Generic Hierarchical File System Software

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For details, refer to GS for each software package. L Generic Subsystem Gateway (GSGW). VP system can be extendedly connected with other control systems in hierarchical layers beyond its Change File Database. Archive/Retrieve Audit Trail Data *1: A removable media for storage.

I agree. Maybe we need a hierarchical system that is dynamic. We need to organize information and in the real world we are constrained, but with computers we are not.

E.g if I need to organize my books, I could move it only to a given position, not another one, I could add labels to my books like 'history', or 'Initials of the author', but I could only group one way, like all my science papers on one place, if I want to group all the books that talk about sex, or crime, I will have to destroy the other group.

With computers you could create multiple directories trees with links instead of data, so I don't need to multiply the data each new tree. The tech is there(inodes).

Imagine if you study countries according to their population, so you create a hierarchy 'most populated', 'less populated', 'no populated at all', then inside most populated you have 'the most populated', 'the less populated', and so on.

Then you could have another directory according to the extension in squared kilometers. Another according to their capital coordinates, and so on.