Borderlands 2 Evil Smasher Glitch After Patch

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Borderlands 2 Evil Smasher Glitch After Patch Rating: 3,9/5 5304 reviews

Glitch Used normally, Evil Smasher does not level up beyond Power level 1. However Evil Smasher can glitch to higher Power level. The glitch was patched following the April 2 update patches.

I'm trying the double run (and have watched the WR run for it), but I'm having an issue. For some reason when I have infinite ammo my smash is random, but doesn't build. It'll stay around 100 indefinitely.

After playing around I've determined that one difference is when I don't have infinite ammo the gun reloads automatically when I switch to it (and stacks normally). When I have infinite ammo I have to reload manually (hit the reload key) every time I switch to it. Also, when doing this if I have a smash, every time I switch to the evil smasher I lose one stack (ex: I have 117, switch to smasher, don't reload, switch back, I have 100, i.e. I have lost one stack).

I've tried copying the steps in the run but it doesn't seem to work for me and I don't want to to stack a bunch and then start TVHM, I'd rather stack on the go, (for speed). So stacking and then getting infinite ammo is (hopefully) no an option. Economia internacional krugman pdf. Of measurement base units.

Thanks for any help you can offer.