Firmware Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gt I8190l Telcel

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Firmware Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gt I8190l Telcel Rating: 3,8/5 1372 reviews

Apr 21, 2018 - Apr 02, 2015 Regresar a la rom stock s3 mini gt- i8190l (telcel). Employee handbook pdf. Como regresar a la Rom Stock de Fabrica (Telcel). Rom Firmware Samsung.

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Okay, so the phone is awesome. I am an avid iphone user but didn't think the 4s or 5 was worth the upgrade. Plus I can purchase this phone unlocked for 300 bucks and use it when I am in the States or Mexico. The one caveat is this one, (the I8190), won't work with 3g data speeds. You will get Edge data speeds but if you want 3G Data in Mexico Telcel, or At&t in the US, you will need the I8190-L. That model has the 850 band that is essential to the Telcel and At&t 3G network data speeds. If I am mistaken on this fact, please correct me, however my research (and experience) spoke to this being true.
Bottom line is the phone functions flawlessly and the Android OS is a breeze. Very easy to learn even if you are accustomed to iOS from Apple. Also has a few great features like NFC, toggling wireless and bluetooth and gps connections from the home screen; also a really useful feature of text to call where if you are texting someone and want to call them, you just lift the phone to your ear and after a 1 second delay it automatically dials them. Seemed trivial at first but I found myself using it all the time.
The camera is great, although I never used it for video calls because I am married to facetime. Other than that, I highly recommend this model if your local network supports it or the '-L' model for use in the States and Mexico. Great user experience!