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User's Manual beetel. ALL-000 NEW:000. Before use install 3. The P74 Caller ID Phone will make receiving and sending calls the most. BEETEL LANDLINE CLI PHONE. M51 FSK / DTMF Compatible Caller ID 30 Incoming and 5 Outgoing Call Memory 16 Digit LCD Display Color – Black, Red, Blue M51 Features MRP: 549. M51 - Features FSK/DTMF Compatible Caller-Id 16 Digit LCD single Display 30 Incoming Memory 5 Outgoing Memory Real Time Clock with Year, Date and Month display Conversation Time Display (Approx.) 6 Step LCD Contrast.

Cordless Telephone (DECT/GAP)
Cordless Telephone (DECT/GAP) with Digital Answering Machine


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Summary of Contents for DETEWE BeeTel

  • Page 1 BeeTel / BeeTel XL Cordless Telephone (DECT/GAP) BeeTel voice/ BeeTel voice XL Cordless Telephone (DECT/GAP) with Digital Answering Machine User Instructions..
  • Page 2 This Instruction Manual will help you in setting up your Bee- Tel / BeeTel voice for first time use and answer all essential questions you may have. We wish you a lot of enjoyment from your BeeTel / BeeTel..
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Redial/Caller List …………………15 Please read first ……………………3 Accepting a call ……………………16 Ringer mute ………………………16 Important Safety Information ……4 Speed dialling………………………16 Power supply ………………………4 Storing/Overwriting speed dial Safety precautions …………………4 numbers …………………………16 Usage ………………………………4 Dial/Check speed dial numbers …17 Installation site ………………………4 PIN protected calling………………18 Standard calling ……………………18 General ………………………………5..
  • Page 4 Enrolling Without Base Station Num- Appendix …………………………38 ber (PARK) ………………………26 Care and Maintenance ……………38 Selecting a base station/ Service and Warranty ……………38 Enrolling a handset ……………27 Technical Data ……………………39 Deleting a base station……………27 Accessories ………………………39 Several handsets at one base Index of keywords …………………40 station ……………………………28 Programming an internal call..
  • Page 5: Please Read First

    : Handset as per the BeeTel, with a digital answering machine integrated in the base station • BeeTel voice XL: as per the BeeTel voice, with an additio- nal handset and charging unit Insofar as not otherwise specified, the operating procedures stated refer to all versions.
  • Page 6: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information Power supply This product requires a 230 V alternating current power supply. The device can only be switched off by removing the AC adapter plug from the mains socket. Safety • Do not open either the base station, the handset nor the precautions charging unit (accessory), as this could expose you to high voltages.
  • Page 7: General

    As per BeeTel (basic model) plus: • Base station with integrated charging unit and digital answering machine The BeeTel voice XL is shipped with the following items: As per BeeTel voice, plus • Second handset with two NiCd batteries • Belt clip •..
  • Page 8: Dect And Gap

    The basic functions (making and receiving calls) are always possible with these combinations. Other functions (display of call number or of call charges) which your BeeTel base station provides together with your handset may not be available with telephones that were made by other manu-..
  • Page 9: Features

    Features Your BeeTel provides you with the following features. More detailed information on each feature can be found in the respective description. • Standard dialling • Connection set-up / Block dialling • Redial / Caller List, 10 numbers in common list, max. 30 digits per number, selection of entry in Caller List through prefixed 'C'..
  • Page 10: Factory Defaults

    (on under- side of base station) • Melody / Base station volume 3 / 4 Additionally, in the case of the BeeTel voice: • Recording quality High quality (8 min.) • Max. recording duration per call - 120 seconds •..
  • Page 11: Connecting The Base Station

    Insert the AC adapter plug cable into the adjacent port. Ins- ert the AC adaptor plug into the 230V mains socket. With the model 'BeeTel with a small base,' the LED on the base station indicates the power supply. Installing/Re- The batteries are installed in the rear of the handset.
  • Page 12: Charging The Batteries

    The current battery capacity is indi- cated by the respective display of the battery symbol. You can use your BeeTel after charging the batteries for just 2 to 3, even if the charging status display is not activa-..
  • Page 13: Charging And Operating Times

    In such a case, you will not see a battery symbol on the display of your handset if it is not resting in the charging unit, and you must repeat a complete charging cycle. Please make note of the correct polarity when changing the batteries.
  • Page 14: Important Information On The Batteries

    Important information on the batteries Designated Your handset operates using two standard batteries (NiCd - shipped with your telephone - can be exchanged for NiMH batteries). Use the batteries for their designated purpose only. Never use a battery that is damaged or depleted. Heat and cold decrease the efficiency and service life of the batteries.
  • Page 15: Displays, Keys And Audio Signals

    Displays, keys and audio signals Display The display shows you information on the current connection status or the respective programming status, partly in the form of symbols and partly in the form of numbers and letters. A B C D E F G HI 1NT1 Symbol line The symbols have the following meanings:..
  • Page 16: Keys

