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Anyone crack this one for audio, movie, and other sounds?

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One big .MUS file, audio/music/hog_music_stream.mus
Filedmp of the beginning:
0000 3dfcc42c 00000000 00000000 00000000 *=.,......*
0010 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 *........*
0100 5343486c 28000000 47535452 01000001 *SCHl(..GSTR..*
0110 060165fd 80010385 03018fda 820102a0 *.e.......*
0120 01178402 7d00ff00 5343436c 0c000000 *..}..SCCl..*
0130 00000010 5343446c 90120000 000016af *..SCDl....*
0140 00000000 174bfe94 00e65324 4d840f33 *...K..S$M.3*
There's no file that describes this big sound file.
Movies in movies/neutral:
attract.vp6 lw_loadgame.vp6 occ_belltrix_kill.vp6 reward_08.vp6
authentic_characters.vp6 lw_n01_f.vp6 occ_cho_kiss.vp6 reward_09.vp6
authentic_hogwarts.vp6 lw_newgame.vp6 occ_courtyard_swamp.vp6 reward_10.vp6
bad_boys.vp6 main_menu_newgame.vp6 occ_dada.vp6 reward_11.vp6
dh02_cs01_go_to_dada.vp6 mom01.vp6 occ_friends.vp6 reward_12.vp6
dh03.vp6 mom01_cs01.vp6 occ_goodbye_sirius.vp6 reward_13.vp6
dh04.vp6 mom03.vp6 occ_grawp.vp6 reward_14.vp6
dh04_cs03.vp6 mom4.vp6 occ_hogsmead.vp6 rr01.vp6
dl03.vp6 mom_02_cs02_shotc.vp6 occ_prophecy.vp6 rr26.vp6
dl03_cs01.vp6 newgame_2_mainmenu.vp6 occ_sirius_blasted.vp6 soundofhog.vp6
gp01.vp6 newgame_2_options.vp6 occ_umbridge_cho_ror.vp6 the_da.vp6
gp04.vp6 oc01.vp6 options_2_newgame.vp6 uh11.vp6
gp05.vp6 oc01_cs01.vp6 packshot_2_mainmenu.vp6 uh13.vp6
harrys_friends.vp6 occ_arthur_biten.vp6 reward_07.vp6
Filedmp of the beginning of attract.vp6
0000 4d566864 20000000 76703630 00020002 *MVhd ..vp60..*
0010 f3090000 9c130100 1ffc0e00 ff7f0000 *........*
0020 4d56304b 50000000 79380015 20202020 *MV0KP..y8. *
0030 1fffe006 40000000 9cf20000 00feffc4 *..@......*
0040 59ffed92 7fdaee00 00000000 00000000 *Y........*
0050 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 *........*
Vp6 seems to be a new codec but is usually found inside a Flash file. I found a Vp6 code player for Mplayer but it doesn't like these files.
Also some '.big' files:
data.big data2.big data3.big data4.big movies.big music.big
But the usual BIG extractors don't like them.
Filedmp of beginning of music.big (and it is big! 140753536 bytes)
0000 42494746 80ba6308 00000001 00000041 *BIGF.c....A*
0010 00008000 08633a80 61756469 6f2f6d75 *...c:.audio/mu*
0020 7369632f 686f675f 6d757369 635f7374 *sic/hog_music_st*
0030 7265616d 2e6d7573 004c3233 34000000 *ream.mus.L234..*
0040 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 *........*
8000 3dfcc42c 00000000 00000000 00000000 *=.,......*
8010 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 *........*
8100 5343486c 28000000 47535452 01000001 *SCHl(..GSTR..*
8110 060165fd 80010385 03018fda 820102a0 *.e.......*
8120 01178402 7d00ff00 5343436c 0c000000 *..}..SCCl..*
8130 00000010 5343446c 90120000 000016af *..SCDl....*
8140 00000000 174bfe94 00e65324 4d840f33 *...K..S$M.3*
Any help, pointers, links would be much appreciated. I can post file fragments on request (on Thursday).