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I'm in need of a functional OleDB data provider for PostgreSQL. It should be similar to the ODBC provider for MySQL. See

Sebastian Hoitz
Sebastian HoitzSebastian Hoitz

May 18, 2011  Connect to postgres with native provider. There is no such database connector provided with PostgreSQL integrates with Server Explorer.

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  • Learn how to install the PostgreSQL. SQL Server and PostgreSQL Linked Server Configuration - Part. You can find commercial OLEDB provider for PostgreSQL from.
  • PostgreSQL Native Provider (PGNP) is an OLEDB Provider for PostgreSQL database. The provider features support for Linked Servers, replication, DTS, SSIS and more. It can be used from 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications both native and.NET.

The postgres software catalog has some providers on there.

Arthur ThomasArthur Thomas

dotConnect for PostgreSQL (from Devart) offers a pretty good one. It is fast and works. The free version will give you your basic support, the pay offers everything else. ODBC doesn't have a free version.
Adding the direct link to the ODBC connector as it is on a separate page. M 5000 firecracker wiki.


Seriale coreene subtitrate blogul lui atanase. If you want to check the last version of ODBC for PosgreSQL : No image available clip art.

Enter in the 'msi' folder for the installer.But be careful, when you are using ODBC, there is a 32bits and a 64bits version. So choose the right one.


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From Igor P. Zenkov & Software Engineering :
PostgreSQL Native Provider (PGNP) is an OLEDB Provider for PostgreSQL database. The provider is a thin layer between Microsoft ADO and PostgreSQL API exposed via libpq library. It implements most of the OLEDB interfaces and uses libpq to access a PostgreSQL database. The provider can be used from 32-bit and 64-bit applications both native and .NET. Its flexible architecture allows emulation of various databases SQL flavors (Enterprise edition) and saves customer from rewriting applications that originally developed for other databases. The Provider code is ATL based and it is compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
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