    Keys Call / Accept call (corresponds to the function 'Pick-up/Put-down recei- ver') Cancel programming procedure. Establish internal connection Confirm programming (depending on status) Link call numbers (Call-by-call). Redial key; press repeatedly to 'page' through the list of recently dialled numbers / Caller List Enter a dial pause when storing speed-dial numbers ) Depending on the status of your telephone, pressing this key commences the Programming..
  • Page 17: Calling

    5 seconds. Redial/Caller Your BeeTel contains a list (Redial Stack) of 10 memory slots, in which the most recently dialled numbers and the List numbers of incoming calls are stored (depending on trans- mission of the call number by the respective network opera- tor).
  • Page 18: Accepting A Call

    If 10 call numbers are already stored and a new number is added to the list, the oldest number is deleted from the list. Note : Call numbers comprising less than 4 digits (e.g. internal numbers when a PBX is used) are not stored in this list.
  • Page 19: Dial/check Speed Dial Numbers

    A previously stored number is deleted when the first digit is entered. If you wish to perform the change or delete the digits, press C ( ), and repeat if necessary. If you wish to also save a dialling pause, press Quit save function: Press Dial/Check..
  • Page 20: Pin Protected Calling

    Cancel: Press C ( ), repeatedly if necessary (until the ready state is indicated on the display). PIN protected The telephone is ready for use and 'PIN-protected calling' calling is activated (page 22). Standard calling Press C D E F G HI Enter your PIN π..
  • Page 21: During A Call

    Dial the desired internal call number. !~†§ Consultation call. Press again; this reconnects you to the external call. Toggle You can now toggle back and forth between callers with the key, without the separate callers being able to hear one (BeeTel voice only) another.
  • Page 22: Transfer Without Announcement

    4 seconds; the ringer signal on all handsets enrolled small base) at this base station and available will now sound. (BeeTel voice / BeeTel voice XL): Please press the left key in order to page the handset, if the answering machine is in idle mode (i.e. messages are not being played).
  • Page 23: Programming

    Programming Depending on the technical or personal requirements, it may be that you wish to, or indeed have to, change various 'standard settings'. Some settings are protected against unintentional or unaut- horised manipulation by a PIN (Personal Identification Num- ber). This PIN comprises four (4) digits; the factory default for the PIN is the last four digits of the serial number of your base station (see underside of base station).
  • Page 24: Programming Blocked Numbers

    The entry of '00' and '019', for example, would mean that all attempts to call an international number starting with '00' or a '0190' service number would fail. Please remem- ber when programming that these settings apply to all forms of dialling, regardless of whether you use speed-dial- ling, the Redial Stack, the Caller List or manual entry of the call number.
  • Page 25: Preselection (dial Via Different Network Operators)

    C ( ) to delete digits. Press Note: The preselection function may not be used if your BeeTel telephone is connected to a PBX. Storing a preselection number in such an instance would result in a faulty connection. Reset..
  • Page 26: Dialling Method

    Dialling You have various possibilities for setting the dialling method methods and signal key functions. Depending on the use of the tele- phone, e.g. remote access to an answering machine or trig- gering specific PBX functions, it may be necessary to chan- ge the default setting.
  • Page 27: Setting The Date/time

    Setting the In the case of the BeeTel voice / voice XL, the date and date/time time are stored for each message received and are display- ed when that message is played back. (BeeTel voice only) Enter the following key sequence:P (..
  • Page 28: Operating Your Handset On Several Base Stations

    Operating You can use your handset with several base stations. These your handset base stations can also be from other vendors, provided they comply with the GAP (Generic Access Profile) Standard. This on several Standard includes specific parameters for the interaction of base stations base station and handset.
  • Page 29: Selecting A Base Station/enrolling A Handset

    (see below). The number of the respective base station selected is display- ed in the display of your BeeTel handset. When a call is not currently in progress (Ready mode), your handset is able to enrol itself automatically at the respective base station (depen- ding on programming).
  • Page 30: Several Handsets At One Base Station

    Several hand- You can operate up to 5 handsets from one base station. sets at one Thanks to the GAP Standard, handsets from other vendors may also be used, providing these comply with the GAP base station Standard. Please refer to the operating instructions of both vendors should you use different makes of handset.
  • Page 31: Answering Machine

    Answering machine (BeeTel voice / BeeTel voice XL) General Your BeeTel voice comes with a digital answering machine integrated in the base station. The recording capacity amo- unts to a maximum of 16 minutes, depending on the recor- ding quality.
  • Page 32: Control Displays

    Control displays The LEDs on the base station and the display on the hand- set serve as control displays. The base station LED indicates the following states: - Answering machine is off Steady - Answering machine is on with announcement text 1 Long on / short off - Answ.
  • Page 33: Recording Announcement Texts/memos

    Recording The telephone is ready for use and the answering machine announce- is switched off. ment texts/ - Enter the following key sequence: Memos - Enter the code as follows Record memo - Announcement text 1 (with recording option) - Announcement text 2 (without recording option) - - After the prompt signal, speak the announcement text into the handset microphone.
  • Page 34: Playing Back And Deleting

