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Hello everyone,

I'm quite surprised why this bot was not yet postet here, as many seem to search for a Lineage II Revolution Bot.
I'm talkin about DJMBot I tested it during the last few days and it works flawless, some say they struggled during registering an account or configuration, but if you simply follow the Guide which comes in the package you will have no problems.
I advise you to use MEmu though, as their development for that emulator seems to be most advanced. (Also tested Nox which worked fine aswell, but I had some issues when going into multiboxing)
This bot has to be run on Windows.

Bot Download (Google Drive)

They also offer support in a Facebook Group, which I personally despise but well here is the link:

see for yourself, most bot's grant some false positives..
I'm in no way associated with or can provide any support or information regarding further development.
Just sharing my experience and this great tool with you .