Auto Bunny Hop For Cs 1.6

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How do I do a bunny hop in Counter-Strike 1.6? Where can I get all the professional Counter-Strike 1.6 tricks and practice tutorials under a single.

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BunnyHop Ultimate 2010

Released: Apr 9, 2010 - Detected
Should work in all games.
Download BunnyHop Ultimate 2010
Downloaded 349.165 times

- ESP (Visible)
- Bhop (bunnyjump)
- Russduck
Download Code 88
Downloaded 31.589 times

inFaMous Hook v.o1

Released: Oct 11, 2008 - Detected
OpenGL Hack
- ASUS Wall Hack
- Bright Models
- Auto Jump/Bhop
- Auto Pistol Fire
Download inFaMous Hook v.o1
Downloaded 17.491 times

- True Hitbox Aimbot
- Origin Based Predicition
- wav's NoSpread (Ak, Colt, Deagle)
- Advanced SpeedHack (no FPS loss)
- Advanced AutoShoot (only shoot when punchangle = 0, shoot 2)
- JumpFix for Hitbox Aim (aims lower for bhopers)
- Anti-Recoil w/ Recoil Switch
- Flautz Style WallHack w/ FullBright
- Transparent Chase Cam (thirdperson)
- Buy Bot (AK/M4, Deagle, Ammo, Armor, Helmet, HE Nade)
- Radar
- Name & Weapon ESP
- Menu & Console
- Auto Offsets
- Custom Crosshair
- Auto Pistol/Rifle Switct
- RoundSay (advertise the hack)
- Custom Font Class
- Added EAT Hooking, Module hiding, PE Header Erasing, Ect.. for VAC2 Proofing
Made for cheatservers
Download Scalen v0.9
Downloaded 19.754 times

morihaeq reloaded

Released: Jun 23, 2008 - Detected
Full ESP
Xqz wallhack
Bhop / bunnyjump
No recoil
Download morihaeq reloaded
Downloaded 33.722 times

OpenGL Hack
- Aimbot Features
aimtype (1 = SetCursorPos/ 2 = SetViewAngles)
Silent (only specs and deathcam see the aimbot)
hitbox (aims at hitbox)
Key (mouse 1 / 2 / 0 = off)
Fov (area in percent in which the aimbot aims for an enemy)
Draw Spot (draws the spot)
- ESP Features
boxsize (boxsize)
hitesp (activate/deactivate)
faresp (time in seconds, how long the boxes stay 0 = off)
espmode (type of boxes)
name (shows the playernames)
- Visual Features
xqz (model wallhack)
noflash (no flash)
nosmoke (no smoke)
- Further Features
bhop (auto jumping)
no recoil (no recoil>
speedhack (faster than normal)
Download TOKiO DRiFT v1.0
Downloaded 602.172 times

OpenGL Hack
Aimbot Features:
- aimtype
- Silent
- bone
- Key
- Fov
- Draw Spot
ESP Features:
- boxsize
- hitesp
- faresp
- espmode
- name
Visual Features:
- xqz
- noflash
- nosmoke
More Features:
- bhop
- no recoil
- speedhack
Download morihaeq b15
Downloaded 15.140 times

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