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You've heard of Kali Linux, right? If not, what you need to know is that Kali is one of the most powerful penetration testing platforms on the market. It's a Linux distribution that can be installed and used for free to help you run just about every kind of network test imaginable.

But for some, running Kali would be so much easier if it could be integrated with the likes of Ubuntu. Noma air conditioner manual. Guess what? It can! Thanks to an easy to use script, called Katoolin, you can install any of the Kali Linux tools right on Ubuntu.

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Installing Katoolin

How to install Software Center on Kali Linux 2.0 Sana. November 11, 2015 - Mansoor This is going to be a very quick tutorial on how to install the good old “Software Center”(the one we see in Ubuntu) in Kali Linux 2.0 ( Sana ).

This installation is done completely through the command line. The process goes something like this:

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Install git with the command sudo apt-get install git
  3. Now, download Katoolin with the command sudo git clone
  4. Copy the katoolin executable to the proper directory with the command sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin
  5. Give the executable proper permissions with sudo chmod ugo+x /usr/bin/katoolin

You are now ready to use Katoolin.


To run the software, open a terminal window, issue the command sudo katoolin, and the ncurses-based tool will present itself. Here you will see an easy-to-navigate menu structure that makes installing the bits and pieces of Kali Linux a breeze (Figure A).

Figure A

The Katoolin main menu.

The first thing you must do is install the repositories by tapping the 1 key on your keyboard and then hitting the [Enter] key. Once the repositories are added, you can view the categories of available software and install anything you like. You can also install the classicmenu indicator, which is a Ubuntu Unity panel indicator that serves as a standard application menu (and it will offer a category-based hierarchy of all software installed).

There is one caveat to using Katoolin. Not all of the software listed is actually available. If you go to View Categories and then enter 0 for all, the installer will immediately return to where you were. Scroll up, and you'll see that a number of the packages can't be found. My guess is that those packages are no longer maintained or have been removed from the Kali repositories. Even with this issue, you'll still find a ton of the Kali software available for installation.

Your best bet is to go into each category and install the software one by one (Figure B).

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Figure B

Installing from the Sniffing & Spoofing tools category.

If you're looking to get some of the power of Kali Linux, but you don't want to go to the trouble of doing a full distribution install, this handy script should get you where you need to go.

When you're doing network and penetration testing, what tools do you turn to? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

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Okay so I recently had some problems with ubuntu software centre where if I opened it from the dashboard it would open up, but only display a white screen. Nothing happened, so if I then clicked the 'x', it would ask me if i would like to force close the non responding software centre.

To get round this I've been opening the software centre via terminal which seems to let it work fine.

But i needed it working normally and after lots of attempts I couldn't figure it out so decided to just un-install and reinstall it.

Un-install worked fine, but now for the reinstall. When i type into terminal

I get this back;

any ideas? Thanks :)

Ubuntu 12.04


2 Answers

Like @dobey said, you should give the command sudo apt-get update a whirl. You may have a problem with your apt-cache and as such, you will have problems installing things.

Run the command sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. This will check for any and all updates/upgrades, hopefully fixing your system.

Once this runs, try running @sebastian_k's answer, sudo apt-get install software-center*. This will get/install anything and everything that Ubuntu Software Center needs to run.


Make sure you have the repository link.From:Main Menu: System > Administration > Software Sources.Make sure that the Main repository is selected.
You can get a PPA with:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:software-store-developers/daily-buildorsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies

It's generally recommended to just download the source code

You can get it from:

Or directly from:

Or you can get it in Synaptic.


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