
  • J1 League (Mobile only)
  • J2 League (Mobile only)



  • La Bombonera(Boca Juniors)[18]
  • El Monumental(River Plate and Argentina)[18]
  • Allianz Parque(Palmeiras)[18]
  • Arena Corinthians(Corinthians)[18]
  • Estádio Beira-Rio(Internacional)[18]
  • Estádio do Maracanã(Flamengo & Fluminense)[18]
  • Estádio do Morumbi(São Paulo)[18]
  • Estádio Palestra Itália(Palmeiras)[18] (Data Pack 3.0)
  • Estádio São Januário(Vasco da Gama)[18]
  • Estádio Urbano Caldeira(Santos)[18]
  • Mineirão(Cruzeiro)[18]
  • Estadio Monumental(Colo-Colo)[18]
  • Estadio Nacional de Chile(Chile)[18]
  • Anfield(Liverpool)[18]
  • Emirates Stadium(Arsenal)[18]
  • Stade Louis II(Monaco) (Data Pack 2.0)[32]
  • Veltins-Arena(Schalke 04)[18]
  • Stadio Giuseppe Meazza(Inter)[18]
  • San Siro(Milan)[18]
  • Stadio Olimpico(AS Roma and SS Lazio)[18]
  • Saitama Stadium 2002(Urawa Red Diamonds and Japan)[18]
  • Johan Cruyff Arena(Ajax)[18]
  • De Kuip(Feyenoord)[18] (Data Pack 3.0)
  • Estadio Alejandro Villanueva(Alianza Lima)[18]
  • Estádio José Alvalade(Sporting CP)[18]
  • Celtic Park(Celtic) (DLC)[28]
  • Ibrox(Rangers) (DLC)[29]
  • Camp Nou(Barcelona)[18]
  • St. Jakob-Park(FC Basel)[18]
  • Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium(Fenerbahçe)[18]

PES Originals[edit]

  • KONAMI Stadium[18]
  • Neu Sonne Arena[18]
  • Metropole Arena[18]
  • Hoofdstad Stadion[18]
  • Estadio Campeones[18]
  • Estadio de Escorpião[18]
  • Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo[18]
  • Stade de Sagittaire[18]
  • Stadio Orione[18]
  • Burg Stadion[18]
  • Estadio del Martingal[18]
  • Rose Park Stadium[18]
  • Coliseo de los Deportes[18]
  • Sports Park[18]
  • Village Road[18]
  • Stadio Nazionale[18]
  • Estadio del Tauro[18]
  • PES LEAGUE Stadium[18]


In Japan, Winning Eleven 2019 sold 187,453 copies as of January 2018.[33] In the United Kingdom, PES 2019 opened at number-one on the software sales chart, but opening-week sales were down 42% compared to PES 2018.[34]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has received positive reviews. On Metacritic, the PlayStation 4 version has a metascore of 79 based on 53 reviews, indicating 'generally favorable reviews'. The game generally received praise for its gameplay, but criticism for its lack of licenses.[35]GameSpot rated it 9 out of 10, stating that it made 'brilliant strides on the pitch, building on what was already an incredibly satisfying game of football to produce one of the greatest playing football games of all time.'[36]IGN rated it 8.2 out of 10, stating that its 'focus on individual brilliance brings players to life and gives the game an extra dimension of authenticity.'[37]


2018Game Critics AwardsBest Sports GameNominated[38]
Golden Joystick AwardsBest Competitive GameNominated[40][41]
The Game Awards 2018Best Sports/RacingNominated[42]
2019National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers AwardsGame, Franchise SportsNominated[43]
Performance in a Sports Game (Peter Drury and Jim Beglin)Nominated



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