Bluelight How To Smoke Crack Without A Pipe

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Bluelight Crew Join Date Oct. Beyond compare license. Then how exactly you do smoke it without touching a. Cylinder with a little rose in it sold as a crack pipe. I've seen somebody.

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i've doing foilies before where you put coke and baking soda and water, mix it around heat it a little until it's clear, etc etc. and i've gotten decent hits.
however, finally for the first time ever i was able to acquire actual crack rocks. i don't have any pipes, i do, however, have round screens that i got for my vaporizer (old fashioned kind vapordoc kind, wooden box with a whip).
so i have a few ideas, what's the best way to get the highest
1). make a pipe with tin foil, throw rock in and smoke like you would smoke pot
2). use tin foil, flatten it out fold in half and smoke it like you would smoke heroin or meth, i guess.
3). vape it in my vaporizer set to max heat (would this work at all or complete waste?)