    Operation via base station - Press the right-hand key (for at least 2 seconds): Answe- ring machine is on with Announcement text 1 and recor- ding option, or answering machine is off - Press the left-hand key (for at least 2 seconds): Answe- ring machine is on with Announcement text 2, or answe- ring machine is off The answering machine can only be switched on when at least..
  • Page 35: Delete All Messages/texts

    Delete all Messages can be deleted individually during playback (see messages/texts page 32) or completely (i.e. all messages) when the answe- ring machine is in idle state. Only messages that have been played back at least once can be deleted. Delete all Operation via handset messages..
  • Page 36: Setting The Total Recording Time

    - Enter the following key sequence: F G HI - The current setting is displayed. = 10 seconds å∂ ®™ç !(= ‚™ç = 960 seconds - Enter the desired message duration as a three-digit number. - Press - Terminate the connection by pressing Setting the You can set the recording capacity of your answering machine to either 8 or 16 minutes.
  • Page 37: Allow/prohibit Remote Control

    - Enter the desired number. - Terminate the connection by pressing Allow/prohibit You can specify whether or not you wish to allow remote access to the answering machine. In order to use the remote remote control, 'DTMF' signals are required (telephone with dual- control tone multifrequency dialling or a code transmitter).
  • Page 38: Toll-free Distance Request

    2nd ring. The preconfigured recording time (page 33) is deactivated. If you call your BeeTel voice in order to listen to any messages on your answering machine via the remote control function, the..
  • Page 39: Overview Of Answering Machine

    Base station volume o#01 (monitoring/messages) … (volume) Answering When using third-party handsets with your BeeTel base stati- machine on, all procedures are commenced as described in the corre- functions with sponding user instructions. other handsets..
  • Page 40: Appendix

    DeTeWe Deutsche Telephonwerke AG & Co. Service Center Berlin Wendenschlossstr. 142, D-12557 Berlin If you send your telephone to us without prior consultation, we will be forced to charge a handling fee in the event the telephone is in flawless condition.
  • Page 41: Technical Data

    Technical Standard DECT / GAP Data Frequency range 1880 - 1900 MHz Transmission output 10 mW (mean value) Range Indoors approx. 30 m Outdoors approx. 300 m Power supply Charging unit/Base station 230 V / 50 Hz via mains adapter Handset 2 NiCd-AA batteries, e.g.
  • Page 42: Index Of Keywords

    Index of keywords Access authorisation Acknowledgement signal Activation time Announcement text Installation site 4, 8 Answering machine Internal call number Battery Key-click Battery level warning Keypad lock Battery symbol Keys Block dialling Blocked numbers Maintenance Master handset Call Maximum message length Call monitoring Melody 24, 25..
  • Page 43 Range 8, 39 Ready state Recording capacity Recording quality Redial Redial key Remote control Reset Ringer Mute Safety instructions Scope of delivery Select base station Service Signal key Signals Single call / Collective call Speaker volume Speed-dialling 15, 16 Symbols Technical data Toggle Toll-free distance request..
  • Page 44 The BeeTel cordless telephone fulfils the requirements of the following EU Directives: 91/263/EWG Telecommunication terminal equipment 73/23/EWG Low-voltage devices 89/336/EWG Electromagnetic compatibility The BeeTel bears the CE conformity symbol to verify this. Mat. No. 72744.••• Status: Date 10/00 Subject to technical changes..

Manuals and User Guides for DETEWE BeeTel. We have 1 DETEWE BeeTel manual available for free PDF download: User Instructions

DETEWE BeeTel User Instructions (44 pages)

Brand: DETEWE Category: Cordless Telephone Size: 0.85 MB
Table of contents
Please Read First5
Power Supply6
Factory Defaults10
Installation Site And Range10
Installing/Removing The Batteries11
Commissioning Sequence11
Charging And Operating Times13
Battery Level Warning13
Designated Use14
7-Segment Line15
Audio Signals16
Block Dialling17
Accepting A Call18
Speed Dialling18
Dial/Check Speed Dial Numbers19
During A Call21
Microphone Off21
Transfer Without Announcement22
Keypad Lock22
Change PIN23
Programming Blocked Numbers24
Preselection (dial Via Different Network Operators)25
Dialling Method26
Handset Melody/volume26
On-hold Melody27
Operating Your Handset On Several Base Stations28
Enrolling Without Base Station Num- Ber (PARK)28
Deleting A Base Station29
Programming An Internal Call Number30
Single Call / Collective Call30
Control Displays32
Programming The Master Handset32
Check/Delete Announcement33
Playing Back And Deleting34
Delete All Messages/texts35
Delete All Texts35
Setting The Total Recording Time36
Adjusting The Volume36
Remote Control37
Activate/Deactivate Toll-free38
Overview Of Answering Machine39
Answering Machine Functions With39
Service And Warranty40


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